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VA - Songs from Albums with Roger Dean Artwork (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3+ Artwork



VA - Songs from Albums with Roger Dean Artwork (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3+ Artwork

William Roger Dean (born 31 August 1944), known as Roger Dean, is an English artist, designer, and publisher. He is best known for his work on posters and album covers for musicians, which he began painting in the late 1960's. The artists for whom he did the most art are English rock bands Yes and Asia. The covers often feature exotic fantasy landscapes. His work has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide.

Known primarily for the dreamy, other-worldly scenes he has created for Yes, Asia, Budgie, Uriah Heep, Gentle Giant and other bands, Dean has described himself primarily as a landscape painter. Characteristic landscapes show graceful stone arches (as shown in Arches Mist) or floating islands, while many paintings portray organic-seeming habitats, such as on the cover of Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. Though he primarily works with watercolour paints, many of his paintings make use of multiple media, including gouache, ink, enamel, crayon and collage. In addition to his cover paintings, Dean is respected for his calligraphic work, designing logos and titles to go with his paintings.

Dean was friends with album cover designer Storm Thorgerson of Hipgnosis and the two lived in the same building after leaving university. He recalled a time when they collaborated on an album cover, but it turned out to be "a complete failure". The rise of the compact disc in the 1980's led to what Dean described as a decline in combining music with art, with the jewel case looking "tacky" and a way for record companies sacrificing quality to save money. He cites the early CD reissue of Close to the Edge by Yes as one that particularly affected him as his inner sleeve artwork was missing, replaced with black and white text. (Wikipedia)

Collated here are 57 songs from 57 albums that use Roger Dean's artwork. Mostly progressive rock songs that somehow reflect the albums brilliant artwork. I have not included every Yes and Asia album as these are a set on their own. There are only 4 Yes tracks and One Asia track. All album covers are in a separate file.  Enjoy!


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Track lists


1 Space Needle One Kind of Lullaby 6:11

2 Budgie Parents 10:25

3 Paladin Watching the World Pass By 9:41

4 Osibisa Beautiful Seven 6:46

5 Earth & Fire Hazy Paradise (Single B-Side,1970) 3:49

6 Ramases Life Child 6:40

7 Gravy Train Staircase to the Day 7:31

8 John Dummer Blues Band If I Could Keep From Laughing 6:43

9 McKendree Spring Spring 4:11

10 Asia Only Time Will Tell 4:50

11 Rare Earth What'd I Say 7:15

12 Clear Blue Sky My Heaven 5:01

13 Ben Craven Great & Terrible Potions 8:56

14 Magna Carta That Was Yesterday 3:26

15 Dr. Strangely Strange Sign on My Mind 8:23

16 It Bites Still Too Young to Remember 4:58

17 Babe Ruth Wells Fargo (Single A-Side) 3:32

18 Rick Wakeman Catherine of Aragon 4:03

19 Yes Roundabout 8:36


20 Yes And You and I 9:33

21 Aviator Keep Your Heart Right 6:24

22 Badger Fountain 7:22

23 Matthew Sweet Hollow 4:02

24 Greenslade Sundance 8:44

25 Nucleus Elastic Rock 4:05

26 Snafu Drowning in the Sea of Love 5:49

27 Midnight Sun Living on the Hill 14:48

28 Mike Absalom Old Woman in the Moon 4:32

29 Dell Richardson Pieces of a Jigsaw 3:19

30 Lighthouse Take it Slow (Out in the Country) (Single A-Side,1971) 3:08

31 John Lodge Summer Breeze 5:17

32 Ad Infinitum Rain Down 5:20

33 Gentle Giant The Advent of Panurge 4:42

34 Glass Hammer Long and Long Ago 10:20

35 Atomic Rooster Breakthrough 6:18

36 Billy Cox Powerhouse 3:09

37 David Kubinec Mainhourse Airline The Daybreak of Eternity 4:11

38 Budgie Young is a World 8:07


39 Third Ear Band Fleance 4:02

40 Gun Race With the Devil 3:39

41 Uriah Heep Sweet Lorraine 4:16

42 White Mighty Love 7:04

43 Nightwing Living Behind the 8 Ball 4:11

44 Yes Starship Trooper 10:08

45 Electric Sheep Sweep 5:19

46 R. Dean Taylor Indiana Wants Me 3:54

47 Focus Focus 11 6:13

48 Dba³ Skyscraper Souls 18:08

49 White Willow Silver and Gold 4:04

50 Thijs Van Leer Moving Waves 2:35

51 Barry Devlin Love With a Sting N It's Tail (Scorpio) 2:51

52 Black Moth Slumber With the Worm 3:16

53 Art Griffin's Sound Chaser Red Sky at Night 6:39

54 Vermilion Pachydermus (Extract) 7:33

55 Steve Howe Australia 4:14

56 Rick Wakeman Is Anybody There - 6:34

57 Yes Ritual (Nous Sommes Du Soleil) 21:33




  1. BB I can't put the words that can accurately describe how thoroughly this compilation brings me great joy. There is nothing anybody can do to take the giant smile I have on my face. Thanks soooooooo Much!!! :)

    1. Hi Bonta,
      Thank you. That is what makes me happy, knowing I have made someone else smile.
      This took some time to pull together and I am really happy with the result.


    2. I’ve spent this weekend listening to this nonstop and l’m having difficulties trying to keep my jaw from dropping in awe. The comment about this being stunning is absolutely right on target. The songs (music, titles, & lyrics) in their selection and progression paints a pastoral not unlike trying to decipher a classic novel. This is a true treasure and am truly thankful for all your work.

    3. I thank you Bonita.
      Appreciated. It is great to hear that you took time to review the selections and track order.
      It is a little like deciphering a paintings meaning. I have never seen a concept album like this one before so it was a pleasure to pull together. I actually had this prepared in 2020 but things got in the way. I was asked by a friend if I ever had thought of this idea, so I was prompted to resurrect it. Glad I did.


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you stiobhan.
      I hope you much enjoyment out of listening to these tracks. Oh, and looking at the artwork.


  3. How cool is this this, now it looks like i'll have to find all this lp's thanks once again BB you don't seem to ever stop amazing me

    1. Thank you doors97426.
      Many of these show up in the vertigo series whist others find their way into other BB Lucky Dips.
      So keep an eye and ear out for these.


  4. I checked and have all the ones from my time period I collect 66-82. On another note I added a song from this collection to my Wasted Potato Show it now has 1955 songs in it.. thanks for showing me this song I overlooked from the Paladin Charge lp Watching the world pass by.

    1. Thanks again doors97426.
      I really like the Paladin Charge album.


  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Bob Neish.
      I hope you like the music as well.


  6. Always loved Roger Dean and the bands that employed his talent. It seems that I am not alone in this. Thanks BB.

    1. And including all the album art in a separate file... Wow! Over the top! Thank you Thank you

    2. Hi Yoeshka,
      It was a pleasure to pull this compilation together.
      I am glad you are enjoying this post.


  7. Hi man
    What a great job you're doing ! If I had time...

    1. Thanks Airoe.
      Enjoy the music and all you do.


  8. What an interesting idea, and I admit to purchasing many of these for the album art alone.

    1. Thanks D'artagnan.
      Roger Dean's Artwork has always been a draw for me.
      You pick up the album just because of the artwork and in many cases the albums are really good too.


  9. This is a delayed response, but music and visual enjoyment kept me away from the keyboard. Excelent work my friend!! Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Manolis,
      There are many great tracks on these albums. Glad you have been enjoying my choices.


  10. A stunning collection based on a simple, yet 'brilliant' concept. Roger Dean introduced me to so many different bands, purely based on their eye catching covers. Budgie has always been my favourite band and it was their NTYBOAF album cover that caught my eye when I was just 13 and started my 50+ year obsession with record collecting. Looking through your album collage above, I found myself continually saying 'got it', 'got it', 'got it' and was amazed at the number of Roger Dean album covers I have in my collection.
    Thanks for putting this compilation together (awesome effort) and I look forward to not only hearing those familiar tracks but also hearing the small number that I don't have - and of course, the hunt will continue!
    Cheers from DownUnder

    1. Hi AussieRock,
      My story if quite familiar to yours. I fell in love with the artwork of Roger Dean and aimed to find more of the albums that graced his work. Although my obsession for collecting music came after meeting bands at gigs, and basement record stores visits which seemed to have the best albums, most of which I didn't know. I purchased a lot of albums based on the visual of the cover.
      Enjoy the memories and the delight of hearing some new music.


  11. Sir,
    This is truly excellent work. Many, many thanks for all the wonderful music you post

    1. Thank you Andy,
      I hope this set continues to bring joy.

  12. BB... Well this was certainly an inspired idea... and it is executed so well, too!
    Proof positive a compilation can be BOTH visually and musically breathtaking!

    The Lighthouse, John Lodge, McKendree Spring, and Atomic Rooster covers
    I had never realized were Roger Dean's design. The biggest surprise though
    was Rare Earth's 4th album One World. That's a favorite (along with Ecology)
    of theirs because of it's consistency and one I play every so often to this day.
    Also of note... sometimes I found it amazing how memorable an album cover
    can be in it's simplicity. The Yes album Closer To The Edge fits that category.

    1. Hi mrRadio.
      Thank you. It was a pleasure to pull together and allowed me to revisit these albums again. I have always loved Roger Dean's artwork too. His logo artwork is very powerful. I was happy with the track order also. Hope you enjoy listening to this again and again.