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VA - Deep Cuts in Rock Vol. 01 (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


VA - Deep Cuts in Rock Vol. 01 (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

Deciding what is a "deep cut" can be a difficult task and the choices often live in a  grey area. For this compilation a deep cut usually refers to Non singles (B-sides are accepted), provided exposure of that song tends to be underplayed and are generally older songs. These deep cuts can also be album cuts that hide amongst the great hits and B-sides. Those non-singles on the album that are sometimes more loved than the hits. Usually fans who are really into the artist will know some of the tracks but this is probably not true to the casual listener. Deep cuts are truly often overlooked. These are the tracks you are unlikely to hear on the radio, certainly, not often. Every great artist has some great deep cuts in their catalog, some many more than others. Finding that rare gem in an artist's catalog always excites.

Obviously there are hundreds of great tracks that could be included in a Deep Cuts compilation. 

Here is Volume 01 of  6 volumes (each 3 x CD sets), mostly obscure rock tracks or tracks that you simply don't hear all that often.  Enjoy!






Track lists


01 Creedence Clearwater Revival Bootleg 3:01

02 Rolling Stones Can't You Hear Me Knocking 7:15

03 Elvis Costello & the Attractions Shipbuilding 4:53

04 Van Morrison Listen to the Lion 10:58

05 Beach Boys 'til I Die 2:33

06 Bruce Springsteen Racing in the Street 6:55

07 Daryl Hall & John Oates Do What You Want, Be What You Are 4:35

08 Chicago A Hit By Varese 4:53

09 Peter Gabriel Here Comes the Flood 5:55

10 Rolling Stones Moonlight Mile 5:58

11 Billy Joel Vienna 3:34

12 Led Zeppelin The Rain Song 7:38

13 Steely Dan The Royal Scam 6:31

14 Elton John and Bernie Taupin Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters 4:57

15 Simon & Garfunkel The Only Living Boy in New York 3:54

16 David Bowie Oh! You Pretty Things, Eight Line Poem 6:08

17 Beatles Yes it Is 1:50

18 R.E.M. Gardening at Night 3:33

19 Marvin Gaye Is That Enough 7:46

20 Kinks Strangers 3:17

21 Joe Jackson King of the Day 5:22

22 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid) 4:25

23 Queen Stone Cold Crazy 2:14

24 Talking Heads Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) 5:49

25 Pink Floyd Echoes 23:30


26 Paul McCartney Young Boy 3:54

27 Bruce Springsteen Jungleland 9:37

28 Bob Dylan It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 7:29

29 Pink Floyd Dogs 17:04

30 Who A Quick One While He's Away (Stereo) 9:12

31 Paul McCartney Every Night 2:35

32 John Lennon Isolation 2:53

33 Aretha Franklin Dr. Feelgood (Love is a Serious Business) 3:22

34 Eagles The Last Resort 7:29

35 Black Sabbath Supernaut 4:45

36 Fleetwood Mac Gold Dust Woman 5:02

37 Doors End of the Night 2:52

38 Pearl Jam In Hiding 5:00

39 Band Chest Fever 5:18

40 Prince The Beautiful Ones 5:14

41 David Bowie Moonage Daydream 4:40

42 Johnny Cash I Still Miss Someone 2:36

43 Beach Boys Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) 2:47

44 Aerosmith Seasons of Wither 4:54

45 Poco Starin' at the Sky 3:01

46 Jimi Hendrix Experience Castles Made of Sand 2:46

47 Steve Forbert Tonight I Feel So Far Away From Home 3:13

48 Yes Siberian Khatru 8:56

49 Rush Yyz 4:20

50 Led Zeppelin Achilles Last Stand 10:23


51 U2 Running to Stand Still 4:17

52 Velvet Underground Jesus 3:25

53 Guns 'n' Roses If the World 4:54

54 Joni Mitchell Passion Play (When All the Slaves Are Free) 5:24

55 Billy Joel Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway) 5:15

56 Led Zeppelin All My Love 5:51

57 Pearl Jam Release 9:07

58 Smashing Pumpkins Annie-Dog 3:38

59 AC/DC Shake a Leg 4:05

60 Smokey Robinson & the Miracles A Fork in the Road 3:30

61 Clash The Guns of Brixton 3:09

62 Church A Month of Sundays 4:19

63 Funkadelic I'll Stay 7:18

64 Rhinoceros Apricot Brandy 1:59

65 Cream Rollin' and Tumblin' 4:42

66 Velvet Underground Jesus (Closet Mix) 3:28

67 Jimi Hendrix Bold as Love 4:09

68 Yardbirds You Stole My Love 2:30

69 Earth Wind & Fire Brazilian Rhyme 2:50

70 U2 Bad 5:51

71 John Lennon Out the Blue 3:22

72 James Brown Blues and Pants 9:34

73 Michael Jackson Workin' Day and Night 5:13

74 Stevie Wonder Knocks Me Off My Feet 3:39

75 Santana Samba Pa Ti 4:50




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    1. Hi FiveGunsWest.
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  2. I enjoyed your Deep Cuts compilation in the Twilight Zone, but I’ m glad to know that I will find next episodes directly here. Thanks Butterboy, I’ve discovered and rediscovered many gems (and no germs ;)) through your selection. Cheers, Pat O’Beur

    1. Hi ibelieveinimmaculateconception,
      That a mouthful and a mindful handle. I think I will use Pat if thats OK.
      Hi Pat
      I hope you enjoy your time visiting this blog discovering and reacquainting with lost songs.


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      VA - Copycats, Borrowed, Stolen, Taken and Used (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1


      VA - Copycats, Borrowed, Stolen, Taken and Used (A Butterboy Compilation) CD2

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  5. A great comp indeed. Love the Steve Forbert inclusion

    1. Thanks heartsofstone.
      These are tracks that grabbed me when listening to music. I need to share.


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