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VA - This Time Will Be Different, (The Sweet Soul of Philadelphia (1968-1982) + This Love Is for Real, The Sweet Soul of Chicago (1968-1981) [2017] (2 x CD's)


VA - This Time Will Be Different, (The Sweet Soul of Philadelphia (1968-1982) + This Love Is for Real, The Sweet Soul of Chicago (1968-1981) [2017] (2 x CD's)

VA - This Time Will Be Different, (The Sweet Soul of Philadelphia (1968-1982) [2017]       An amazing compilation of mesmerizingly sweet souls, with almost all songs being rare songs. This is the Philadelphia Soul edition selected from the sound sources of '68 -'82 and is Part 1 in Interstate Records' regional soul series documenting the emerging Philly Soul sound, as influenced by Gamble-Huff but focusing on more obscure artists, releases, featuring writing, arrangement, production by Jerry Ross, Norman Harris, Thom Bell & Linda Creed, and Bobby Martin, with appearances by Bunny Sigler, Billy Hill (The Essex) and more. This is the CD Version that includes 8 non-LP tracks. (Amazon)

VA - This Love Is For Real, The Sweet Soul Of Chicago (1968-1981) [2017]    A stunning 22 track collection of sweet soul gems from Chicago between ’68 and ’81. So many highlights here, all with that combination of gentle, impeccable backing, lilting harmonies and strong lead vocals group harmony heaven.  Sweet soul sounds from the more obscure side of Chicago. We're all familiar with artists like Curtis Mayfield, The Chi-Lites and the Impressions, but the Windy City has much more to offer with its rich musical history. This Love Is For Real - Sweet Soul Of Chicago 1968-81 brings to light some of the oft overlooked artists that contributed to the city's soul scene. The sounds range from the doo-wop infused "Warm Summer Nights" of The Stimulators to the Otis Leavill produced funk of Windy City's "Just For You." Leroy Hutson, Willie Henderson and Eugene Record pop up on writing,  arrangement, and production duties throughout the release, further cementing the depth of Chicago's soul scene. This is the CD  Version that includes 8 non-LP tracks. (Amazon)



Track lists


1 Invitations Let's Love (And Find Together) 3:23

2 Festivals Take Your Time 3:22

3 Choice Of Colors Betcha Didn’t Know 2:51

4 Butlers She's Gone 2:37

5 Cruisers Picture Us 2:41

6 Ethics Good Luck 3:51

7 Broadway Express It's Ok With Me 3:27

8 Futures Breaking Up 2:57

9 Phyllis Smith I Need Somebody To Love 2:39

10 Chapter One Let Me Down Easy 3:55

11 Coalitions Instead... How Are You 3:20

12 Donnie Elbert Can't Get Used To Losing You 3:04

13 United Four Look At Her Now 2:34

14 Courtships Love Ain’t Love 3:22

15 Paradise We Belong Together 3:56

16 J. Kelly & Premiers She Calls Me Baby 3:23

17 Toppiks Surrender 2:43

18 Geminiles Thinking About My Baby 2:45

19 Mello Moods Tell Love Hello 2:55

20 Epsilons The Echo 2:38

21 Blue Notes This Time Will Be Different 3:02

22 Elegants When You’re Gone Away 6:19


1 Essence Sweet Fools 2:54

2 Harlem Meat Company I'm Not Gonna Be Anybody's Fool 3:08

3 Magnum Force Share My Love With You 4:53

4 Billy & The Bloodknots Gotta Get Away 2:53

5 Chi-Lites (Um, Um) My Baby Loves Me 2:15

6 Lost Generation Wait A Minute 2:22

7 Turks You Turn Me On 2:51

8 Stimulators Warm Summer Nights 2:57

9 Hands Of Time This Love Is For Real 2:38

10 Chocolate Sunday Second Story Man 3:28

11 Eight Minutes Oh Yes I Do 3:33

12 Visitors Until You Came Along 2:17

13 Enchanting Enchanters No One In This World 3:03

14 Magnetic Force Ole Sweet Music 4:12

15 Lintons Lost Love 2:39

16 Vegas I Need Your Love 3:19

17 Ledgends Gotta Let You Go 2:40

18 Independents I Just Want To Be There 3:19

19 Little Ben & The Cheers I Made Up My Mind 2:46

20 Lovelites This Love Is Real 2:26

21 Esquires Girls In The City 2:41

22 Windy City Just For You 3:45




  1. Very nice collections Butterboy with sweet soul music, many thanks!

  2. some nice sounds here and good additions to the collection...many thanks

    1. Hi Chrisd,
      These are two really great albums. I hope you will continue to enjoy them.

  3. New to me music. I love it! Thanks

    1. Hi lemonflag.
      There is always beauty in new to the ear's music. Enjoy this fabulous collection.

  4. A load of unknows for me, so thanks BB - plus I just love album covers like this (which use a good photographer) as they speak VOLUMES as to what's waiting inside (I often find)

    1. I love these two albums, puw.
      I hope you won't be disappointed.

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