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VA - Hippies, Hasch und Flower Power, 68er-Pop aus Deutschland [2008]


VA - Hippies, Hasch und Flower Power, 68er-Pop aus Deutschland [2008]

"Hippies, Hasch und Flower Power, 68er-Pop aus Deutschland "is a fascinating collection of songs that capture the spirit and the sound of the hippie era in Germany. The compilation was released by the German label Bear Family Records in 2008 and features 25 tracks from various artists, some of whom are well-known, such as The Spencer Davis Group, France Gall and Michel Polnareff, and some of whom are obscure, such as Margret Fürer Und Die Penny-Pipers, Ralph Siegel Jr. and Christopher & Michael. The songs range from psychedelic rock to folk to pop, and cover topics such as the Vietnam War, student protests, drug use, free love, environmentalism and spirituality. Some of the songs are German versions or covers of songs from the musical Hair, which was a huge hit in Germany at the time. The compilation also includes a booklet with liner notes, photos and lyrics of the songs.

The compilation is a rare and interesting document of the German pop scene in the late 1960s and how it was influenced by the global hippie movement. The songs reflect the hopes, fears, dreams and struggles of a generation that was seeking for a new way of living and thinking. The songs also show the diversity and creativity of the German music scene at the time, which was not limited by genre or style. The compilation is a must-have for fans of 1960s music and culture, as well as for anyone who wants to discover some hidden gems from the German pop history. (B)



Track list

01 Margret Fürer Und Die Penny-pipers - Gammelshake 2:44

02 Michel Polnareff - Gammler-Ballade (Meine Gitarre) 2:48

03 Ralph Siegel Jr. - Sie Nennen Es Flower Power 2:55

04 Freddy Quinn - Wir 3:28

05 Franz Josef Degenhardt - Vatis Argumente 4:11

06 Thomas Fritsch - Es Ist Gar Nicht So Leicht, Erwachsen Zu Sein 2:11

07 Heidi Franke - Die Blumen Sind Für Sie, Herr Polizist 2:07

08 Bernd Spier - Flowertime In San Francisco 2:41

09 Manfred Krug Und Das Klaus-lenz-quartett - Vietnam-Song 3:20

10 Hartmut König Und Der Oktoberclub - Rot, Rot, Rot 2:03

11 Christopher & Michael - Wir Sind Am Ende 3:18

12 Die City Preachers - Der Unbekannte Soldat 3:15

13 The Spencer Davis Group - (Aquarius) Der Wassermann 2:49

14 Gudrun 'su' Kramer - Hare Krishna 3:01

15 Original Munich Cast (jürgen Beumer Und Harry Wieser, Blues Men) - Haare 3:03

16 Wencke Myhre - Flower Power Kleid 2:31

17 Horst Und Benno, Orchester Klaus Lenz - Der Minirock 3:33

18 France Gall - Hippie, Hippie 2:43

19 Bill Ramsey - Verlieb' Dich Nie In Ein Hippie-Mädchen 1:57

20 Vivi Bach Und Dietmar Schönherr - Molotow Cocktail Party 2:34

21 Kuno & The Marihuana Brass - Marihuana-Mantra 2:35

22 Insterburg & Co. - Wir Sind Verlauste Affen 1:30

23 Witthüser & Westrup - Nimm Doch Einen Joint, Mein Freund 3:32

24 Kaplan Flury - Jimi, Oh Jimi Hendrix 2:13

25 Juliane Werding - Am Tag, Als Conny Kramer Starb 3:25




  1. Das ist wunderbar! Danke schön Butterjunge!

    1. You're welcome, harry the dog.
      It's one you won't see too often and its good as well. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks. Not my usual cup of tea, but I'll give it a listen.

  3. Looks like another fun one -- thanks BB!

  4. Even the The Spencer Davis Group [(Aquarius) Der Wassermann] had a go....released as a single in Germany I believe!?


    1. Hi Stephen,
      Track 13 supports you suggestion.