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VA - Great Harmonies in Rock CD1 + CD2 (A Butterboy Compilation) + Bonus VA - Great Close Harmonies (A Butterboy Compilation)


VA - Great Harmonies in Rock CD1 + CD2 (A Butterboy Compilation) + Bonus VA - Great Close Harmonies (A Butterboy Compilation)

It's a beautiful thing when you hear rock bands using vocal harmonies. Nothing sends chills up and down your spine like great rock music with tight harmonies. Sometimes all band member sing together offering their own vocal tilt while playing instruments. Sometimes backup singers are used where they can offer a more structured support harmony. And sometimes just two artists share there voices to created the most beautiful of harmonies.

There are many styles of harmony in music like, classical baroque style, operas and choral music style (often using tense sounding vocal harmonies), barbershop quartet style, a Capella style, Gospel style , Doo-wop style, swing jazz harmonies and band back-up singing. In many rock bands, the musicians doing backup vocals also play instruments, such as keyboards, rhythm guitar or drums.

To sing vocal harmony in a rock context, singers need to be able to adjust the pitch of their notes so that they are in tune with the pitch of the lead vocalist and the band's instruments. As well, the rhythm of the backup harmony parts has to be in time with the lead singer and the rhythm section. While some bands use relatively simple harmony vocals, with long, slow-moving vocal harmony notes supporting the vocal lead during the chorus sections, other bands make the backup singers into more equal partners of the main vocalist. In more vocally oriented bands, backup singers may have to sing complex parts which demand a vocal agility and sensitivity equal to that of the main vocal line. Usually,  rock bands use harmony vocals while the rest of the band is playing; however, as an effect, some rock harmony vocals are done a Capella, without instrumental accompaniment.

The artist included in these tracks are experts at using vocal harmonies that is ideally suited to the music being played.  All tracks on the first two discs explore the only Male vocal harmonies. (I have not included boy bands and doo wop groups here). I have concentrated on rock band male vocals which may also vary from full on rock to some folk based material. 

Also included is a third set of tracks which , for me, concentrate on complex and close vocals harmonies. These tracks also do include female and A Capella vocal harmonies covering a multitude of genres. These tracks are great examples of vocal harmonies that elevate the songs to great heights. I hope you enjoy these selections.




Track list 1

1    Beatles - Because    2:45    1969
2    Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby    2:47    1964
3    Alice in Chains - No Excuses    4:15    1994
4    America - Children    3:04    1971
5    Spirit - Give a Life, Take a Life    3:22    1969
6    Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds of Silence    3:09    1966
7    Bee Gees - New York Mining Disaster 1941    2:11    1967
8    Byrds - Goin' Back    3:32    1968
9    Crosby, Stills & Nash - Helplessly Hoping    2:37    1969
10    Everly Brothers - All I Have to Do is Dream    2:21    1958
11    Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street    3:14    1972
12    Band - The Weight    4:37    1968
13    Tufano & Giammarese - Comunicate    4:14    1973
14    Hollies - Carrie Anne    2:57    1967
15    10cc - I'm Not in Love    3:41    1975
16    Eagles - Lyin' Eyes    6:20    1975
17    Association - The Time it is Today    2:11    1968
18    Seals & Crofts - Diamond Girl    4:14    1973
19    Klaatu - For You Girl    2:36    1973
20    R.E.M. - Near Wild Heaven    3:19    1991
21    Queen - You're My Best Friend    2:53    1975
22    Elliott Smith - Tomorrow Tomorrow    3:07    1998
23    Shorrock, Birtles & Goble - Kings of the World    2:30    1975
24    Buffalo Springfield - Rock and Roll Woman    2:40    1967
25    Who - Behind the Blue Eyes    3:42    1971

Track list 2

26    Eagles - Seven Bridges Road (Live)    3:04    1980
27    Fleet Foxes - Fool's Errand    4:48    2017
28    America - Sandman    5:08    1971
29    Cream - I Feel Free    2:51    1966
30    Band of Horses - Marry Song    3:23    2007
31    Toto - Africa    4:59    1982
32    Lovin' Spoonful - Full Measure    2:40    1966
33    Lindisfarne - Lady Eleanor    4:12    1970
34    Poco - Here We Go Again    3:29    1973
35    Young Rascals - I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore    2:46    1965
36    Radiohead - Let Down    4:59    1997
37    Loggins & Messina - Be Free    7:00    1974
38    Sweet - Love is Like Oxygen    3:47    1978
39    Grateful Dead - Sugar Magnolia    3:17    1970
40    Everly Brothers - Bye Bye Love    2:21    1958
41    Beatles - Michelle    2:39    1965
42    Eagles - New Kid in Town    5:03    1994
43    Low - Try to Sleep    4:20    2011
44    Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky    3:44    1977
45    Yardbirds - For Your Love    2:30    1965
46    Association - No Fair at All    2:34    1966
47     Peter Paul & Mary - Where Have All The Flowers Gone    3:59    1962
48    Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season)    3:36    1965
49    Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music    3:28    1972
50    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody    5:50    1975

Track list 3

1    Chordettes - Mr. Sandman    2:23    1954
2    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Suite - Judy Blue Eyes    7:22    1969
3    Mama's & the Papa's - Monday Monday    3:25    1966
4    Byrds - I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better    2:34    1965
5    Blind Boys of Alabama - Wade in the Water    3:34    2002
6    Andrew Sisters With Les Paul - Rumors Are Flying    2:57    1946
7    Four Seasons - Rag Doll    3:00    1964
8    Beach Boys - Heroes and Villains    3:36    1967
9    Platters - I'm Just a Dancing Partner    2:18    1958
10    Decameron - Rock and Roll Woman    2:13    1974
11    Little Big Town - Vapor    4:13    2007
12    Puppini Sisters - Moon River    3:54    2011
13    Grupo Vocal Desandann - Guede Nibo    2:07    1999
14    Oak Ridge Boys - Lots of Matchbooks    3:05    1978
15    Maddy Prior and the Girls - I Need You to Turn    3:13    2002
16    Sweet Honey in the Rock - Dog Dog    2:10    2007
17    Gladiators - Look is Deceiving    3:48    1976
18    Home Free - Ring of Fire    2:21    2013
19    Amadou & Mariam - Je Pense a Toi    5:16    1998
20    Scala and Kolacny Bros - With Or Without You    4:37    2011
21    Lettermen - When I Fall in Love    2:28    1961
22    Jubalaires - A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes    2:34    1950
23    Shorrock, Birtles & Goble - Kings of the World    2:30    1975
24    Roy Shirley & the Uniques - Facts of Life    3:01    1968
25    Eagles - Seven Bridges Road (Live)    3:04    1980



  1. always a thank you from Aussie because a thank you goes a long way

  2. Thanks for these comps. They are great for my jukebox.

    1. Hi hotrodmike,
      This is a fun listen. Thanks


  3. Replies
    1. Hi Il Commendatore.
      Like every compilation out there there are many more tracks that could e included. Hope you enjoy this set of tracks.


  4. Thanks for sharing your latest collection; my ears are going to be very happy. For something much more recent - and at the expense of seeming to be too focused on him - check out the vocal work on Alan Parsons's "Soirée Fantastique" ( some harmony, and then some vocalists skillfully singing _around_ each other. (If you ever do another volume - but where would you find the time?? - you're already getting some keen suggestions; I'd like to add the Project's "Gemini" to the wish list.)

    1. Hi Aging Child,
      These are so many great examples of harmony driven songs. So you are right to request another volume or two. I have a number of others comps to complete before I will get to Harmonies again. Thanks for your suggestions again, and very helpful.
      Enjoy your weekend.


  5. Harmony is one of the greater factors that draws me to a song so I'm all on-board for this one! Vocal harmony is woven into the substance of such a large part of pop music (fortunately), and sometimes, as you note, it is an inherent part of the style. As you know, but didn't mention, harmony can also be created "artificially" in the studio when the musician(s) multi-track themselves or is otherwise created of manipulated electronically. Some of the categorization can be fairly obvious, as you have done separating male and female, or separating up-front from background vocals, but if it starts driving you too crazy because of the gagillion examples, then perhaps just focus on picking out the most grand, amazing, enjoyable, finest, intricate, noteworthy, popular vs unheralded, unique, or most outstanding (for whatever reason), as there are PLENTY of those! I was starting to get overwhelmed thinking about possibilities so Good Luck! You have the makings for an ENORMOUS ongoing series here, and that's just fine! Thanks for this and all that your astute ears pick up on!

    1. Hi mrRadio,
      You are correct there are so many tracks that could occupy this space including many other genre based harmonies or simply time based harmonizing compilations. I've tried to keep it in the category of rock for this compilation though. Whatever I choose in the future I want to thank you for getting my metal juices flowing to explore further.

  6. Thank you! I've only just discovered this blog and wonder what's taken me so long. Fantastic music here, and lots of it. You clearly put a lot of care into the comps you post, making them many leagues above the random playlists of Pandora/Spotify etc.

  7. Hi Bionic Groooove,
    Thank you for your kind words. Putting a good compilation together takes some work but it is enjoyment to me. I usually put a new Butterboy Compilation out each week. So keep on visiting . Hope you find something that is to your tastes.


  8. Went back to listen to this one better.. you really should do more with Harmonies. I particularly enjoyed CD3 just now.. made notes of ones to check out further.. on my list.. Home Free, Decameron, Blind Boys, Little Big Town, Puppini Sisters, Letterman, Sorrock B&G, and Jubalaires.. all from CD3. You know how hearing some song will remind you of another? Somewhere here I heard "Have You Heard" by The Duprees. Anyway, that's my feedback if you were interested.

    FYI.. You must like Seven Bridges Road a lot cause it's in here twice. Always..Thanks for the music BB.

    1. Hi Mr Radio,
      Always great to see you here and sharing your thoughts and observations.
      I am glad you still find this compilation an interesting listen.
      The 3rd disc of the compilations does include the Eagles version of Seven Bridges High. It is a great track. I should have added a different track in hindsight. I guess I just got caught up in the beautiful harmonies.

      Hope you are safe and enjoying the music.


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    1. Hi Xabofar,
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    2. great music provide by you~enjoy your on going efforts

    3. Hi bbtdog,
      Hope you having fun and finding new music along the way. I have this set in my car at the moment.


  10. Hi B... the links for this interesting listen are out of tune

    1. Hi mrRadio.
      New link established, tested and working.
      I still kept the two versions of the Eagles track in...

  11. Hey BB, I notice you have The Jubalaires in this wonderful comp.
    I have been looking for their 1947-1948 The Singing Waiters (2004) album.
    Any chance you have a copy to share?
    Hope so...thanks

    1. Hi D,
      Glad you like the compilation.
      Unfortunately, I don't have the album you seek.
      Possible one of the visitors will notice your request and share it.