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Ed Kuepper - If I Had A Ticket (A Butterboy Compilation) + Bonus (5 x CDs)


Ed Kuepper - If I Had A Ticket (A Butterboy Compilation) + Bonus (5 x CDs)

Edmund “Ed” Kuepper is a German-born Australian guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. He co-founded the punk band The Saints in 1973, the experimental post-punk group Laughing Clowns (active 1979–85) and the grunge-like The Aints! (1991–94, 2017–present). He has also recorded twenty albums as a solo artist using a variety of backing bands. His highest charting solo album, Honey Steel’s Gold, appeared in November 1991 and reached No. 28 on the ARIA Albums Chart. His other top 50 albums are Black Ticket Day (August 1992), Serene Machine (March 1993) and Character Assassination (August 1994)

There is really something special about dipping into Ed Kuepper’s beautiful golden past.

Ed Kuepper has been making groundbreaking music for nearly 50 years. As a founding member of The Saints, and after the release of their first single (I’m) Stranded in 1976, he was flung from Brisbane’s suburban wasteland into the pre-punk mayhem of London. (I’m) Stranded was reviewed in Sounds magazine as “Single of this and every week”, and The Saints signed to EMI. Kuepper’s journey as a serious songwriter had begun.

Kuepper returned to Australia from London in the late 1970s with his family, and a desire to make something new. Back in Brisbane visiting his parents, and at a party in his honour, he was surprised by the presence of drummer Jeffrey Wegener and sax-man Bob Farrell. These two had come up from Melbourne with friend Ben Wallace-Crabbe and the inkling of a band was formed.  Kuepper had known Jeff at school, and Bob was around in the early days of The Saints, a band whose sound was based on a loose, 50s rock and roll feel. He wanted his next band to carry this vibe but looking more to 60s jazz. He remembers, "One of the big influences was actually a fairly unusual Tony Bennett album, The Beat of My Heart, where he had two or three drummers playing. I was interested in where things could go, rhythmically, and to pull the guitar back a bit". Kuepper preferred "less commercial, more cerebral material. 

Ed Kuepper has recorded more than twenty solo albums using a variety of backing bands including His Oxley Creek Playboys, The Institute of Nude Wrestling, The Exploding Universe of Ed Kuepper, the New Imperialists, and the Kowalski Collective. In 1985 he released his first solo LP, "Electrical Storm" followed by "Rooms of the Magnificent" in 1986 and a further 18 studio albums between 1987 and 2015. In a stunning burst of creativity in 1992 and 1993, he recorded 3 of his best regarded records, Honey Steels Gold, Black Ticket Day and Serene Machine in 18 months, and also found time to record 2 albums with his side project The Aints.

All his studio albums are represented in this 5CD Set with the exception of his live albums (an exception is "La Di Doh" which was a live B-side). This compilation is split in 3 parts. 

CD1 & CD2 represent his studio album output. 

CD3 & CD4 represent his singles output. Both A-sides and B-sides are included. 

The 5th CD is Bonus CD highlighting a few wonderful tracks that started his career with The Saints, Laughing Clowns and later with the The Aints.

There is so much breadth and style to be found here, a deep seam of wealthy music, for sure. He is a cultural treasure for all to share. Despite his very appreciative cult of fans and torrid release schedule, sadly, Kuepper has not managed a breakthrough to wide popular acclaim. I hope this compilation changes things and will elevate his status. For visitors who are not familiar with his works please pick up this set of world class tunes by Ed Kuepper (B)

I guess I'm a fan....






Track lists


01 Ed Kuepper - Baby Well I 3:11

02 Ed Kuepper - Pissed Off 3:12

03 Ed Kuepper - My Best Interests At Heart 4:28

04 Ed Kuepper - Rooms Of The Magnificent 2:36

05 Ed Kuepper - Gun Runnin' 3:48

06 Ed Kuepper - Pavane 5:07

07 Ed Kuepper - Everything I've Got Belongs To You 4:13

08 Ed Kuepper - Honey Steel's Gold 5:22

09 Ed Kuepper - Without You 4:47

10 Ed Kuepper - Sam Hall 3:35

11 Ed Kuepper - Confessions Of A Window Cleaner 5:49

12 Ed Kuepper - Little Fiddle (And The Ghost Of Xmas Past) 4:10

13 Ed Kuepper - Friends With The Leader 4:26

14 Ed Kuepper - Sea-Air 3:25

15 Ed Kuepper - Who's Been Talking- 2:45

16 Ed Kuepper - Don't Say, You Don't Say 4:21

17 Ed Kuepper - Free Passage To Mars 3:15

18 Ed Kuepper - When I Was Young 3:16

19 Ed Kuepper - Messin' Pt 2 7:11

20 Ed Kuepper - (It's) Never Too Late 3:26

21 Ed Kuepper - How Would You Plead 3:20

22 Ed Kuepper - Red Aces 8:26

23 Ed Kuepper - Lonely Paradise 4:12

24 Ed Kuepper - What Can I Leave You 3:33

25 Ed Kuepper - Another Story 2:59


26 Ed Kuepper - Friday Blue Cheer- Liberties Of Oxley 8:03

27 Ed Kuepper - It's The Ruins 4:53

28 Ed Kuepper - Mona 3:32

29 Ed Kuepper - Pushin' Fear Ii 6:40

30 Ed Kuepper - Sounds Like Mysterious Wind 3:20

31 Ed Kuepper - Fever Dream 4:26

32 Ed Kuepper - Okie From Muskogee 4:04

33 Ed Kuepper - Always The Woman Pays 3:15

34 Ed Kuepper - Told Myself 4:03

35 Ed Kuepper - Reasons 3:54

36 Ed Kuepper - Poor Howard 5:06

37 Ed Kuepper - Some Said.. 4:10

38 Ed Kuepper - Someone Told Me 3:29

39 Ed Kuepper - One Small Town 2:02

40 Ed Kuepper - Horse Under Water 5:10

41 Ed Kuepper - Queen Of The Vale (That's V.A.L.E) 5:50

42 Ed Kuepper - If I Were A Carpenter 4:02

43 Ed Kuepper - Messin' With The Kid 4:50

44 Ed Kuepper - Ring Of Fire 4:04

45 Ed Kuepper - Sometimes 4:49

46 Ed Kuepper - You Can't Please Everyone 4:00

47 Ed Kuepper - Ghost Of An Ideal Life 4:18

48 Ed Kuepper - Married To My Lazy Life 2:24

49 Ed Kuepper - When I First Came To This Land 5:04

50 Ed Kuepper - At Times, So Emotional 3:19


01 Ed Kuepper - Also Sprach The King Of Euro-Disco 3:20

02 Ed Kuepper - Without Your Mirror 3:58

03 Ed Kuepper - Not A Soul Around 2:48

04 Ed Kuepper - Nothing Changes In My House 2:45

05 Ed Kuepper - Rooms Of The Magnificent 2:36

06 Ed Kuepper - Too Many Clues 3:07

07 Ed Kuepper - Spartan Spirituals 2:46

08 Ed Kuepper - Burned My Fingers 4:09

09 Ed Kuepper - The Sixteen Days 3:14

10 Ed Kuepper - No More Sentimental Jokes 2:26

11 Ed Kuepper - (When There's) This Party 3:03

12 Ed Kuepper - The Way I Made You Feel 5:19

13 Ed Kuepper - Everything I've Got Belongs To You 4:33

14 Ed Kuepper - Palace Of Sin 3:33

15 Ed Kuepper - Electrical Storm 4:19

16 Ed Kuepper - Black Ticket Day 3:16

17 Ed Kuepper - Lament For A Lousy Lover Parts I & Ii 12:50

18 Ed Kuepper - Real Wild Life 3:54

19 Ed Kuepper - Indian Reservation 3:10

20 Ed Kuepper - It's Lunacy 3:18


21 Ed Kuepper - Sleepy Head (Serene Machine) 4:04

22 Ed Kuepper - This Hideous Place 3:12

23 Ed Kuepper - If I Had A Ticket 2:47

24 Ed Kuepper - It's Still Nowhere 4:04

25 Ed Kuepper - Car Headlights 2:12

26 Ed Kuepper - Eternally Yours 5:44

27 Ed Kuepper - I'm With You 2:55

28 Ed Kuepper - I Wish You Were Here 3:02

29 Ed Kuepper - Not Too Soon 3:11

30 Ed Kuepper - There's Nothing Natural 3:52

31 Ed Kuepper - Medley (Today Wonder. Hey Gyp. White Houses) 4:34

32 Ed Kuepper - Closer (But Disguised) 4:15

33 Ed Kuepper - Highway To Hell 4:04

34 Ed Kuepper - La Di Doh (Live) 6:20

35 Ed Kuepper - Romance In Karaoke Hell 3:33

36 Ed Kuepper - Wasn't I Pissed Off Today Sayeth Bing Bing The Techno King 3:11

37 Ed Kuepper - Fireman Joe 4:25

38 Ed Kuepper - Edmund The Confessor 3:51

39 Ed Kuepper - Someone's Responsible 2:43

40 Ed Kuepper - The Meaning Of The Word Fear 6:14

41 Ed Kuepper - All Of These Things 4:45

42 Ed Kuepper - Weepin' Willow 5:55

43 Ed Kuepper - The Chlorine Vendor 7:54


01 Saints - (I'm) Stranded 3:31

02 Saints - Just Like Fire Would 3:25

03 Saints - Know Your Product 3:14

04 Saints - Ghost Ships 3:41

05 Laughing Clowns - Eternally Yours 5:11

06 Laughing Clowns - Knife In The Head 3:03

07 Laughing Clowns - The Laughing Clowns 4:23

08 Laughing Clowns - Winter's Way 2:44

09 Laughing Clowns - Just Because I Like 3:40

10 Laughing Clowns - Holy Joe 3:57

11 Laughing Clowns - No Words Of Honour 3:33

12 Laughing Clowns - Times Not Hit But Missed 5:40

13 Aints! - Goodnight Ladies (I Hear A Sound Without) 7:33

14 Aints - Il Wind 6:10

15 Aints - Like An Oil Spill 3:41

16 Aints! - The Church Of Simultaneous Existence 3:08

17 Aints - You Can't Please Everybody 8:22




  1. Some great cuts there, Butterboy. It seemed for a time in the 90s where Ed was releasing a new album every month. Hugely prolific.

    1. Hi rrrkitchen,
      And I am glad he did. A fantastic artist.

  2. Hi BB, and thanks a lot. A real discover for me. Hervé

    1. Hi Herve,
      I hope you like this set. He is wonderful artist.

  3. Thanks for another great collection BB. Had the privilege of seeing Ed and Jeff Wegener live at an intimate venue in Brisbane, Brilliant.

    1. Thanks Bruce,
      I really hope that many pick this set up.

  4. One of the greatest (and greatly underappreciated artists outside of Australia). I live in the USA and was lucky enough to have a friend who turned me on to Ed when Electrical Storm was first released. I've paid that favor forward with others.

    1. Hi Vaugh,
      Glad you got on board from the early days.
      Underappreciated is a fair description. He is a wonderful talent that all should hear.

  5. Thanks much....when i visited Sydney in 1988, i was luck enough to see the man live....great stuff!!

  6. This compilation is a true and truly comprehensive labour of love for the criminally underrated Ed Kuepper. Many thanks, BB! (And next: Chris Bailey?)

    1. You're welcome, TC.
      I hope you enjoy the selections.

  7. I'm a fan as well -- great to have all his post-saints output collected in one place!

    1. Hi MrDave.
      I love this compilation; hope you will enjoy it.

  8. Thank you, this is an amazing site. Ed didn't play on Just Like Fire Would or Ghost Ships, btw the way. He left The Saints after the first three albums.

    1. Absolutely correct, Palm Beach.
      Sloppy inclusions on my part.