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VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) (22xCD's) PART 3 C



VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) (22xCD's)

Australia is a country rich in diversity, culturally and geographically, a richness embodied in its music which embraces all genres and styles, is both steeped in tradition, and at the forefront of innovation and experimentation.

Rock music in Australia, also known as Oz rock, Australian rock and Aussie rock, is rock music from Australia. The nation has a rich history of rock music and an appreciation of the roots of various rock genres, usually originating in the United States or Britain, but also continental Europe, and more recently the musical styles of Africa. Australian rock has also contributed to the development of some of these genres, as well as having its own unique Australiana sound with pub rock and its indigenous music. Indigenous Australian music refers to the music of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders.

From 1955 to 1975 three distinct "waves" of Australian rock occurred. The first wave was from 1955 to 1963 and was influenced by American and British styles with local variants provided by Australian artists. Late in that stage, clean-cut acts, which featured on TV's Bandstand and toured as the "Bandstand family", were representing local music on the record charts. The second wave from 1964 to 1969 was directly influenced by The Beatles and their tour of the country in June 1964. A weekly magazine, Go-Set, which was published from 1966 to 1974, and aimed at teenagers and twenty-year-old's, quickly became the most influential and popular music-related publication of the period. The third wave from 1970 to 1975, with the advent of pub rock, was typified by early exponents.  Beginning in that era was Countdown, which was a popular music TV program on national broadcaster, ABC, and ran from November 1974 until July 1987. After 1975 Australian rock began to diversify including local contributors to punk and indie rock styles. By the 1980's baby boomer acts were prominent. Also in that decade, indigenous rock groups achieved wider recognition. (Wikipedia)

In 1955, the New South Wales government extended pub closing time from 6pm to 10pm to allow more rock and roll bands to play at these clubs. With the end of six o'clock closing in Sydney, the pubs started bringing the new music into the bar. The enduring link between alcohol and rock and roll was firmly established, and female performers were treated with the same respect as males. The rest is history as they say. There are many acts that were famous in the clubs and pubs around Australia that did not make a record. That is disappointing as these bands and artists were also pioneers in Aussie music and contributed significantly to the Aussie sound.

Presented here are Australian music acts from the 1950's to the 2000's.  Some of these acts had hits around the country and abroad, some did not have hits but nevertheless left a wealth of great songs for us to enjoy.  If it’s the Hits you are after you probably won’t find them here (although some of these artists had their biggest hits as their first song). 

Most of the tracks chosen for this compilation are related to an artist’s first single. Where possible I have included the first single A or B side. Where these were not available I have included the album track which became a first single or an early single. The mix of tracks is thrilling. You may discover hard to find singles and/or hear a side of a band you may not have heard before. The artists are presented in alphabetic order and by year released. 

I will share these in Parts (3 sets per week).  I hope you have fun digging through the 714 track that make up this compilation series.

PART 3        C



VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+ CD2+CD3


Track lists



01 Crescents Everlovin' (A-Side) 2:03

02 Col Joye and the Joy Boys Stagger Lee 2:40

03 Johnny Chester Shy Away 2:12

04 Cicadas I Need You 2:48

05 Cherokees Running Wild 2:12

06 Tony Cole & Crestaires Boomerang Baby 1:49

07 Johnny Cooper Farmer John 1:55

08 Courtmen I've Got to Let You Go 2:28

09 Creatures All I Do is Cry 2:53

10 Chaos and Co. Seven Golden Daffodils (A-Side) 3:09

11 Crests The Morning After the Night Before (B-Side) 1:22

12 Darryl Cotton Why Do Little Kids Have to Die 2:34

13 Clique Love Me Girl 2:04

14 Cam-Pact Something Easy 2:30

15 Clapham Junction Emily on Sunday 2:56

16 Hugo Hey Watch Out (A-Side) 2:10

17 Chain Show Me Home (A-Side) 3:27

18 Captain Australia & the Honky Tonk Excerpts From Muses 1970 4:42

19 Country Radio Fleetwood Plain 3:29


20 Clefs Lisa 3:54

21 Carson On the Highway 3:01

22 Company Caine It's Up to You (B-Side) 5:18

23 Chook Cold Feet 3:06

24 Brian Cadd Ginger Man 4:09

25 Richard Clapton Last Train to Marseilles 3:36

26 Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes 3:36

27 Chariot Set Me Free 3:06

28 Cybotron Colossus 3:55

29 Cold Chisel Khe Sanh 4:11

30 Cheetah Walking in the Rain 3:50

31 Contraband C-61 (B-Side) 3:41

32 Cockroaches I Want a Leather Jacket 1:58

33 Church She Never Said 3:17

34 Crossfire East of Where 4:44

35 Cyril B. Bunter Band Last Chance 3:12

36 Stephen Cummings We All Make Mistakes 2:24

37 Choirboys Never Gonna Die 4:00

38 Celibate Rifles Pretty Pictures (A-Side) 3:38

39 Chocolate Starfish You’re So Vain 4:09

40 Coloured Stone Black Boy (A-Side) 3:28


41 Crowded House Don't Dream It's Over 3:56

42 Chantoozies Witch Queen 4:19

43 Crown of Thorns Gnawing on the Bones of Elvis 6:11

44 Catfish When You Dance 3:13

45 Kev Carmody Jack Deelin 3:09

46 Chosen Few Rise 4:05

47 Candy Harlots Red Hot Rocket 2:29

48 Clouds Hieronymus (A-Side) 3:47

49 Cruel Sea I Feel 3:21

50 Crow Ravine 4:17

51 Colour Blue Peace 3:58

52 Nick Cave What a Wonderful World 3:02

53 Custard Casanova 1:59

54 Caligula I.C.U. 3:06

55 Christine Anu (With Paul Kelly) Last Train 4:25

56 Deborah Conway Alive and Brilliant 4:04

57 Kate Ceberano All That I Want is You 4:19

58 Kasey Chambers Cry Like a Baby 4:01

59 Cops The Shake (A-Side) Check 2:15

60 Matt Corby Brother 5:08

61 Clones Tired of Hiding (A-Side) 2:53

62 Peter Cupples Fear of Thunder 4:07

63 Anthony Callea Nothing Compares 2 U




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