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Classics IV - Atmospherics 1966-1975 Collection [2002]


Classics IV - Atmospherics 1966-1975  Collection [2002]

Between 1966 and 1975, the distinctive soul/pop sound of Dennis Yost and Classic IV was a consistent presense on the US charts. With major hits like 'Spooky', 'Every Day With You Girl' and 'Stormy', there was seldom a Top 40 in the late '60's when they were not present. This deluxe 29 track anthology was prepared in co-operation with vocalist Dennis Yost and is the only multi-label CD collection covering the group's entire career, featuring detailed liner notes and rare photographs from band archives.  This compilation includes their Capitol, Imperial, Liberty, UA, and MGM hits in one place. This group deserves a box set!! Their other compilation from EMI's Legendary Masters Series has some unreleased Capitol sides and numerous different tracks. Buy both sets...the duplication is worth it! quality vintage pop that is far more honest than most anything that's out today. I miss groups like this, and it is a pleasure to newly discover some of the great songs I was too young to have heard before. Recommended highly! (Amazon)


Classics IV - Atmospherics 1966-1975  Collection [2002]



01     Pollyanna     2:20
02     Little Darling     2:46
03     Spooky     2:52
04     Strange Changes     2:20
05     Stormy     2:47
06     Soul Train     2:44
07     24 Hours Of Loneliness     2:05
08     Traces     2:46
09     Mary, Mary, Row Your Boat     2:34
10     Traffic Jam     2:20
11     Everyday With You Girl     2:34
12     Mamas And Papas     2:06
13     Pity The Fool     2:07
14     Bed Of Roses     2:15
15     Change Of Heart     2:58
16     Rainy Day     2:21
17     Midnight     2:54
18     The Funniest Thing     2:38
19     Where Did All The Good Times Go?     2:36
20     Most Of All     3:04
21     Cherry Hill Park     3:14
22     Ain't It The Truth     3:50
23     Nobody Loves You But Me     3:10
24     What Am I Crying For?     2:58
25     Rosanna     2:33
26     All In Your Mind     3:02
27     The Days Of Our Lives     3:02
28     Sweet Surrender     2:45
29     My First Day Without Her     3:01



  1. Butterboy - Thanks for The Classics IV, there is a box with 4 CDs the first 4 albums of this band. it's on Amazon's site, thank you very much, all the best to you, Heribert.

  2. Hi Butterboy,
    Thanks a lot!
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  3. Thanks for these gents, Butter - can the A.R.S. be far behind...? ;-)

    1. Hi Aging Child
      it must be too early in the morning for me but i dint understand the A.R.S., Sorry.


    2. Hi Aging Child
      mrRadio gently slapped me behind the ear and informed me of the ARS. I apologise for my lack of band Acronyms so early in the day.

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  4. BB.. Aging Child is referencing Atlanta Rhythm Section, frequently just called ARS. Two of the Classics IV members and their manager/songwriter went on to eventually form ARS (with others). Probably why the ARS version of "Spooky" from their "Underdog" album sounds so good, but they used a guitar part (to good effect) in place of the saxophone in the original. Loved the Classics IV sound and their most well known songs are indeed "Classic".

    1. Hi mrRadio
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      Thanks for the heads up. Of course its stands for Atlanta Rhythm Section but no quick enough today. Spooky!


    2. Thank you, Mr. Radio! And, Butter, sorry about the noggin'-floggin' of an abbreviation. ELO, ELP, ARS... and no doubt LZ, APP, PF, S&G, PP&M, BB's, MB's, too: where does it end? OK; IC... I'll be more careful next time. & 10Q very much, as always - CU! ;-)


  6. Gracias por compartir, excelente música!