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VA - Naughty Rhythms, The Best of Pub Rock [1996] (2 x CDs)


VA - Naughty Rhythms, The Best of Pub Rock [1996] (2 x CDs)

Pub rock is the frequently forgotten forefather of punk rock, although on the surface the two genres don't appear to have much in common. Punk rock was about revolution and pub rock was about tradition, at least superficially. But place pub rock in its proper context, and it was nearly as revolutionary as punk. In the early '70s, rock & roll was dominated by heavy metal, art rock, and blues-rock, all genres that required skill. The simple, laid-back three-chord shuffles of pub rock – ranging from straight-ahead rock & roll, to country and blues-rock – didn't require much skill, but it was a working class, do-it-yourself moment that took rock & roll back to its roots, which is essentially what punk rock did.

Furthermore, pub rock bands established a circuit of nightclubs within England, which is where all the original punk bands played. Naughty Rhythms: The Best of Pub Rock is the first comprehensive collection of the scene, featuring every major pub rock band, as well as nearly every minor band. Compiled by former Kursaal Flyer Will Birch with Paul Bradshaw, the double disc set effectively traces the development of the genre, from its country-rock roots with Brinsley Schwarz to the pounding, proto-punk of Eddie & the Hot Rods. In between, there are 34 other songs that cover all the aspects of pub rock, from the relaxed acoustic rock of Eggs Over Easy and the Stonesy groove of Ducks Deluxe and Dr. Feelgood to the commercial gloss of Ace and the eccentric rock of Kilburn and the High Roads. The double-disc set provides all the worthwhile songs from almost every band featured on the collection, with the notable exception of Brinsley Schwarz, who were already represented with five tracks. Naughty Rhythms is the definitive document of pub rock and for most listeners, it will be all they need to know. (AMG review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine)






Track lists


01 Brinsley Schwarz - Country Girl 3:09

02 Eggs Over Easy - The Factory 3:02

03 Bees Make Honey - Music Every Night 3:02

04 Ernie Graham - Don't Want Me Round You 4:28

05 Help Yourself - Alabama Lady 4:03

06 Brinsley Schwarz - Surrender To The Rhythm 3:25

07 Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers - Desert Island Woman 5:25

08 Ducks Deluxe - Fireball 3:43

09 Frankie Miller - In No Resistance 3:01

10 Kilburn & The High Roads - Billy Bentley (Promenades Himself In London) 3:03

11 Bees Make Honey - Highway Song 3:41

12 Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers - Breathe A Little 2:47

13 Brinsley Schwarz - Happy Doing What We're Doing 4:44

14 Dr. Feelgood - Keep It Out Of Sight 3:00

15 Ace - How Long 3:22

16 Ducks Deluxe - Coast To Coast 3:12

17 Kokomo - I Can Understand It 3:38

18 Charlie & The Wide Boys - I Don't Mind If I Do 2:21


01 Kilburn & The High Roads - Rough Kids 2:31

02 Kursaal Flyers - Speedway 4:50

03 Ace - I Ain't Gonna Stand For This No More 3:24

04 Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers - Friday Song 3:58

05 Dr. Feelgood - I Can Tell 2:45

06 Ducks Deluxe - Love's Melody 3:34

07 Kursaal Flyers - Ugly Guys 3:09

08 Winkies - Davey's Blowtorch 3:24

09 Brinsley Schwarz - Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) 4:23

10 Graham Parker - Between You And Me 2:24

11 Starry Eyed And Laughing - One Foot In The Boat 4:14

12 Dr. Feelgood - Riot In Cell Block #9 3:38

13 Roogalator - Cincinnati Fatback 6:06

14 Graham Parker - Soul Shoes 3:13

15 Count Bishops - Teenage Letter 2:23

16 Eddie & The Hot Rods - Teenage Depression 2:57

17 101'ers - Keys To Your Heart 3:42

18 Brinsley Schwarz - (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? 3:32