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VA - The Music of Armenia Vol. 1 - Vol. 6 [1995 - 1997] (7 x CD's)


VA - The Music of Armenia Vol. 1 - Vol. 6 [1995 - 1997] (7 x CD's)

The entire Music of Armenia series began as a musical detour while David Parsons was on assignment for Celestial Harmonies' The Music of Islam (19907) series. Fortunately, for our history-and evolution-the lost arts, musically speaking, of this biblical area which has and continues to travel the path of love, hatred and destruction, only to someday be revered and loved again, is superbly recreated and created anew.  Covering the geographic area of Armenia, as well as the musical traditions, Parsons discovered the most outstanding traditional music he had ever heard. After listening to the first volume, Sacred Choral Music, you too will mimic Parsons, whetting your soul's appetite for more. The haunting, emotionally provocative liturgical chants of the second volume, Sharakan, stretches the soul to the depth of remembering—sadly, yet lovingly with hope. Continuing on the wings of hope and time, volumes three and four, Duduk and Kanon, are largely eloquent instrumental transcriptions of what were originally vocal works, songful and soulful as the first two volumes. Folk Music, volume five are songs and dances reflecting Armenia's history and Nagorno-Karabakh brings this musical evolution to the twentieth century featuring contemporary folk music. Naturally, this volume is about the war and its consequences yet maintains and even cultivates its Armenian roots.

While this series has an astonishing impact on Armenians and Westerners alike, often invoking a deep emotional soul cry, what is most remarkable and probably makes the biggest impact throughout each volume in this series is the Armenian spirit, representing the human spirit. As we listen, we too feel the experiences and somehow, unbroken, the spirit rises, lifting us up to continue...  Totally amazing. All the CDs in this series are top-notch. The music is wonderful and haunting even though I don't understand a word of it. (Amazon)







Track lists

The Music of Armenia, Volume One: Sacred Choral Music [1995]

01    Haissmavourk Choir    Aravot Lousaber (Ascending Light)    3:21
02    Haissmavourk Choir    Aysor Dzainen (Hymn for the Blessing of the Water)    2:55
03    Haissmavourk Choir    Bats Mez Ter (Open for Us)    2:42
04    Haissmavourk Choir    Hayrapetakan Maghtank (Prayer to the Patriarch)    2:32
05    Haissmavourk Choir    Yekyalks (We Are Gathered)    3:50
06    Haissmavourk Choir    Hyer Mer (The Lord's Prayer)    2:48
07    Haissmavourk Choir    Havoun, Havoun (About the Bird)    3:59
08    Haissmavourk Choir    Sirt Im Sasani (My Heart is Trembling)    4:38
09    Haissmavourk Choir    Yerg Votnlvai (1) (Hymn for the Washing of the Feet)    2:13
10    Haissmavourk Choir    Ov Zarmanali (What a Miracle)    2:40
11    Haissmavourk Choir    Hreshtakayin (Hagiological Hymn)    3:15
12    Haissmavourk Choir    Metsatsoustseh (Synaxical Chant)    0:56
13    Haissmavourk Choir    Yerg Votnlvai (2) (Hymn for the Washing of the Feet)    3:05
14    Haissmavourk Choir    Hayr Arakogh (Hymn for Feast of the Apostles)    3:21
15    Haissmavourk Choir    Our Es Myer Im (Where Are You, My Mother)    3:36
16    Haissmavourk Choir    Khachi Ko Kristos (To Christ's Cross)    8:35
17    Haissmavourk Choir    Yekeghetsin Haikakan (The Armenian Church)    3:28
18    Haissmavourk Choir    Marmin Terounakan (1) (The Lord's Body)    1:32
19    Haissmavourk Choir    Chanapar (The Way)    1:42
20    Haissmavourk Choir    Echmiadzin    2:15
21    Haissmavourk Choir    Varanimk (Melody for the Feast of Assumption)    4:11
22    Haissmavourk Choir    Marmin Terounakan (2) (The Lord's Body)    1:29
23    Haissmavourk Choir    Bashkheh Zmarmin (Chant of Communion)    0:54
24    Haissmavourk Choir    Ter Voghormya (God Forgive Us)    5:00

The Music of Armenia, Volume Two: Sharakan/Medieval Music [1996]

01    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Sirt Im Sasani (My Heart Trembles With Fear)    4:22
02    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Chinar Es (You Are a Plane Tree.)    3:24
03    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Havoun, Havoun (About the Bird.)    4:53
04    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Zarmanali E Ints (It is Wonderous to Me.)    4:35
05    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Ter Herknits (Heavenly Father.)    2:34
06    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Ter Voghormya (Lord Have Mercy.)    2:46
07    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Havik (Little Bird.)    3:03
08    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Gorani    2:16
09    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Hripsimeants Sharakan (In Praise of Hripsimeh.)    2:51
10    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Sourb, Sourb (Holy, Holy.)    2:23
11    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Tagh (In Praise of the Beauty of a Rose)    2:57
12    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Horzham (When You Go Into Church)    3:48
13    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Ov Yeranelid (Oh You Blessed.)    2:26
14    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Khorhurd Khorin (Deep Mystery)    2:47
15    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Bazoum Yen Ko Gtoutyunk (Your Forgiveness)    2:12
16    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Sharakan in Three Parts    4:29
17    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Sail Ain Ijaner... (The Cart is Descending.)    3:24
18    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Voghormya Ints Astvadz (Show Mercy on Me God)    1:55
19    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Hreshtakayin (Hagiological Hymn)    2:54
20    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Hayr Mer (Our Father)    2:26
21    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Zors Astvadz Verin Koum Steghdzer    3:32
22    Sharakan Early Music Ensemble    Our Es Mayr Im (Mother, Where Are You)    4:17

The Music of Armenia, Volume Three: Duduk [1996]

01    Gevorg Dabagian    Hovern Enkan (A Cool Breeze is Blowing)    4:42
02    Gevorg Dabagian    Amen Aravot (Every Morning)    3:47
03    Gevorg Dabagian    Akh Im Champen (Ah, My Road)    3:47
04    Gevorg Dabagian    Es Gisher, Lusnak Gisher (Tonight the Moon is Full)    4:03
05    Gevorg Dabagian    Kali Yerg (Harvest Song)    5:44
06    Gevorg Dabagian    Kamantcha    3:06
07    Gevorg Dabagian    Kezanits Mas Chumen (I Miss You)    5:00
08    Gevorg Dabagian    Dle Yaman    4:22
09    Gevorg Dabagian    Tui Tui    2:46
10    Gevorg Dabagian    Yes Mi Tsar Em Tsirani ?t Tsirani Tsar Bar Mi Tar    4:42
11    Gevorg Dabagian    Vorskan Akhper (Brother Hunter)    5:01
12    Gevorg Dabagian    Ashkharhes Me Panjara Ye (The World is a Window)    3:04
13    Gevorg Dabagian    Tsarere Tsahgum En (The Trees Are in Bloom)    4:26
14    Gevorg Dabagian    Pailun Arusiak (Shining Arusiak)    3:06
15    Gevorg Dabagian    Vasn Mero Perkutian (For Us to Be Saved)    2:38
16    Gevorg Dabagian    Cachaneh Tsaghadzoreh    2:57
17    Gevorg Dabagian    Me Khosk Unim (I Have a Word for You)    4:30
18    Gevorg Dabagian    Alashkerti Cochari    3:53

The Music of Armenia, Volume Four: Kanon/Traditional Zither Music [1996]

01    Karineh Hovhannessian    Nazani    2:01
02    Karineh Hovhannessian    Vardani Mor Voghp (Vardan's Lament)    3:04
03    Karineh Hovhannessian    Horovel (Harvest Song.)    3:23
04    Karineh Hovhannessian    Shalakho    3:26
05    Karineh Hovhannessian    Sonat-Taghashar (Sonnet-Row of Tagher.)    8:00
06    Karineh Hovhannessian    Chinar Es (You Are a Plane Tree.)    3:58
07    Karineh Hovhannessian    Trapizontsinerti Par (Armenian Dance)    3:18
08    Unabi    Marali , Shushiki (Melody of Dances.)    3:48
09    Karineh Hovhannessian    Kez, Ov Peso (To You, Groom.)    4:09
10    Karineh Hovhannessian    Improvisation    4:13
11    Karineh Hovhannessian    Eshkhemed    3:32
12    Karineh Hovhannessian    Tsirani Tsar (Apricot Tree.)    2:43
13    Dun En Gikhen    Kamantcha (You Always Were)    3:51
14    Lorva Shoror    Arag Par (The Swing of Lori , Fast Dance)    3:51
15    Karineh Hovhannessian    Tokat (Toccata)    4:08
16    Karineh Hovhannessian    Otar-Amai Champeki Vra    3:20
17    Karineh Hovhannessian    Tagh (Medieval Song.)    2:37
18    Karineh Hovhannessian    Krunk (The Crane)    3:25
19    Karineh Hovhannessian    Erzerumi Shoror (Erzerum Swing)    3:13

The Music of Armenia, Volume Five: Folk Music/Shoghaken Ensemble [1996] CD1

01    The Shoghaken Folk Ensemble    Jeirani Pes (Graceful Like a Deer)    3:20
02    Lida Zakarian    Imal Enim (What Can I Do)    3:51
03    Hakob Khalatian    Hovivi Kanch (The Call of the Shepherd)    3:24
04    Hasmik Harutunian    Msho Geghen (From a Village of Mush)    3:07
05    The Shoghaken Folk Ensemble    Medley    4:50
06    Artavazd Voskanian    Dle Yaman    6:07
07    The Shoghaken Folk Ensemble    Aparani Par    3:15
08    Lida Zakarian    Akh Lele, Vakh Lele    2:39
09    The Shoghaken Folk Ensemble    Arshaluis Noren Batsvan    3:34
10    Hakob Khalatian    Armenian Dance    4:16
11    Hasmik Harutunian    Aravotun Lusn Erevats    2:05
12    Sasun Folk Group    Arabo    2:20
13    Lida Zakarian    Siretsi Yares Taran    4:17
14    Hakob Khalatian    Artsakhi Par (Dance From Artsakh)    2:40
15    Artavazd Voskanian    Esor Arazn Es Gnatsel    4:45
16    Hasmik Harutunian    Gulo    4:48
17    The Soghaken Folk Ensemble    Bakhtavari    4:18
18    Lia Zakarian    Tsovun Havkem Kar    4:25
19    Artavazd Voskanian    Mekn Im Yari Neman Chi    4:53
20    Hakob Khalatian    Traditional Dance    2:16

The Music of Armenia, Volume Five: Folk Music/Shoghaken Ensemble [1996] CD2

01    Lida Zakarian    Erva Yes (I Am Burned By Love)    3:15
02    Shoghaken Folk Ensemble    Nazov Akhchik (Shy Girl)    3:19
03    Hasmik Harutunian    Nani Bala (Sleep My Baby)    2:16
04    Hakob Khalatian    Kani Vor Jan Im (As Ong as I Am Alive)    3:09
05    Sasun Folk Group    Hai Merik (Hey Mother)    1:47
06    Shoghaken Folk Ensemble    Haireniki Jur    4:20
07    Lida Zakarian    Giamin Ver Tsovun (Wind on the Sea)    3:01
08    Hakob Khalatian    Ashkharumes Akh Chim Kashil    4:53
09    Shoghaken Folk Ensemble    Naz Par (Shy Dance)    3:05
10    Hasmik Harutunian    Gorani    4:45
11    Shoghaken Folk Ensemble    Dances of Sasun    4:10
12    Lida Zakarian    Lusniak Gisher (Full Moon Night)    3:15
13    Sasun Folk Group    Karot (Longing)    2:29
14    Shoghaken Folk Ensemble    Uzundara    3:55
15    Hasmik Harutunian    Khorotik (Beautiful)    3:09
16    Hakob Khalatian    Ashkharhes Me Panjara Ye    3:07
17    Lida Zakarian    Vai Merik (Oh Mother)    2:44
18    Artavazd Voskanian    Machkal Es (You Are Machkal)    3:31
19    Hasmik Harutunian    Im Im Muradin (To My Murad)    3:44
20    Sasun Folk Group    Sasno Ahegh Krvin    2:12
21    Hasmik Harutunian    Yarem Ker (There Was a Lover)    1:49
22    Hakob Khalatian    Anoush Garun (Sweet Spring)    2:54
23    Shoghaken Folk Ensemble    Zurni Trngi (Dance of the Zurna)    3:03

The Music of Armenia, Volume Six: Nagorno Karabakh [1997]

01    Ludmila Grigorian    Shushi    4:18
02    Elmira Harutunian    Karabakhi Ayayi Orhnank    2:24
03    Levon Sargissian    Mair Araksi Aperov    2:44
04    Artsakhi Balikner    Kenats Yerg (Song of Praise.)    3:30
05    Vladimir Ovchyan    Medley- Karabakhi Horovel    10:54
06    Ludmila Grigorian    Veradarts (Return)    3:54
07    Irina Pirumian    Hayastan (Look at My Tears, Armenia)    3:20
08    Janna Aivazian    Artsakhi Sharakan    4:46
09    Vararakn Choir    Shushi (Cool Breezes Gave You Life)    4:37
10    Elmira Harutunian    Tasnechors (Fourteen)    4:07
11    Artsakhi Balikner    Avo    3:39
12    Vazgen Meliksetian    Hai Agchik Karabakhi    2:12
13    Janna Aivazian    Tgha-Tgha (Boy, Boy)    2:05
14    Levon Sargissian    Siretsi Yares Taran (I Fell in Love)    2:43
15    Elmira Harutunian    Im Karabakh (My Karabakh)    2:59
16    Ludmila Grigorian    Haireni Artsakh (Motherland Artsakh)    3:13
17    Janna Aivazian    Gandzasar    5:03
18    Artsakhi Balikner    Bekor (Motherland Artsakh)    3:23
19    Larisa Sargissian    Karabakhi Ayan    3:50
20    Vararakn Choir    The Hymn of Arsakh    1:14



  1. Thank you for posting this collection, Butter - I've been eager to see what souvenir you brought back for our eager ears. Just on your say-so alone, this should be an intriguing and rewarding listen!

    1. Hi Aging Child.
      Hope all is well.
      The music of Armenia is typically traditional. This collection has a few different styles but always remains Armenian. I have others in Jazz and folk genres and will post sometime in the future. Thanks for asking for the music of Armenia.


    2. Back in the eighties, friends from Turkey introduced me to some of their own country's contemporary music - e.g., Gülden Karaböcek. I liked what I heard; even in the pop music, the historic sounds of Turkish tradition (including the Ottomans and Byzantines) richly remained. So this collection from their neighbor should be even more rewarding; Armenia's struggles and challenges have been much tougher, and the people's resolve and culture unbowed amid all of it. Got all seven disks now - and the next week off, too. So...

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    1. Hi Crab Devil.
      Hope you will enjoy this set. Something different to usual but still rewarding to the ears.


  3. Another great surprise!!! always sharing different types of music! Thanks a lot

    1. Never boring here Il Commendatore.
      I think listing to a variety of music keeps you thinking. I know many will reject some music but my hope is they take time to listen to what available, maybe for the first time. Life is full of firsts...


  4. Aussie - saying thank you my friend

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    1. Hello vosk
      This is beautiful music which many people will not have hear. There has been over 500 downloads of this set so at least someone is learning.


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    1. You are welcome Phillip.
      Music opens your eyes and ears. Absorb what you can.