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Ron Sexsmith - Favorites (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


Ron Sexsmith - Favorites (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3 

Ronald Eldon "Ron" Sexsmith (born 8 January 1964) is a Canadian singer-songwriter from St. Catharines, Ontario. He was the songwriter of the year at the 2002 Juno Awards. He began releasing recordings of his own material in 1985 at age 21 and has since recorded fifteen albums. He was the subject of a 2010 documentary called Love Shines

Sexsmith was seventeen when he started playing at a bar, the Lion's Tavern, in his hometown. He gained a reputation as "The One-Man Jukebox" for his aptitude for playing requests. However, he gradually began to include original songs and more obscure music which his audience did not favour. He decided to start writing songs after the birth of his first child in 1985. That same year, still living in St. Catharines, he collaborated on recording and releasing a cassette, Out of the Duff, with a singer-songwriter friend named Claudio. Side one of the cassettes contained five songs written and performed by Sexsmith: side two featured Claudio. A year later, Sexsmith and his family moved to Toronto, living in an apartment in The Beaches neighbourhood. Sexsmith recorded and released the full-length cassette There's a Way, which was produced by Kurt Swinghammer. Meanwhile, he worked as a courier, and befriended Bob Wiseman whom he met at an open stage. They became friends, and Wiseman agreed to produce and arrange Sexsmith's next release in between his tours with the band Blue Rodeo. Because of Wiseman's busy schedule, work on the album stretched out over several years.

After the album, Grand Opera Lane was rejected by several Canadian labels, the pair released it independently in 1991. Grand Opera Lane was credited to "Ron Sexsmith and the Uncool"; the backing band including Don Kerr and Steve Charles, and also featured Sarah McElcheran (horn arrangements) and Kim Ratcliffe on electric guitar. Attention garnered by the song "Speaking with the Angel", Sexsmith earned a contract which led to his self-titled album in 1995. The album was praised by Elvis Costello, for whom Sexsmith later opened. Sexsmith in November 2010. Between 1997 and 2001, Sexsmith released three more albums, and then Cobblestone Runway in 2002.[4] Retriever, his next album, is a more pop-oriented album and is dedicated to Elliott Smith and Johnny Cash. Sexsmith performed in the Toronto area in support of these albums.

On 1 May 2001, Sexsmith performed "Just My Heart Talkin'" on the BBC's Later... with Jools Holland musical showcase, alongside R.E.M., Orbital, India.Arie, and Clearlake. Holland backed him on piano. It was his second appearance on the show. He began to have some radio success, particularly on Canadian adult-oriented radio. In 2002, Sexsmith recorded a cover version of "This Is Where I Belong", the title track for a tribute album called This Is Where I Belong – The Songs of Ray Davies and the Kinks, and including contributions from Damon Albarn, Bebel Gilberto and Queens of the Stone Age, among others. In 2006, he performed at the Halifax Pop Explosion. In 2004, he performed at the RuhrTriennale in the concert series Century of Song hosted by Bill Frisell. On 16 June 2011, Sexsmith and his band performed the Kinks' song "Misfits" with Ray Davies at the Meltdown Festival in London, England. The same year, he won a songwriter of the year Juno Award for "Whatever It Takes," and a Canadian Indy Award. The album Long Player Late Bloomer was shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize. Sexsmith's 14th full-length album, Carousel One, was released in March 2015.  In 2017, Sexsmith published his debut novel Deer Life with Dundurn Press. It was well received and Publishers Weekly wrote that the "novel has much the same effect as his music, conveying uncertainty with fearlessness and heart. (Wikipedia)






Track lists

1      Speaking With the Angel    3:30
2      Tell You    2:48
3      Trains    3:39
4      First Chance I Get    2:04
5      Galbraith Street    3:08
6      Lebanon, Tennessee    2:57
7      Secret Heart    3:16
8      There's a Rhythm    3:10
9      There's a Rhythm [Reprise]    3:23
10    Wastin' Time    2:47
11    April After All    2:41
12    At Different Times    3:05
13    Average Joe    2:18
14    Clown in Broad Daylight    2:27
15    Nothing Good    2:54
16    So Young    2:42
17    Strawberry Blonde    3:41
18    Thinking Out Loud    2:33
19    Feel for You    3:42
20    Reason to Believe    3:11
21    Right About Now    2:48
22    Riverbed    3:55
23    Cheap Hotel    2:18
24    Don't Ask Why    3:01
25    Fallen    3:08
26    Foolproof    3:44
27    Just My Heart Talkin    2:22
28    Keep it in Mind    3:11
29    Miracle in Itself    2:47
30    Tell Me Again    2:36


31    Thumbelina Farewell    4:14
32    Former Glory    2:53
33    Gold in Them Hills    3:32
34    The Less I Know    4:10
35    These Days    3:20
36    Drifters    3:31
37    Dandelion Wine    3:27
38    For the Driver    2:46
39    Hard Bargain    3:12
40    Imaginary Friends    3:41
41    Not About to Lose    2:58
42    Whatever it Takes    3:19
43    Wishing Wells    4:07
44    Almost Always    4:06
45    Diana Sweets    3:25
46    I Don't Like Mondays    4:20
47    Lemonade Stand    3:30
48    Raindrops in My Coffee    2:34
49    You Were There    3:06
50    All in Good Time    3:35
51    Camelot Towers (1996)    2:42
52    Hands of Time    3:16
53    Jazz at the Bookstore    3:29
54    Never Give Up    3:40
55    Ship of Fools    3:09
56    Snow Angel    3:54
57    Some Dusty Things    2:39
58    Ghost of a Chance    3:38
59    One Last Round    3:10
60    The Impossible World    2:50

61    This is How I Know    3:49
62    Travelling Alone    3:44
63    Believe it When I See It    3:43
64    Broken Hearted People    4:19
65    Get in Line    2:26
66    Give Me Love    3:05
67    Late Bloomer    4:08
68    Love Shines    4:27
69    Michael and His Dad    3:50
70    No Help at All    3:30
71    Blind Eye    3:31
72    Deepens With Time    3:08
73    If Only Avenue    3:08
74    Life After a Broken Heart    3:00
75    Me Myself and Wine    2:36
76    Nowhere Is    3:32
77    Nowhere to Go    3:17
78    Snake Road    3:31
79    All Our Tomorrows    4:03
80    Can't Get My Act Together    3:18
81    Getaway Car    2:51
82    Lucky Penny    3:51
83    Many Times    2:41
84    Nothing Feels the Same Anymore    4:04
85    Sun's Coming Out    3:17
86    The Other Side    3:50
87    Apeman    3:54
88    It Won't Last for Long    2:45
89    Shoreline    2:51
90    Who We Are Right Now    3:45


  1. A very underestimate songwriter; Thank you very much for this comp, as it is very difficult here in France to find his brilliant work

    1. Hi Harryhausen
      I liked his work from the moment I heard him. Enjoy all these great tracks which includes some covers..


  2. Nice comp BB!! Have you run across this series: Visions Of The Past??

    1. Hi Rob,
      I have heard of it 4 volumes, unfortunately I don't have this one.


    2. In case you have interest: Mr.Eliminator says:

      Here’s new link for ”Visions Of The Past”

    3. BB, think you might really enjoy "Austin Lucas" if your not familiar...

    4. Hi Rob,
      Thank you for the "Visions Of the Past" Link. Appreciated.
      Also I do have a number of Austin Lucus albums. Your instincts are correct. I do like his material too.
      PS who is MrEliminator


    5. From Surfadelic blog site

  3. Hi Butterboy,
    First time I hear about Ron Sexsmith. He must be between your favorites to deserve a BB compilation.

    1. Hi Il Commendatore
      I hope you are not disappointed.
      I like his style , always interesting. I also posted this because he is not given a lot of visibility.

  4. Thanks for introducing me to Sexsmith. I was a virgin. No more.

    1. Hi D.
      Its a wonderful feeling to find new music and artists.
      Enjoy his skillful artistry.


  5. Thank you very much. I'd lost track of RS after his third major release, this really brings his career into focus.

    A suggestion: the late Vic Chesnutt deserves a comparable review.

    1. Hi Will,
      Ron Sexsmith has a unique sound and stays true to his style. I Like that.
      He really needs more exposure.
      Thanks for your suggestion. I have many of Vic Chestnuts albums, I need to re-listen again. Let see what happens.


  6. Excellent musician. Genial post

    1. H Was,
      He is a great songwriter and musician, I hope you like the selections.


  7. Hi, can you re up load this one please ?

    1. Hi mark i,
      Glad to hear this artist is of interest. You should not be disappointed. happy listening.