Friday, March 18, 2022

Deep Cuts, Better Than The Album Singles (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


Deep Cuts, Better Than The Album Singles (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

Many terrific tracks remain hidden on an album. These track have been overlooked. Sometimes there is a hit lurking on the B-Sides of singles from that album. There are literally thousands of great album tracks that are as good as the singles released from an album that could, nay SHOULD, be on this list. Due to the subjective nature of a songs appeal to the individual listener there could be hundreds of compilations of great material that could be generated. Alternatively, there are also many tracks that live on the B-Sides of singles that should have been on albums. (This will be for another series of compilations to come. Stay tuned)

Here are 60 deep cut tracks that are better than the singles that came from these albums. Enjoy!


Pt.1    Pt.2  


Track lists


01 Beatles A Hard Day's Night 2:31

02 Rolling Stones Fingerprint File 6:34

03 Joni Mitchell Down to You 5:37

04 Monkees Sometime in the Morning 2:30

05 Associates Skipping 4:04

06 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid) 4:25

07 Mama's & the Papa's Trip, Stumble & Fall 2:40

08 Michael Penn Coal 3:33

09 Paul McCartney Beware My Love 6:22

10 Pink Floyd Mother 5:33

11 Neil Young Birds 2:33

12 Fleetwood Mac Tusk 3:37

13 Steely Dan Don't Take Me Alive 4:00

14 David Bowie Andy Warhol 3:56

15 Elton John Chameleon 5:27

16 Kate Bush And Dream of Sheep 2:45

17 Elvis Costello & the Attractions The Loved Ones 2:48

18 Morrissey I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday 4:20

19 Doors I Looked at You 2:22

20 Prince Sometimes it Snows in April 6:49


21 Creedence Clearwater Revival Ramble Tamble 7:03

22 Rolling Stones Moonlight Mile 5:58

23 Bruce Springsteen Death to My Hometown 3:28

24 Beatles There's a Place 1:50

25 David Bowie Sweet Thing, Candidate, Sweet Thing 8:49

26 George Harrison Beware of Darkness 3:22

27 Peter Frampton I Wanna Go to the Sun 7:29

28 Talking Heads Listening Wind 4:43

29 Joni Mitchell Court and Spark 2:46

30 Suzanne Vega The Queen & the Soldier 5:02

31 Genesis Ripples 7:56

32 Who Another Tricky Day 4:53

33 Doors Wintertime Love 1:55

34 Monkees Circle Sky 2:31

35 Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac My Heart Beat Like a Hammer 2:58

36 Move Beautiful Daughter 2:25

37 Rolling Stones Time Waits for No One 6:39

38 Prefab Sprout The Venus of the Soup Kitchen 4:28

39 U2 Bad 5:51

40 Doors Shaman's Blues 4:48


41 David Bowie Station to Station 10:13

42 Rolling Stones Sway 3:25

43 Marillion Jigsaw 6:49

44 Wilco When You Wake Up Feeling Old 3:56

45 U2 Ultra Violet (Light My Way) 4:00

46 Kate Bush Rocket's Tail 4:07

47 Doors Queen of the Highway 2:47

48 Smiths There is a Light That Never Goes Out 4:05

49 Treble Charger Fade 4:05

50 Joni Mitchell Passion Play (When All the Slaves Are Free) 5:24

51 Radiohead Electioneering 3:50

52 Sonic Youth Sweet Shine 7:50

53 Pixies No. 13 Baby 3:51

54 Smashing Pumpkins Annie-Dog 3:38

55 Lynyrd Skynyrd One More Time (Original Versio 5:04

56 When in Rome If Only 4:08

57 U2 One Tree Hill. 5:23

58 Steve Forbert Tonight I Feel So Far Away From Home 3:13

59 Santana Shades of Time 3:14

60 Yes Yours is No Disgrace 9:41




  1. Sometimes it seems there are hundreds of milions so called "underrated" bands in history of music - When in Rome are surely one of them.

    1. Hi StoneRose.
      What a great sound they had. All these artist, whilst many are famous, have many hidden gems on albums and when compared to their singles are sometime better. Enjoy the selections.


  2. Excellent choices, Mr. B.! Many thanks & kudos. Best, TC

  3. It is interesting to listen to older album tracks. There is always something overlooked that jumps out with todays ears.

    1. Hi lemonflag,
      Albums always give more than just the singles lifted from them.


  4. great choices Bowie Sweet Thing and Stones Fingerprint File so glad to see/hear them....

    1. Thanks JD Hogg,
      Albums tracks are great especially when they are of this caliber.
      Glad you like this set.


  5. Love the concept, BB. I know a bunch of your choices and am excited to explore the ones I don't know! Thanks for all you share...always something interesting.

    1. Hi OldDJ.
      Thank you.
      I always try to make my comps interesting and appreciate that you think that is the case.


  6. Love this comp, but was disappointed when I saw the album cover and, what? No Strawbs?

    How about Sweet? Off The Record always reminds me of Strawbs Deep Cuts anyway

    1. Hi Pol,
      I hope you are not too perturbed.
      I thought I may get some flack for that cover and no Strawbs tracks.
      Is there a track called Sweet on their Deep Cuts album?. I only know 'Sweet Voices" by the Strawbs but its not on that album but I do like "So Close And Yet So Far Away" from Deep Cuts


    2. Never judge a book by its cover!! Thank you both, for making so great compilations.

    3. Thanks Manolis
      Μείνε ασφαλής.