Friday, February 5, 2021

VA - Trees (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


TREE SONGS (on three CD's)

VA - Trees (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

The imagery of trees has inspired countless songs. Some of the best tree songs are about specific types of trees, while other songs about trees are about the forest in general.  Many singer songwriters also use trees as a metaphor to express deeper meanings and emotions using thought-provoking lyrics. Trees in songs are sometimes mentioned to explain a philosophical outlook of life where trees may represent a sense of belonging with family and friends. Whilst trees may be associated with a wide spectrum of concepts or ideas, they often represent Calmness, Growth, Life, Friendship, Loneliness, Celebration, Love, Death, Forgiveness and Relaxation. Many great tree songs have the word tree in the title and some great songs about trees reference leaves and branches in the lyrics.

Here is the first volume of 75 tracks that deliver and artists use of tree in their songs to give us some insight into their thinking.  Enjoy!


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Track lists


01 Van Morrison Redwood Tree 3:03

02 Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees 4:43

03 Cat Stevens King of Trees 5:07

04 Crowded House Tall Trees 2:21

05 Cold Chisel Flame Trees 4:24

06 Unicorn Blue Pine Trees 3:46

07 Mark Knopfler Redbud Tree 3:19

08 America Willow Tree Lullaby 2:33

09 Secret Powers Orange Trees 4:43

10 Matthew E. White Fruit Trees 5:19

11 Kevin Odegard Trees 1:55

12 Blitzen Trapper With Alela Diane The Tree 3:35

13 Joni Mitchell Cactus Tree 4:38

14 Michael Chapman Among the Trees (Mono) 3:36

15 Fleetwood Mac Bare Trees 5:04

16 Carly Simon Boys in the Trees 3:15

17 Wooden Horse Trees 3:27

18 Beach Boys A Day in the Life of a Tree 3:08

19 Lemon Pipers Rainbow Tree 2:24

20 Seals and Crofts East of the Ginger Trees 3:47

21 Ian McCulloch Different Trees 3:44

22 Cupid's Inspiration Green Green Trees 2:44

23 Peter Frampton Fig Tree Bay 3:36

24 Galaxie 500 Decomposing Trees 4:07

25 Van Morrison Cyprus Avenue 6:59


26 Derek and the Dominos Thorn Tree in the Garden 2:50

27 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Lime Tree Arbour 2:56

28 Gene Parsons I Must Be a Tree 3:19

29 Triffids In the Pines 2:41

30 Mary Hopkin Silver Birch and Weeping Willow 2:48

31 Marissa Nadler Lily, Henry and the Willow Trees 2:45

32 Gordon Lightfoot A Tree Too Weak to Stand 3:24

33 Clientele My Own Face Inside the Trees 3:08

34 Cilla Black Trees and Loneliness 2:41

35 Art Boys Collection Lemon Tree 2:37

36 Peter Gabriel Shaking the Tree 6:24

37 10,000 Maniacs Cherry Tree 3:13

38 Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps Birch Trees & Broken Barns 3:11

39 Josh Rouse Lemon Tree 3:04

40 Nina Simone July Tree 2:44

41 Cure A Forest 4:55

42 U2 Shadows and Tall Trees 4:36

43 Tiddas Spirit of the Winter Tree 3:36

44 Billie Holiday Strange Fruit 3:11

45 Peter Sarstedt Tall Tree 3:27

46 Eva Cassidy Tall Trees in Georgia 3:43

47 Roger McGuinn The Trees Are All Gone 3:50

48 Mindbenders The Man Who Loved Trees 2:33

49 Enemies The Birds in the Trees 2:19

50 Medicine for the People Budding Trees 6:24


51 Fools Garden Lemon Tree 3:06

52 Lee Kings The Trees Are Talking 2:17

53 Socrates Drank the Conium Naked Trees 5:00

54 Smoke (Us) Pepper Trees 3:37

55 Nick Drake Fruit Tree 4:49

56 Maxwell & Nicholson Trees and Things 3:36

57 Laura Nyro Trees of the Ages 3:50

58 Robert Lester Folsom Weeping Willow Tree 3:38

59 Donovan Under the Greenwood Tree 1:56

60 Siena Root Above the Trees 3:32

61 Velvet Fogg Once Among the Trees 5:38

62 Beachwood Sparks Once We Were Trees 5:08

63 Bob Dylan & the Band Apple Suckling Tree 2:50

64 Bert Jansch Tree Song 2:34

65 Natalie Merchant Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow 3:22

66 Marty Robbins The Hanging Tree 2:53

67 Barenaked Ladies Humungous Tree 3:30

68 Pearl Jam In My Tree 3:59

69 Abstract Truth Silver Trees 8:14

70 Guided By Voices I Am a Tree 4:40

71 Bed Rugs Trees 3:13

72 La Sera Under the Trees 2:42

73 Traffic Withering Tree 3:04

74 Verve Weeping Willow 4:49

75 Asteroid No.4 Weeping Willow 4:26




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    1. Hi Paul,
      I'm always branching out.
      I guess I should leaf it alone, Otherwise you may think I am barking mad.

      😷 Stay Safe.


  2. Hi friend. Thank you for your awesome compilations
    Would you reconsider a reup of the Paul Mauriat 4 CD box:?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Joaquin Asensio,
      The links have been updated, tested and working.


  3. Trees! Always a fruitful endeavor when visiting the Butterboy blog, thank you! Here's one for the next volume:

    And another:

    1. Hi Unknowk,
      Enjoy the selection here.
      The sngs ike trees can grow n you.
      Trees are everywhere, so many trees, can always pull together more tree songs.Thanks for your suggestions. I really enjoy Jason Isbell. He is a great artist.


  4. Looks very interesting selection, thanks Butterboy!

    1. You are welcome Little Bill.
      Some fabulour trees songs here.

  5. How could you have missed The Trees by Pulp? Not only a brilliant song but produced by Scott Walker too!

  6. Hi Wondermouse,
    I don't know. I have it as well. Maybe next time around.


  7. Getting the 'Oops! Why you’re here?' on the links here, tks in advance !'

    1. Hi Ron,
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  8. What an in-tree-guing and unexpected compilation concept; thank you for gathering a veritable forest for the ears, Butter! ("Barking mad"! Heh-heh; great one!)

    Plenty more arboreal works run alongside these, like Paul McCartney's "Little Willow" ( And 'way, 'way outside your blog's usual era and genres, Joyce Kilmer's sappy (!) 1913 poem "Trees" was set to music by the early 1920s, and frequently afterward (e.g., So thanks to your creativity and encouragement here, I'm finding tree-songs in my own vault spreading their roots and branches all the way back to 1896 -- I didn't think it was such a ripe topic for singers. Thanks, Butter, and lead on!

    1. Hi Aging Child,
      I am glad this one was a surprise. At least it wasn't thought of as sappy.
      Thanks for the youtube links. Paul McCartney's "Little Willow" is a very beautiful. I have that on my Flaming pie discs. The Donald Novis track is also beautiful. He did a lot of work for Disney. I wonder if there is a Donald Novis compilation around.


  9. Embarrassingly, I've just found that there aren't _any_ Novis recordings in my Vault... now I'll have to hunt some down. Thank you for the background, Butter, and for, er, leading me out on a fun limb. Cheers!