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Paul Westerberg - Besterberg, Best Of Paul Westerberg [2005]


Paul Westerberg - Besterberg, Best Of Paul Westerberg [2005]

After the Replacements disbanded, singer-songwriter and alt-rock icon Paul Westerberg went on to an acclaimed solo career, first with two songs on the Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack in 1992, and then with his revered 1993 solo debut, 14 Songs. Over the course of his subsequent albums, the legend of Westerberg's stellar song-craft and ragged and brilliant performances grew exponentially. For the first time, highlights of his post-Replacements work-including his Grandpa Boy incarnation-are collected on a single, inspired disc, with the added bonus of three previously unissued rarities in the mix!  (Amazon)

If you take a little bit of The Faces, throw in some Rolling Stones grit, a little bit of Alex Chilton/Big Star and maybe The Sex Pistols, you've got something that looks like Paul Westerberg music. I happen to be a fan of these artists, as I'm sure Mr. Westerberg is, so when I hear him distilling these elements in various ways I enjoy listening. A great and under-rated songwriter a cross section of Westerberg's best.


Paul Westerberg - Besterberg, Best Of Paul Westerberg [2005]


Track list

  1. Dyslexic Heart
  2. Knockin on Mine
  3. World Class Fad
  4. Runaway Wind
  5. Things
  6. Seein' Her (Single Version)
  7. Man Without Ties (Single Version)
  8. A Star Is Bored
  9. Stain Yer Blood (Single Version)
  10. Love Untold
  11. Once Around the Weekend (Alternate Mix)
  12. Angels Walk
  13. It's A Wonderful Lie
  14. Lookin' Out Forever
  15. Nowhere Man
  16. High Time - By Grandpa Boy (Paul Westerberg)
  17. Let The Bad Times Roll
  18. What A Day (For A Night)
  19. All That I Had
  20. C'mon, C'mon, C'mon



  1. Thank you. For a years i try to find:
    2003 - Come Feel Me Tremble
    2004 - Folker
    2005 - The Resterberg
    2008 - 49-00

    Also i see on wiki that he have some self released albums. I don't know nothing about them but i woukd like to listen.

    2008 - 3oclockreep
    2008 - Bored of Edukation
    2008 - D.G.T.
    2009 - PW & the Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys
    2017 - Dry Wood Garage

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Nessa
      I have some of those and will post when i can.
      Here are a few to get-by for now.

      Grandpa Boy (Paul Westerberg) - Dead Man Shake [2003]

      Paul Westerberg - Folker [2004]


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