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Spooky Tooth - The Island Years (An Anthology) 1967-1974 [2015] (9 x CD's)

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Spooky Tooth - The Island Years (An Anthology) 1967-1974 [2015] (9 x CD's)

This 9-CD box set containing 114 tracks featuring all the Island albums, with a generous selection of rare and previously unreleased material and also Includes is a full concert from April 1973, recorded in Germany, together with a 48-page booklet. A full-size reproduction of the extremely rare ‘Art’ Island promotional poster, designed by the celebrated psychedelic artists Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, will be included, along with a download card for all the material.

Spooky Tooth, one of the key English experimental rock bands of the 1960s and ‘70s, are to have their collected work for Island Records released in two box set formats. ‘The Island Years — An Anthology, 1967-1974’. The band were originally known as Art, for a few months in 1967, when they released their sole album, ‘Supernatural Fairy Tales.’ They were then joined by American singer and songwriter Gary Wright. By 1968, Art had transmuted into Spooky Tooth, who released the album ‘It’s All About’ in June that year, written largely by Wright and with a cover of Janis Ian’s ‘Society’s Child.’ That set was produced by Jimmy Miller, just as he was beginning his long association with the Rolling Stones. The original band also featured other notable players such as Greg Ridley, later a founder member of Humble Pie, and Luther Grosvenor, who went on to Mott the Hoople and Widowmaker.  After three further albums in 1968 and ’69 and the subsequent departure of Wright, Spooky Tooth released three more Island albums with frontman Mike Harrison, and one more without him, 1974’s ‘The Mirror.’ The band were a well-known and respected presence on the British rock scene without ever reaching the UK charts, but no fewer than eight of their albums made the American bestsellers, released first there on A&M and then Island. 1969’s sophomore release ‘Spooky Two’ was the highest charting, at No. 44. This may not be the place for novices to begin but for fans of Spooky Tooth this is one incredible collection! (amazon)






Track lists

CD1    Supernatural Fairy Tales [1967]

01. I Think I’m Going Weird 03:22
02. What’s That Sound (For What It’s Worth) 02:49
03. African Thing 04:07
04. Room With A View 03:40
05. Flying Anchors 02:42
06. Supernatural Fairy Tales 03:36
07. Love Is Real 03:21
08. Come On Up 03:04
09. Brothers, Dads And Mothers 03:30
10. Talkin’ To Myself 01:41
11. Alive, Not Dead 02:14
12. Rome Take Away Three 03:04
13. Love Is Real 02:41
14. I Think I’m Going Weird 03:18
15. Room With A View 03:40
16. Flying Anchors 02:49
17. Supernatural Fairy Tales 03:37
18. Talkin’ To Myself 01:40

CD2        It’s All About [1968]

01. Society’s Child 04:30
02. Love Really Changed Me 03:33
03. Here I Lived So Well 05:07
04. Too Much Of Nothing 03:57
05. Sunshine Help Me 03:07
06. It’s All About A Roundabout 02:45
07. Tobacco Road 05;15
08. It Hurts You So 03:04
09. Forget It, I’ve Got It 03:26
10. Bubbles 02:53
11. Sunshine Help Me (Original Version) 02:58
12. Weird (Single B-Side) 04:01
13. The Weight (Single A-Side) 03:07
14. Do Right People (Single B-Side) 04:42
15. Love Really Changed Me (Single A-Side) 03:18
16. Luger’s Groove (Single B-Side) 03:57
17. It Hurts You So (Mono Mix) 03:02
18. Sunshine Help Me (BBC Radio One ’Top Gear’ Session 1968) 02:03
19. Too Much Of Nothing (BBC Radio One ’Top Gear’ Session 1968) 03:52
20. The Weight (BBC Radio One ’Top Gear’ Session 1968) 03:14

CD3         Spooky Two [1969]

01. Waitin’ For The Wind 03:44
02. Feelin’ Bad 03:24
03. I’ve Got Enough Heartaches 03:29
04. Evil Woman 09:08
05. Lost In My Dream 05:07
06. That Was Only Yesterday 03:55
07. Better by You, Better Than Me 03:41
08. Hangman, Hang My Shell On A Tree 05:50
09. Feelin’ Bad (BBC Radio One ’Top Gear’ Session 1968) 02:54
10. I Can’t Quit Her (BBC Radio One ’Top Gear’ Session 1968) 03:02
11. Blues Town (BBC Radio One ’Top Gear’ Session 1968) 03:34
12. Something Got Into Your Life (Recorded At Morgan Studios, November 1968) 03:26
13. When I Get Home (Recorded At Morgan Studios, November 1968) 04:12
14. Waitin’ For The Wind (First Mix / Mixed At Morgan Studios, February 1969) 03:30
15. Lost In My Dream (First Mix / Mixed At Morgan Studios, February 1969) 05:45
16. Better By You, Better Than Me (First Mix / Mixed At Morgan Studios, February 1969) 04:08

17. Pretty Woman (Single B-Side) 03:27

CD4          Ceremony An Electronic Mass [1969]

01. Have Mercy 07:54
02. Jubilation 08:26
03. Confession 06:48
04. Prayer 10:51
05. Offering 03:29
06. Hosanna 07:39
07. That Was Only Yesterday (Single A-Side) 03:52
08. Waiting For The Wind (Single A-Side) 03:30
09. Feelin’ Bad (Single B-Side) 03:18
10. Have Mercy (First Version) 06:09
11. Shine A Light On Me 04:36

CD5          The Last Puff [1970]

01. I Am The Walrus 06:25
02. The Wrong Time 05:13
03. Something To Say 05:53
04. Nobody There At All 04:02
05. Down River 04:50
06. Son Of Your Father 03:55
07. The Last Puff 03:42
08. Son Of Your Father (Single A-Side) 03:39
09. I Am The Walrus (Single A-Side) 05:22
10. Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree (Mono Single B-Side) 05:43
11. Nobody There At All (Mono Promo Single A-Side) 03:46
12. The Wrong Time (First Mix By Glyn Johns) 05:08
13. The Weight (1970 Remix / US Album ’Tobacco Road’) 03:14

CD6           You Broke My Heart…So I Busted Your Jaw [1973]

01. Cotton Growing Man 04:39
02. Old As I Was Born 04:41
03. This Time Around 04:09
04. Holy Water 03:29
05. Wild Fire 04:07
06. Self-Seeking Man 03:48
07. Times Have Changed 03:54
08. Moriah 06:21

CD7         Witness [1973]

01. Ocean Of Power 04:41
02. Wings On My Heart 03:32
03. As Long As The World Keeps Turning 03:39
04. Don’t Ever Stray Away 03:14
05. Things Change 04:19
06. All Sewn Up 03:45
07. Dream Me A Mountain 03:31
08. Sunlight Of My Mind 04:56
09. Pyramids 04:32
10. All Sewn Up (Alternate Mix) 04:02

CD8          The Mirror [1974]

01. Fantasy Satisfier 04:39
02. Two Time Love 03:30
03. Kyle 03:47
04. Woman And Gold 03:41
05. Higher Circles 05:22
06. Hell Or High Water 05:09
07. I’m Alive 04:15
08. The Mirror 05:24
09. The Hoofer 03:54

CD9            Live In Oldenburg [1973]

01. Waiting For The Wind 04:12
02. I Am The Walrus 05:52
03. The Wrong Time 04:02
04. Cotton Growing Man 04:22
05. Old As I Was Born 09:28
06. Better By You, Better Than Me 05:02
07. Tobacco Road 05:42
08. Evil Woman 07:20
09. Sunshine Help Me 08:37  


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    First of all, thx so much for all the great posts and wonderful music.
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  2. Thank you, BB, for this prompt and appropriate tribute to the sadly deceased Gary Wright at his musical and artistic best (the much later "Dream Weaver" - well, alright). "It's all about a roundabout" was the first track by Spooky Tooth that I heard in the late 1960s, on a German sampler - and I became a fan after that (at least for the first five albums). Their collaboration with experimental French electronic composer Pierre Henry was bold, challenging, compelling (in parts) - and definitely ahead of its time. One of my eternal favorite tracks in the whole rock genre is and remains "Waiting for The Wind" - the dragging drum intro alone, which is every time: just unbelievable. Best, TC

    1. Mike Kelley, ST's drummer ended up in The Only Ones.

    2. Mike Kellie did play drums with the wonderful Peter Perrett (Only Ones) who is still making fine albums "How the West Was Won" & "Humanworld" are well worth checking out. His son Jamie Perrett plays with him. The drugs have not finished him off ...yet!


    3. Hi TC,
      I am glad you like this tribute set. Gary Wright (R.I.P.)
      It's going to be commonplace that some of our favorites will pass on in the next few years.