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VA - Sounds Of The Garage (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)


VA - Sounds of the Garage (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)

Garage rock is a raw and energetic style of rock and roll that was popular in the mid-1960's in the United States, Canada, and other countries. In the beginning, it was not yet defined as a musical genre. Attention to the sound from rock critics in the early 1970's helped it become appreciated as a genre.  It is called "Garage Rock" because many of the groups that played it were made up of young amateurs, often in high school and college, who sometimes rehearsed in their families' garages. Some of the bands were older and professional. The groups in this genre are often referred to as "Garage Bands".

The style, which led up to psychedelic rock, often had simple lyrics and sometimes used guitars distorted through a device called a fuzzbox. Surf rock was an early influence. Later the Beatles and the beat groups of the British Invasion became popular. This led to many aspiring musicians to form bands in the United States and elsewhere between 1963 and 1968. Some bands produced regional hits, and a few even had national chart hits.  With the rise of psychedelia, a number of garage bands started to add strange and exotic elements to their sound, but after 1968, as more complex forms of rock music took over, garage rock records declined in popularity.  In the early 1970's certain critics began to refer to the style as "punk rock", which made it the first form of music to use that name. It is sometimes called "garage punk", "protopunk", or "'60's punk" to set it apart from the more well-known punk rock movement that came later in 1970's. The garage rock style has been revived several times in recent decades and continues to influence many modern groups who prefer a "back to basics" and "do it yourself" musical approach.  (Wikipedia)

Garage was a primitive answer to the commercial interests taking over, pick up a shoddy guitar, plug it into a janky amp, and start pissing off your neighbors. Stomp that fuzzbox ’til lightning strikes. Hundreds of garage bands popped up around America and a handful of them had hits, but most were destined for obscurity. This is the first volume of garage rock tracks covering the obscure, the well known and the ones that got away.


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Track lists


01 Sonics Have Love Will Travel 2:39

02 13th Floor Elevators You`re Gonna Miss Me 2:29

03 Aztecs Blue Day 2:47

04 Seeds Can't Seem to Make You Mine 3:04

05 ? & the Mysterians 96 Tears 2:58

06 Count Five Psychotic Reaction 3:08

07 Cramps Human Fly 2:14

08 Remains Why Do I Cry 3:07

09 Vertebrats Left in the Dark 3:16

10 Them Gloria 2:38

11 Allah-Las Tell Me (What's on Your Mind) 3:33

12 La De Da's How is the Air Up There 2:31

13 Shadows of Knight Bad Little Woman 2:37

14 Brian Jonestown Massacre Oh Lord 3:20

15 Black Diamonds Band I Want, Need, Love You 2:58

16 Atlantics Come On 2:52

17 Aardvarks I'm Higher Than I'm Down 2:14

18 New Order You've Got Me High 2:17

19 Racontours Salute Your Solution 3:04

20 Us Britons Come On 3:11

21 Kingsmen Louie Louie 2:46


22 Standells Dirty Water 2:49

23 Pink Finks Nowhere to Run 2:46

24 Thee Oh Sees Meat Step Lively 2:48

25 Paul Revere & the Raiders Kicks 2:31

26 Eyes The Eyes - When the Night Falls 2:33

27 Brogues I Ain't No Miracle Worker 2:48

28 Bobby Fuller Four I Fought the Law 2:17

29 Troggs Wild Thing 2:37

30 Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog 3:10

31 Loved Ones The Loved One 2:51

32 Sonics Strychnine 2:13

33 Roky Erickson I Walked With a Zombie 2:54

34 Litter Action Woman 2:32

35 Guilloteens I Don't Believe 2:36

36 Ty Segall Girlfriend 2:14

37 Misunderstood I Need Your Love 3:20

38 Creation Biff Bang Pow 2:27

39 Leaves Too Many People 2:45

40 King Khan & the Shrines Burnin' Inside 3:09

41 Shadows of Knight I'm Gonna Make You Mine 2:30

42 Mc5 Kick Out the Jams 2:58


43 Mystic Tide Frustration 2:44

44 Downliners Sect Glendora 2:44

45 Chocolate Watchband No Way Out 2:24

46 Nomads How Many Times 2:46

47 Headstones 24 Hours (Everyday) 2:55

48 Love My Little Red Book 2:33

49 Bad Roads Blue Girl 2:04

50 Kinks All Day and All of the Night 2:22

51 Blues Magoos (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet 2:18

52 East Side Kids Subway Train 2:01

53 Seeds Pushin' Too Hard 2:36

54 Throb Black 3:10

54 Missing Links You're Driving Me Insane 2:56

56 Zakary Thaks Bad Girl 2:11

57 Answer Why You Smile 2:35

58 Plague The Face of Time 2:29

59 Reigning Sound Let Your Self Go 2:39

60 Pretty Things Don't Bring Me Down 2:10

61 White Stripes Fell in Love With a Girl 1:50

62 Kills Love is a Deserter 3:48

64 Squires Going All the Way 2:24


63 Los Saicos Come On 2:41

65 Bob Seger East Side Story 2:27

66 Spiders Don't Blow Your Mind 2:53

67 Bostweeds Little Bad News 2:11

68 Creatures All I Do is Cry 2:53

69 Passions Lively One 2:31

70 Oblivians Bad Man 2:43

71 Third Bardo I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time 2:12

72 Liverpool Five That's What I Want 2:13

73 Scott Morgan/Rationals, The Look What You're Doing to Me Baby 3:03

74 Human Beinz Nobody But Me 2:18

75 Trashmen Surfin' Bird 2:24

76 Jagged Edge How She's Hurtin' Me (Single B-Side, 1966) 2:34

77 Johnny Thunder I'm Alive 2:30

78 Sheridan Hollenbeck Michelle's Melody 2:42

79 Mouse and the Traps Public Execution 2:47

80 Lovegrass All Around Me 2:31

81 Raconteurs Steady, as She Goes 3:32

82 Friggs Come Now 3:00

83 Monks Complication 2:26

84 Troggs With a Girl Like You 2:07


85 Tasmanians Baby 2:21

86 Music Machine Talk Talk 1:57

87 Rising Storm I'm Coming Home 2:50

88 Lollipop Shoppe You Must Be a Witch 2:35

89 Brymers Sacrifice 2:12

90 Strangeloves I Want Candy 2:30

91 Regents She's Got Her Own Way of Lovin' 2:44

92 Barbarians Take it Or Leave It 2:47

93 Suburban 9 to 5 Sunshine Becomes You 2:23

94 Beau-Jives Something's Wrong 2:22

95 Herd Things Won't Change 2:08

96 Yo Yo's Gotta Find a New Love 2:49

97 49th Parallel You Do Things 2:24

98 Others I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye 2:10

99 La De Da's Don't You Stand in My Way 2:14

100 Easybeats Friday on My Mind 2:44

101 Emperor's I Want My Woman 2:32

102 Pleazers Security 2:15

103 Stoics Hate 2:43

104 Bells of Rhymny She'll Be Back 2:35

105 Beefeaters Don't Hurt Me 2:48


106 Throb Fortune Teller 2:24

107 Yesterday's Children Love and Things 2:20

108 Wordd You're Gonna Make Me 1:52

109 Bad Seeds A Taste of the Same 2:44

110 Best Things Chicks Are for Kids 3:09

111 Sounds Unlimited About You 2:51

112 North Atlantic Invasion Force Blue Light in the Window 2:05

113 Nickle Bag The Woods 2:49

114 King Richard and the Knights How About Now 2:38

115 Kings Court Don't Put Me On 2:42

116 Swingin' Medallions Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) 2:14

117 Barons Now You're Mine 1:47

118 Dirty Wurds Why 2:22

119 High Spirits I Believe 2:32

120 Tidal Waves Farmer John 2:12

121 Who My Generation (Original Mono Version) 3:17

122 Knaves Leave Me Alone 2:36

123 Nightcrawlers The Little Black Egg 3:26

124 Tonto & the Renegades Little Boy Blue 2:26

125 Nashville Teens Tobacco Road 2:28

126 Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs Wooly Bully 2:18




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