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Lou Christie - Glory River, The Buddah Years 1968-1972 [1992] + Original Sinner The Very Best Of The MGM Recordings 1966-67 [2004] + The Complete Co & Ce, Roulette Recor

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Lou Christie - Glory River, The Buddah Years 1968-1972 [1992] + Original Sinner The Very Best Of The MGM Recordings 1966-67 [2004] + The Complete Co & Ce, Roulette Recordings [1998]

Lou Christie - Glory River, The Buddah Years 1968-1972 [1992]
With only one track from his Buddah output being a big hit in the U.S., one might think that this CD is mainly filler material and less-then-stellar tracks. Not so. Clearly an artist who matured with each new song he wrote or performed, this collection proves what a great talent Lou was/is. In addition to his mega-hit, "I'm Gonna Make You Mine", this collection compiles some of the best tracks of Mr. Christie's career, all of which were recorded for the Buddah label. Among the highlights are "She Sold Me Magic" (possibly his greatest record), "Are You Getting Any Sunshine?", the beautiful and sadly-overlooked ballad, "I'm Gonna Get Married", and the bulk of his 1971 LP, "Paint America Love". The latter is arguably one of the greatest concept albums ever produced, up there with "Pet Sounds" and "Sgt. Pepper's". If all you know from Lou is his "Lightnin' Strikes" or "Two Faces", you owe it to yourself to hear such majestic and lyrical tracks as, "Wood Child", "Lighthouse", "Paper Song" and the title track. Other gems from this CD include more overlooked singles, such as "Indian Lady", "Canterbury Road", and even some previously unreleased items. Sound quality is pretty good, though some of it sounds as though it may have come from vinyl. The main reason to find this CD is to secure the 7 or so cuts from "Paint America Love", his 1971 concept album. Some of this stuff is wonderfully orchestrated, especially the title cut, and the whole of his Buddah years were a period of little commercial success but a wonderfully arcane sense of melody and composition. Clearly more than his teeny-bopper reputation, Lou Christie's fecundities were in full bloom in these years. (Amazon)

Lou Christie - Original Sinner The Very Best Of The MGM Recordings 1966-67 [2004]

Essential for the Lou Christie fan. Has both versions of the classic "Rhapsody In The Rain" as well as all of the Herbert/Christie-written material from the MGM period. Excellent sound quality; kicks the Rhino Best Of CD to the curb. Shows that Lou could compose worthwhile album tracks, as well as great singles. "We Gotta Run Away" and "Jungle" are great tracks which can only be found here. Also, "Back Track" and Summer Snow" are excellent; they are entirely different songs from the same titles found on other CDs... Among the tracks here, are the mega-hit "Lightnin' Strikes", its excellent and controversial follow-up, "Rhapsody in the Rain" (in two versions), and the sublime, Jack Nitzsche-produced, "If My Car Could Only Talk". There are also some wonderful gems that you can't find on most other Lou CDs, that are must-haves: the wonderful "Baby, We Got to Run Away", the lyrical "Painter", and another Nitzsche-produced track, "Wild Life's in Season". Sound quality is generally excellent, with a nice mix of stereo and mono tracks. Overall, an excellent package that no real Lou fan should be without. (Amazon)

Lou Christie - The Complete Co & Ce, Roulette Recordings [1998]
Unfairly labelled as a Frankie Valli clone, Lou Christie's soaring falsetto is actually a far more pleasurable listing experience. This decent package includes all his early records from his rock and roll teen idol days including a previously unreleased studio track, Money (That's what I want). Christie and his friend and musician Twyla Herbert wrote most of this material and some of the tracks are essential rock and roll classics. Aside from the many original tracks, Lou Christie's cover of the Pentagons 'To be loved' is fantastic, although the lacklustre 'Stay' and 'Tears on my pillow' are not as memorable. I found that the best records on here were some of the least known.  To be honest I'm pretty tired of 'The Gypsy Cried and 'Two Faces Have I, purely because I've heard them millions of times, but 'You may be holding my baby' and 'There they go' are two of the best records that I've listened to on a rock and roll CD for quite some time. Christie didn't follow suit with his amazing two tone voice and opt for the typical 'Italian Doo Wop' sound, instead he was usually backed by female singers known as The Tammys, which is a neat and individual touch. Although his number one hit, Lightening Strikes is missing - due to him changing labels before releasing it - this is probably the best CD to get by Lou Christie. (Amazon)




Track list 1

01    Genesis And The Third Verse    3:57
02    Rake Up The Leaves    4:01
03    The Johnstown Kite    3:09
04    Canterbury Road    3:13
05    I'm Gonna Make You Mine    2:43
06    I'm Gonna Get Married    3:30
07    Are You Getting Any Sunshine    2:44
08    She Sold Me Magic    2:09
09    Life Is What You Make It    2:08
10    I Got Love    1:46
11    The Boys On The Veranda    3:02
12    Tell Her    2:13
13    Indian Lady    3:02
14    Glory River    2:03
15    Wood Child    4:38
16    Chuckie Wagon    2:54
17    Campus Rest    3:33
18    Lighthouse    3:38
19    Look Out The Window    5:44
20    Paint America Love    5:16
21    Paper Song    3:40
22    Shuffle On Down To Pittsburgh    3:20

Track list 2

1    Lightnin' Strikes    3:01
2    Baby, We Got to Run Away    2:55
3    Cryin' in the Streets    2:44
4    Trapeze    2:27
5    Diary    2:46
6    Jungle    2:54
7    Rhapsody in the Rain (Uncensored)    2:48
8    Rhapsody in the Rain (Censored)    2:54
9    You've Got Your Troubles    3:15
10    Since I Don't Have You    2:23
11    Painter    3:03
12    Lita    2:12
13    Lita (Alternate Mix)    2:16
14    Indian Summer    3:05
15    Hollywood's My Stop    2:39
16    Du Ronda    3:06
17    Back Track    2:29
18    Summer Snow    3:16
19    Watch Your Heart After Dark    3:32
20    If My Car Could Only Talk    3:19
21    Wild Life's in Season    3:22
22    Song of Lita    2:14

Track list 3

1    The Gypsy Cried    2:10
2    Red Sails In The Sunset    2:02
3    Two Faces Have I    2:45
4    All That Glitters Isn't Gold    2:26
5    Stay    2:02
6    Tears On My Pillow    2:24
7    Have I Sinned    2:57
8    Summer Snow    2:44
9    When You Dance    2:39
10    Money (That's What I Want)    2:00
11    Tonight (I Fell In Love)    1:36
12    To Be Loved (Forever)    2:29
13    How Many Teardrops    2:05
14    Mr. Tenor Man    2:24
15    You And I (Have A Right To Cry)    2:31
16    Shy Boy    3:01
17    It Can Happen    2:13
18    There They Go    2:10
19    Maybe You'll Be There    2:36
20    You May Be Holding My Baby    2:56
21    Outside The Gates Of Heaven    4:54


  1. Thanks BB I enjoyed his hits now I can hear the rest.

    1. Hi lemonflag.
      There is a lot of great tracks on these. I hope you find some new gems to add to your collection.