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Bonzo Dog Band - Cornology [1992] (3 x CDs)


Bonzo Dog Band - Cornology [1992] (3 x CDs)

If you are a fan of British comedy rock, you will love this box set. Bonzo Dog Band - Cornology [1992] is a compilation of the complete recorded output of The Bonzo Dog Band, a group that was active from 1962 to 1970 and influenced many other artists such as The Beatles, Monty Python and Eric Clapton. The box set contains three CDs, each with a subtitle and a different theme.

The first CD is called The Intro and contains the albums Gorilla and The Doughnut in Granny’s Greenhouse. These albums showcase the band’s early musical style, which combined elements of ragtime, jazz and parody. You can hear songs like “Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold”, “The Equestrian Statue” and “I’m Bored”. The band also introduces themselves and their instruments in the hilarious song “The Intro and The Outro”. The second CD is called  and contains the albums Tadpoles and Keynsham. These albums reflect the band’s transition to more psychedelic rock and art rock influences. You can hear songs like “I’m the Urban Spaceman”, “Death Cab for Cutie”, “Hunting Tigers Out in Indiah” and “You Done My Brain In”. The band also experiments with different genres and formats, such as country, music hall and radio shows. The third CD is called Dog Ends and contains their final original album Let’s Make Up and Be Friendly along with early Bonzo Dog singles, odds and ends and solo material. This CD shows the band’s final efforts to create a cohesive concept album, as well as their individual pursuits after the band’s breakup. You can hear songs like “No Matter Who You Vote For the Government Always Gets In”, “Mr. Apollo”, “Sport (The Odd Boy)” and “Can Blue Men Sing the Whites?”.

The box set Cornology is a definitive collection of the band’s work and a showcase of their unique humor and creativity. It is a must-have for any fan of British comedy rock or anyone who wants to discover a hidden gem of musical history. I hope you enjoy listening to the Bonzo Dog Band - Cornology as much as I do.

Note: CD3 track 19 is a medley that quotes "Take Good Care Of My Baby" (Goffin/King), "White Christmas" (Berlin), "Carolina Moon" (Davis/Burke), "She Wears Red Feathers (And A Hula Hula Skirt)" (Merrill), "In The Mood" (Garland), "Halfway To Paradise" (King/Goffin), and "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" (Porter).






Track lists


01 Bonzo Dog Band - Cool Britannia 1:00

02 Bonzo Dog Band - The Equestrian Statue 2:44

03 Bonzo Dog Band - Jollity Farm 2:28

04 Bonzo Dog Band - (I Left My Heart) In San Francisco 1:04

05 Bonzo Dog Band - Look Out, There's A Monster Coming 2:54

06 Bonzo Dog Band - Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold 3:10

07 Bonzo Dog Band - Death Cab For Cutie 2:56

08 Bonzo Dog Band - Narcissus 0:23

09 Bonzo Dog Band - The Intro And The Outro 3:03

10 Bonzo Dog Band - Mickey's Son And Daughter 2:43

11 Bonzo Dog Band - Big Shot 3:29

12 Bonzo Dog Band - Music For Head Ballet 1:45

13 Bonzo Dog Band - Piggy Bank Love 3:03

14 Bonzo Dog Band - I'm Bored 3:07

15 Bonzo Dog Band - The Sound Of Music 1:23

16 Bonzo Dog Band - We Are Normal 4:50

17 Bonzo Dog Band - Postcard 4:22

18 Bonzo Dog Band - Beautiful Zelda 2:27

19 Bonzo Dog Band - Can Blue Men Sing The Whites 2:47

20 Bonzo Dog Band - Hello Mabel 2:46

21 Bonzo Dog Band - Kama Sutra 0:39

22 Bonzo Dog Band - Humanoid Boogie 3:04

23 Bonzo Dog Band - The Trouser Press 2:20

24 Bonzo Dog Band - My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe 3:33

25 Bonzo Dog Band - Rockaliser Baby 3:29

26 Bonzo Dog Band - Rhino Cratic Oaths 3:22

27 Bonzo Dog Band - 11 Mustachioed Daughters 3:50


01 Bonzo Dog Band - Hunting Tigers Out In India 3:06

02 Bonzo Dog Band - Shirt 4:27

03 Bonzo Dog Band - Tubas In The Moonlight 2:22

04 Bonzo Dog Band - Dr Jazz 2:40

05 Bonzo Dog Band - The Monster Mash 2:59

06 Bonzo Dog Band - I'm The Urban Spaceman 2:23

07 Bonzo Dog Band - Ali Baba's Camel 3:31

08 Bonzo Dog Band - Laughing Blues 3:44

09 Bonzo Dog Band - By A Waterfall (Footlight Parade) 3:08

10 Bonzo Dog Band - Mr Apollo 4:20

11 Bonzo Dog Band - Canyons Of Your Mind 3:03

12 Bonzo Dog Band - You Done My Brain In 1:41

13 Bonzo Dog Band - Keynsham 2:22

14 Bonzo Dog Band - Quiet Talks And Summer Walks 3:37

15 Bonzo Dog Band - Tent 3:06

16 Bonzo Dog Band - We Were Wrong 2:32

17 Bonzo Dog Band - Joke Shop Man 1:23

18 Bonzo Dog Band - The Bride Stripped Bare By 'bachelors' 2:39

19 Bonzo Dog Band - Look At Me I'm Wonderful 1:46

20 Bonzo Dog Band - What Do You Do? 3:12

21 Bonzo Dog Band - Mr Slaters Parrot 2:27

22 Bonzo Dog Band - Sport (The Odd Boy) 3:30

23 Bonzo Dog Band - I Want To Be With You 2:16

24 Bonzo Dog Band - Noises For The Leg 1:54

25 Bonzo Dog Band - Busted 5:47


01 Bonzo Dog Band - My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies 3:02

02 Bonzo Dog Band - I'm Gonna Bring A Watermelon To My Girl Tonight 2:03

03 Bonzo Dog Band - Alley Oop 2:32

04 Bonzo Dog Band - Button Up Your Overcoat 2:54

05 Bonzo Dog Band - Mr Apollo 4:13

06 Bonzo Dog Band - Readymades 3:08

07 Bonzo Dog Band - The Strain 3:23

08 Bonzo Dog Band - Turkeys 2:11

09 Bonzo Dog Band - King Of Scurf 5:00

10 Bonzo Dog Band - Waiting For The Wardrobe 2:47

11 Bonzo Dog Band - Straight From My Heart 3:06

12 Bonzo Dog Band - Rusty (Champion Thrust) 7:15

13 Bonzo Dog Band - Rawlinson End 9:07

14 Bonzo Dog Band - Don't Get Me Wrong 4:53

15 Bonzo Dog Band - Fresh Wound 4:26

16 Bonzo Dog Band - Bad Blood 5:32

17 Bonzo Dog Band - Slush 2:20

18 Bonzo Dog Band - Labio-Dental Fricative 3:09

19 Bonzo Dog Band - Re-Cycled Vinyl Blues (Medley) 3:32

20 Bonzo Dog Band - Trouser Freak 2:18




  1. Aka Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
    Very cool find BB.
    I forgot about these guys!

  2. For some reason "Mickey's Son And Daughter" is alway a fave!
    Both Vivian Stanshall & Neil Innes....genius


    1. Hi Stephen.
      I hope this brings further good memories for you.

    2. Neil Innes was in this group? That explains a lot. Coincidentally, I've had the Rutles song "Cheese and Onions" going through my head for 48 hours straight.

  3. Grew up listening to these guys, saw them live at the Isle Of Wight festival. I have this compilation and applaud your presention of it here - thanks BB. They made a cameo appearance on the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour in the strip club scene. Vivian Stanshall was an amazing character, his 'Sir Henry of Rawlinson End' series (on John Peel programs and album) were wonderful listening.

  4. Thanks, LeKermitage.
    Lots to enjoy on the box set.

  5. Total nutcases !!......love it Butterboy.......This is what this world needs at the moment with all horrible things going on around the globe......a bit of joviality.....Butterboy have you heard there song " Give Booze a Chance from the Top Gear Session ?......many thanks for sharing......Love & peace Stu

    1. Hi Stu.
      Glad you like this. I have the song "Give Booze a Chance" from the BBC Radio Session.

    2. Also loved Vivian Stashall's " Sailor's Hornpipe " on Tubular Bells.

  6. Brings back happy Uni days! Many thanks!!

  7. Thanks BB Many happy memories of this crowd.

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  9. We always thought the artist was the Bonzo Dog Band, but maybe not...

    1. Hi Mike,
      Whoever the artists were involved on this set, it is always great to listen to again. Enjoy!