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Hawkwind - Dust Of Time, 1969-2021 [2021] (6 x CD's)


Hawkwind - Dust Of Time, 1969-2021 [2021] (6 x CD's)

A comprehensive box gathering together 81 tracks of musical highlights from over 50 years of the legendary Hawkwind. The first ever compilation to gather together all eras of the band's history. Includes a lavishly illustrated book with new essay and exclusive interview with Dave Brock and a poster. Hawkwind are one of the most legendary British bands who emerged at the dawn of 1970's. Formed in the Notting Hill area of London in 1969 and always helmed by their visionary leader Dave Brock, Hawkwind truly bridged the genres of psychedelic rock, hard rock and art rock to create a sound of their own. Signing to Liberty/United Artists in 1970, Hawkwind's formative years saw them form their own brand of so-called Space Rock over a series of classic albums such as 'X In Search Of Space', 'Doremi Fasol Latido', 'Space Ritual' and 'Hall Of The Mountain Grill', with a series of ever changing line-ups. Their 1972 hit single 'Silver Machine' and imaginative stage shows firmly established them in the consciousness of rock audiences. 1975's 'Warrior On The Edge Of Time' marked the closure of one era of the band and saw Hawkwind progress in the latter half of the 70's to a more streamlined, art rock approach, with vocalist and lyricist Robert Calvert as front man on stage. The four albums the band issued during this period saw them embrace the New Wave of rock which was taking hold. In the 1980's and 1990's Hawkwind were embraced by followers of Heavy Metal and latterly Acid House audiences (although the band remained unclassifiable). Throughout the decades, the band has always retained their influential edge. 'Dust Of Time' celebrates Hawkwind's career of over 50 years and gathers together 81 tracks of musical highlights of this incredible legacy. It is the first compilation to encompass key tracks every era of this remarkable band's history and is a tribute to their legacy.

Nearly all albums are represented and most of the single releases are included. The beauty of this collection is the 6 CD's allow space for longer tracks that do not feature on other collections such as the fifteen minutes of You Shouldn't Do That. All the major hits are included such as Silver Machine, Urban Guerrilla, Shot Down In the Night etc. This really isn’t all the best of Hawkwind but it’s probably the best path to sum up the band’s rich and varied career over the last 50 years. A great overview of Hawkwind. (Amazon)


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Track lists


01 Dave Brock Bring It On Home (Solo 1969) 3:18

02 Hawkwind Zoo Sweet Mistress Of Pain (Demo 1969) 5:28

03 Hawkwind Hurry On Sundown (Mono Single Version) 4:57

04 Hawkwind Be Yourself (''all Good Clean Fun'' Edit) 5:43

05 Hawkwind Mirror Of Illusion 6:59

06 Hawkwind Master Of The Universe 6:20

07 Hawkwind You Shouldn't Do That 15:43

08 Hawkwind Silver Machine 4:40

09 Hawkwind Seven By Seven (Single Version) 5:24

10 Hawkwind Born To Go (Live ''greasy Truckers Party'' Version) 9:11

11 Hawkwind Down Through The Night (Live ''space Ritual'' Version) 6:19

12 Hawkwind Urban Guerrilla 3:39


01 Hawkwind Brainstorm 11:34

02 Hawkwind Space Is Deep 6:22

03 Hawkwind The Watcher 4:10

04 Hawkwind Orgone Accumulator 10:02

05 Hawkwind The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke) 6:49

06 Hawkwind Wind Of Change 5:10

07 Hawkwind Paradox (Single Version) 4:05

08 Hawkwind It's So Easy 5:21

09 Hawkwind Assault And Battery / The Golden Void 10:08

10 Hawkwind Magnu 8:18

11 Hawkwind Spiral Galaxy 24968 3:49


01 Hawkwind Steppenwolf 9:40

02 Hawkwind Chronoglide Skyway 4:36

03 Hawkwind Kerb Crawler (Single Version) 3:44

04 Hawkwind Back On The Streets 2:58

05 Hawkwind Spirit Of The Age 7:20

06 Hawkwind Quark, Strangeness And Charm 3:43

07 Hawkwind Hassan I Sahba 5:24

08 Hawkwind Psi Power (Single Version) 4:25

09 Hawkwind The Only Ones (Non-Cross Faded Mix) 4:17

10 Hawkwind 25 Years (Single Version) 3:31

11 Hawkwind The Age Of The Microman (Live) 3:53

12 Hawkwind Robot 8:14

13 Hawkwind High Rise 4:42

14 Hawkwind Death Trap (Single Version) 3:52

15 Hawkwind Over The Top 7:53


01 Hawkwind Shot Down In The Night (Single Version) 4:32

02 Hawkwind Lighthouse 6:27

03 Hawkwind Levitation 5:49

04 Hawkwind Motorway City 6:43

05 Hawkwind Who's Gonna Win The War (Single Version) 3:37

06 Hawkwind Dust Of Time 6:20

07 Hawkwind Running Through My Back Brain (Messages) (Live 1980) 6:24

08 Hawkwind Angels Of Death (Alternate Single Version) 4:29

09 Hawkwind Rocky Paths 4:08

10 Hawkwind Virgin Of The World 4:14

11 Hawkwind Angel Voices 1:21

12 Hawkwind Nuclear Drive 3:41

13 Hawkwind Looking In The Future 4:05

14 Hawkwind Choose Your Masques 5:34

15 Hawkwind Arrival In Utopia 5:42

16 Hawkwind Solitary Mind Games 3:57


01 Hawkwind Night Of The Hawks 5:08

02 Hawkwind Dragons And Fables 3:20

03 Hawkwind Needle Gun 4:10

04 Hawkwind Zarozinia 3:21

05 Hawkwind Moonglum (Live) 4:44

06 Hawkwind Magnu / Dreamworker Of Time (BBC Session 1986) 7:31

07 Hawkwind Cajun Jinx 4:59

08 Hawkwind The War I Survived 5:23

09 Hawkwind Heads 4:57

10 Hawkwind Tides (BBC Radio One ''in Concert'' 1988) 2:16

11 Hawkwind Wastelands Of Sleep (Bbc Radio One ''in Concert'' 1988) 4:21

12 Hawkwind Wings 5:11

13 Hawkwind Ship Of Dreams 5:19

14 Hawkwind Treadmill 8:08

15 Hawkwind LSD 8:19


01 Hawkwind Space Is Their Palestine 11:50

02 Hawkwind Right To Decide (Live) 7:36

03 Hawkwind Alien (I Am) 7:49

04 Hawkwind Sputnik Stan 7:06

05 Hawkwind Love In Space (Studio Version) 4:50

06 Hawkwind Take Me To Your Leader 5:51

07 Hawkwind The Hills Have Ears 5:05

08 Hawkwind Synchronised Blue 5:24

09 Hawkwind A Solitary Man 5:06

10 Hawkwind Have You Seen Them 6:59

11 Hawkwind All Aboard The Skylark 5:25

12 Hawkwind Strange Encounters 6:36




  1. Thanks BB Hawkwind was one of first bands to get me into this type of music, then Captain Beyond lp,which led me to Krautrock in 1974 . Hawkwind was one of the best bands to listen too, after a bowl from the water pipe.

    1. Hi doors97426.
      Every track on these CD's is a great listening experience. The set is varied enough to get a good feel for Hawkwind music from ten until now.

  2. Saw them live in NYC in the 70's. Loudest band I have ever heard. My ears rang for days after. Made me very happy.
    This is certainly a treasure.
    Thanks Butter

    1. Hi D.
      This is a thoroughly enjoyable set. Have fun. Play it loud!

  3. Thanks! I definitely LIKE Hawkwind, but I'm no expert on the twists and turns they've taken during their career. This collection is sure to fill in lots of gaps for me!

    1. Hi Crab Devil.
      When you hear the work Hawkwind your mind goes to Space Rock. They are much more than that.
      Enjoy the twists and turns.

  4. Of course.............I spent some of the weeken listening to Lemmy.....(Hawkwind included)!

    Great stuff (again)


    1. You're welcome, Stephen.
      You just cant help good taste.

  5. This is great. I have (and have made) quite a few Hawkwind comps, but this is the one they deserve. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Rock 'n' Roll Steve.
      Glad this one is now in your possession. Enjoy.

  6. Thank you! It will be nice to have the singles and rarities here!

    1. Hi MrDave.
      These are really great CD's. Enjoy.

  7. Thank you so much Butterboy for sharing this great collection.....Hawkwind was my first ever live gig back in 1972,.... a night I shall never forget.

    1. Hi Stu,
      Oh, how is your hearing. D (above) said "Loudest band I have ever heard. My ears rang for days after."
      This set including the live material is terrific. Enjoy.

    2. Lol, the temporary hearing loss was well worth it.

  8. Thanks for this set, time to do a little reminiscing! I saw Hawkwind in concert at the London Rainbow in the summer of 1972, and my ears have been ringing ever since!
    Thanks for a chance to catch up, at reduced volume!
    Mike M

    1. Hi Mike,
      Seems that it is a common thing to leave a Hawkwind concert with ringing ears that last a long time (see above). I am glad you are enjoying them at a reduced volume.