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VA - Thank God It's Friday [1978] (2 X CD's)


Previously posted September 2, 2021

VA - Thank God It's Friday [1978] (2 X CD's)

Sure, Thank God It's Friday is widely acknowledged to be a turkey.  But this soundtrack isn't as atrocious as you might expect, especially if you enjoy disco's Euro strain. Unlike Can't Stop the Music and its exclusive Village People focus, there are many artists represented here, ensuring a fair number of nuggets. The tracks produced by Giorgio Moroder and his acolyte Pete Bellotte are particularly lush in a robotic kind of way. Donna Summer's contributions include the classic "Last Dance" and a pretty fabulous version of Serge Gainsbourg's "Je t'Aime Moi Non Plus" a good 20 years before it was hip to cover him. 

I wore my original record album out years ago. I'm glad that I decided to purchase the CD. It brings back memories and gives me a chance to "work out" by practicing the dance routines I used to dance. It isn't like going to the gym, but for me it's better! Great CD. Takes you back to the disco era and this is where the soundtrack was better than the film, absolutely worth a listen.  (Amazon)





Track lists


01 Love And Kisses Thank God It's Friday 4:14

02 Pattie Brooks After Dark 7:51

03 Donna Summer With Your Love 3:59

04 Donna Summer Last Dance 8:08

05 Paul Jabara Disco Queen 3:46

06 Cameo Find My Way 4:57

07 Commodores To Hot Ta Trot 3:24

08 Wright Bros. Flying Machine Leatherman's Theme 3:23

09 Marathon I Wanna Dance 5:56


01 Sunshine Take It To The Zoo 7:58

02 Santa Esmeralda Sevilla Nights 6:06

03 Love And Kisses You're The Most Precious Thing 7:54

04 D.C. LaRue Do You Want The Real Thing 4:41

05 Paul Jabara Trapped In A Stairway 3:23

06 Natural Juices Floyd's Theme 2:57

07 Diana Ross Lovin', Livin' And Givin' 4:39

08 Thelma Houston Love Masterpiece 4:01

09 Donna Summer Last Dance 3:20

10 Donna Summer Je T'aime (Moi Non Plus) 15:47




  1. Love and Kisses is Alec Costandinos (disco god). I love this movie and the soundtrack. He also wrote a Cerrone hit (Love in C Minor) and more disco.

    1. Also interesting is Sunshine. That features Donna Summer on background vocals and it is the background singers of Donna Summer and she cowrote the song

    2. Hi Pol.
      Thanks for the link. I now have your Alec R Costandino set. Appreciated.

  2. I saw the film only a couple of years ago, although I've long been familiar with the soundtrack, The film is no masterpiece, but it's far from the turkey it's been made out to be. It's a fun little film definitely worthy of a watch. They can't all be dark, gritty kitchen-sink-like dramas like Saturday Night Fever.

    1. Hi rrrkitchen.
      Your comment has inspired me to look the movie up, again.

    2. For as bad as the movie is supposed to be, It's got Debra Winger & Jeff Goldblum in it as well as Terri Nunn before Berlin, not to mention that Donna Summer and a bunch of other stars show up