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Collins Kids - The Rockin'est [1997]


Collins Kids - The Rockin'est [1997]

Pure energy and pure excitement! That's what the Collins Kids delivered during their years together. The sparks that flew between Larry's proto-surf guitar and Lorrie's vocals still burn brightly today.  Seven years ago, we issued a boxed set of their complete Columbia recordings. Now we're culling a true BEST OF CD from that set. The 22 tracks include such gems as Hop Skip & Jump, Hot Rod, I'm In My Teens, Party, Shortnin' Bread Rock and Hoy Hoy.

These kids rock, stomp and swing. This is high energy rockabilly at it's best. Both in thier teens this Brother/Sister act is incredible. Older sister Collins takes a lot of the vocals with sensuality with a hard rockin' edge, while lil' Brother takes some hot guitar breaks. They both sing, and harmonize Awesomely! I haven't heard such good and tight harmonizing since the Boswell Sisters, 30 years earlier. This music falls between the lines of Rockabilly, with touches of western swing, hillbilly boogie and Jumpin' Jive. Great stuff, especailly for swing dancing jitterbug style. Hot essential Rockabilly, there isn't a bad cut on this CD! (Amazon)




Track list

01     Hop, Skip And Jump     1:54
02     Hoy Hoy     2:00
03     Beetle-Bug-Bop     2:20
04     Just Because     1:54
05     Whistle Bait     2:18
06     I'm In My Teens     2:18
07     Move A Little Closer     2:09
08     Hot Rod     1:51
09     Rock Boppin' Baby     2:20
10     Go Away Don't Bother Me     2:36
11     The Rockaway Rock     2:07
12     Rock And Roll Polka     2:31
13     The Cuckoo Rock     2:17
14     Sweet Talk     1:39
15     Hush Money     2:15
16     They're Still In Love     2:03
17     Make Him Behave     2:23
18     Shortnin' Bread Rock     1:50
19     Heartbeat     2:04
20     The Lonesome Road     3:03
21     Mercy     2:04
22     Party     1:37



  1. Thank you very much! (This one's an upgrade for me, but it's appreciated either way.)

  2. I had a similar comp but I think this has a few different tunes. In any case, thanks! Love the Collins Kids.

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      I have a few comps of the Collins Kids but this one seems to get the most playtime.

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