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Hawkwind - Of Time & Stars, The Singles [2015]


Hawkwind - Of Time & Stars, The Singles [2015]

This is a collection of singles by Hawkwind, one of the pioneers of the genre. The CD covers their early years, from 1970 to 1974 and contains 12 tracks, spanning from their debut single “Hurry On Sundown” in 1970 to their 1974 single “You’d Better Believe It”, when they experimented with psychedelic rock, hard rock, and electronic music. This set includes some of their classic songs, such as “Silver Machine”, “Seven By Seven”, and “You’d Better Believe It”. It also features rare and alternate versions of some tracks, such as “Hurry On Sundown”, “Lord Of Light”, and “Paradox”. The sound quality is excellent, and the selection of songs is well-balanced. The set showcases their diverse influences, from blues and folk to science fiction and occultism. It also features some of their most famous members, such as Lemmy Kilmister, Robert Calvert, Nik Turner, and Dave Brock. The CD is a great introduction to Hawkwind’s music, and a must-have for any space rock lover and has received positive reviews from fans and critics, who praised its sound quality and selection of songs (B)



Track list

01 Hawkwind - Hurry On Sundown (A) (Mono Single Version) 4:56

02 Hawkwind - Mirror Of Illusion (B) (Mono Single Edit Version) 2:46

03 Hawkwind - Silver Machine (A) (Original Single Mix) 4:39

04 Hawkwind - Seven By Seven (B) (Original Single Mix) 5:26

05 Hawkwind - Lord Of Light (A) (Single Mix) 4:00

06 Hawkwind - Born To Go (B) (Live Single Version Edit) 5:13

07 Hawkwind - Urban Guerilla (A) 3:40

08 Hawkwind - Brainbox Pollution (B) 5:41

09 Hawkwind - You'd Better Believe It (A) (Single Version Edit) 3:22

10 Hawkwind - Paradox (B) (Remix Single Edit) 4:06

11 Hawkwind - Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke) (A) (Single Version) 3:57

12 Hawkwind - It's So Easy (B) 5:22

13 Hawkwind - Seven By Seven (B) (Live Space Ritual Single Edit) 5:23

14 Hawkwind - Silver Machine (A) (Roadhawks Single Mix) 4:24

15 Hawkwind - Seven By Seven (B) (Remixed Single Version) 5:24




  1. Is that Stacia on one of the covers?

    1. Hi Dr Robert.
      It may be but I don't think so. Stacia had dark hair. The cover is a French edition, unique picture sleeve of the single "You'd Better Believe It"

    2. I believe the dancer on the cover is Renee Berg, AKA Renee LeBallister, Renee Lillian, Miss Rene, Dancing Girl. She performed with Hawkwind circa 1973......