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VA - Bebop Spoken Here [2000] (4 x CD's)


VA - Bebop Spoken Here [2000] (4 x CD's)

Anyone wanting to dive into the world of jazz would do very well to check out this and the many other stellar box sets put out by England's Proper label. Showing how it should be done in the compilation game, the label packs this four-disc set with prime material and a 56-page booklet that includes extensive notes, a detailed sessionography, and amazing period photos. And the topper? Well, how does a 20-25-dollar price tag grab you? Besides key sides by the usual suspects (Parker, Gillespie, Powell, Davis, and Monk), the 1943-1949 mix features several fine vocalists (Anita O'Day, Billy Eckstine, Sarah Vaughan, etc.), West Coast stars (Howard McGhee, Wardell Gray), and even swing veterans (Coleman Hawkins, Red Norvo, Benny Goodman, and Gene Krupa). And that's not to forget the relatively obscure likes of Serge Chaloff, Claude Thornhill, Sonny Berman, and Boyd Raeburn. Amazing. (All Music Guide, Stephen Cook)

Just look at all the artists here - all recorded between 1944-1949 (and cleaned up very nicely for CD issue). This is the real deal. If you weren't old enough to live through the bop era and want to hear examples of the coolest jazz of all time, this box is for you. The cover art is nostalgic and colorful, all discs clock in at over an hour, and the booklet is packed with photos and informative text. To collect all this elsewhere would cost a small fortune. This is an amazing collection of music.




Track lists

CD1    Disorder At The Border

01    Coleman Hawkins & Orchestra    Woody'n You    2:55
02    Coleman Hawkins & Orchestra    Disorder At The Border    2:52
03    Charlie Barnet & Orchestra    The Moose    2:35
04    Tiny Grimes Quintet    Tiny's Tempo    2:55
05    Dizzy Gillespie All Stars    Good Bait    3:01
06    Oscar Pettiford & All Stars    Something For You    2:30
07    Boyd Raeburn & Orchestra    Night In Tunisia    3:07
08    George Auld & Orchestra    In The Middle    3:12
09    Dizzy Gillespie Sextet    Groovin' High    2:38
10    Dizzy Gillespie    Dizzy Atmosphere    2:46
11    Billy Eckstine & Orchestra    Opus X    2:30
12    Frank Socolow's Duke Quintet    Reverse The Charges    2:55
13    Sarah Vaughan    Loverman    3:22
14    Dizzy Gillespie & His All Star Quintet    Hot House    3:06
15    Red Norvo And His Selected Sextet    Hallelujah    3:58
16    Charlie Parker's Reboppers    Koko    2:56
17    Billy Eckstine & Orchestra    Second Balcony Jump    2:54
18    Dizzy Gillespie Septet    Night In Tunisia    3:05
19    Charlie Parker Septet    Ornithology    3:01
20    Sarah Vaughan    If You Could See Me Now    2:50
21    Jay Jay Johnson's Beboppers    Jay Bird    3:01
22    Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra    Our Delight    2:30
23    Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra    Things To Come    2:44
24    Sonny Stitt All Stars    Bebop In Pastel    2:57
25    Bebop Boys    Webb City    5:38

CD2    Confirmation

01    Stan Getz Quartet    Opus De Bop    2:34
02    Dodo Marmarosa    Dodo's Bounce    1:43
03    Dodo Marmarosa; Lucky Thompson Quartet    Smooth Sailing    2:39
04    Sonny Berman's Big Eight    Woodchopper's Holiday    2:55
05    Wardell Gray Quartet    The Man I Love    3:23
06    Bud Powell Trio    Indiana    2:38
07    Gene Krupa & His Orchestra    Disc Jockey Jump    3:10
08    Red Rodney's Be-Boppers    All God's Children Got Rhythm    2:49
09    Bab's Three Bips And A Bop    Oop-Pop-A-Da    2:53
10    Dexter Gordon - Wardell Gray    The Chase    6:52
11    Allen Eager With The Be-Bop Boys    All Night, All Frantic    2:38
12    Sir Charles Thompson's All Stars    Mad Lad    2:34
13    Miles Davis All Stars    Milestones    2:47
14    Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra    Ow!    2:58
15    Dizzy Gillespie; Charlie Parker    Confirmation    5:37
16    Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra    Thrivin' On A Riff    3:05
17    Tadd Dameron Sextet    The Squirrel    3:00
18    Thelonious Monk    Ruby My Dear    3:08
19    Charlie Parker Quintet    Embraceable You    3:24
20    Anita O'day    What Is This Thing Called Love?    2:40
21    Charlie Parker Quintet    Scrapple From The Apple    2:59
22    Thelonious Monk    In Walked Bud    2:56
23    Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra    Donna Lee    3:05
24    Ella Fitzgerald    How High The Moon    3:15

CD3    How High The Moon

01    Dexter Gordon & Teddy Edwards    The Duel    5:31
02    Fats Navarro    Nostalgia    2:45
03    Dexter Gordon Quintet    Dexter's Riff    3:01
04    Dexter Gordon & His Boys    Dexter's Mood    2:54
05    Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra    Cool Breeze    2:46
06    Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra    Manteca    3:06
07    Leo Parker's All Stars    Wee Dot    2:29
08    Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra    Yardbird Suite    3:21
09    Stan Kenton & His Orchestra    How High The Moon    2:31
10    Jay Jay Johnson's Bop Quintet    Bone-O-Logy    3:02
11    Woody Herman & His Orchestra    Four Brothers    3:17
12    Art Blakey's Messengers    The Thin Man    3:00
13    Art Blakey's Messengers    Bop Alley    3:07
14    Charlie Parker All-Stars    Bluebird    2:56
15    Howard McGhee Sextet with Milt Jackson    The Talk Of The Town    2:54
16    Kenny Clarke And His Fifty Second Street Boys    Confirmation    2:39
17    Kenny Clarke And His Fifty Second Street Boys    Jumpin' There    3:08
18    Thelonious Monk    Epistrophy    3:07
19    Benny Goodman Septet    Stealin' Apples    3:09
20    Charlie Parker All-Stars    Ah-Leu-Cha    2:57
21    Charlie Parker All-Stars    Parker's Mood    3:05
22    Howard McGhee & Fats Navarro    The Skunk    2:58
23    Howard McGhee & Fats Navarro    Double Talk    5:35
24    Brew Moore    Blue Brew    2:56
25    James Moody's Modernists    Cu-Ba    2:36

CD4    Tempus Fugit

01    James Moody's Modernists    Tin Tin Deo    2:48
02    Tony Fruscella Quintet    Foo's    2:52
03    Ella Fitzgerald    Ool-Ya-Koo    2:51
04    Gene Ammons - Tom Archia    Jam For Boppers    5:12
05    Woody Herman & His Orchestra    That's Right    3:04
06    Metronome All-Stars    Victory Ball    4:14
07    Tadd Dameron & His Orchestra    Casbah    3:01
08    Babs Gonzales & His Orchestra    Professor Bop    2:28
09    Miles Davis & His Orchestra    Move    2:35
10    Miles Davis & His Orchestra    Israel    2:18
11    Benny Goodman & His Orchestra    Undercurrent Blues    3:08
12    Tadd Dameron & His Orchestra    Focus    3:02
13    Benny Goodman Septet    Blue Lou    3:01
14    Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra    Bebop Spoken Here    2:48
15    Kai Winding Sextet    Wallington's Godchild    2:53
16    Kai Winding Sextet    Crossing The Channel    2:51
17    Bud Powell    I'll Keep Loving You    2:42
18    Bud Powell    Tempus Fugit    2:28
19    Charlie Ventura    Euphoria    6:35
20    Stan Getz Quartet    Crazy Chords    2:36
21    Bud Powell's Modernists    Wail    2:44
22    Wardell Gray Quartet    Twisted    3:09
23    Serge Chaloff    Move    5:33



  1. Thank you for all that Jazz, Butter - Stephen Cook's review, and your own, tip my balance of interest; most of my vault's Jazz tracks come from the first third of the twentieth century. This should be a particularly educational and enjoyable listen.

    1. Hi Aging Child.
      I've listened to it a few times recently. I am sure you will enjoy it.
      Have fun.


  2. Big thanks for this. Bebop is my main interest in jazz, and there are certainly lots of excellent tracks to hear in this collection.

    1. Hi Bob Mac,
      I have a lop of Bebop and feel i should share more. Ill try a jazz post at least once a week after i get through my currently prepared files are exhausted.
      Enjoy the music and the feeling of this set.


  3. great collection, wonderful era - much thanks

  4. Hi BB, nice share and always looking forward
    to hearing some jazz -
    In HS, my next door neighbor was Larry Vuckovich - pianist
    who played with Jon Hendricks in his Evolution Of The Blues show
    which he took me to - he also was house pianist for awhile at the
    Keystone Korner jazz club in San Francisco - he took me to see Leon Thomas,
    Heath Brothers and I even met Dexter Gordon who was extra nice -
    anyway, those were the days, the SF jazz and psychedelic years -
    Appreciate all you share = Cheers!!!

    1. Hi Coffee Messiah,
      Thanks for sharing your story. What a wonderful time that would have been. Wow.


  5. If there is one music that can put me in the best mood at any time of day or night, it is still the BeBop sound. Thank you for this suggestion, very much appreciated!

    1. Hi WOODY,
      I am glad that this set has sparked your interest.
      That makes me happy.


  6. Thanks Butterboy,
    all the jazz you share is always welcome!

    1. Il Commendatore
      Its always a welcome change.


  7. Sounds a worthy download - thx for the "ALL" link BB :)

    1. Hi puw,
      welcome back.
      Glad you like the ALL links. They are popular.


  8. Thank you very much for this! And goog health.

    1. Thank you Unknown for you kind greeting.
      Enjoy the music.


  9. If you every have a chance, will you please reup this set. I'm listening to your Benny Goodman set now, but would like to hear some additional artists. I remember my Mom & Dad playing some of this type of music, but I have not heard it for years.
    Thanks for all the time that you put into this site.
    Mike M

    1. Hi Mike,
      The attached Pixeldrain link is still working. If you can't use it for some reason I will post new links in a few days.

    2. Hi Mike,
      I've just added an additional link.

    3. worked fine this morning.
      Mike M

    4. Good to hear, Mike.