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VA - Deep Cuts in Rock Vol. 04 (A Butterboy Compilation) Even More Again CD1+CD2+CD3



VA - Deep Cuts in Rock Vol. 04 (A Butterboy Compilation) Even More Again CD1+CD2+CD3

Deciding what is a "deep cut" can be a difficult task and the choices often live in a  grey area. For this compilation a deep cut usually refers to Non singles (B-sides are accepted), provided exposure of that song tends to be underplayed and are generally older songs. These deep cuts can also be album cuts that hide amongst the great hits and B-sides. Those non-singles on the album that are sometimes more loved than the hits. Usually fans who are really into the artist will know some of the tracks but this is probably not true to the casual listener. Deep cuts are truly often overlooked. These are the tracks you are unlikely to hear on the radio, certainly, not often. Every great artist has some great deep cuts in their catalog, some many more than others. Finding that rare gem in an artist's catalog always excites.

Obviously there are hundreds of great tracks that could be included in a Deep Cuts compilation. 

Here is Volume 04 of  6 volumes (each 3 x CD sets), mostly obscure rock tracks or tracks that you simply don't hear all that often.  Enjoy!


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VA - Deep Cuts in Rock Vol. 04 (A Butterboy Compilation) Even More Again CD1

VA - Deep Cuts in Rock Vol. 04 (A Butterboy Compilation) Even More Again CD2

VA - Deep Cuts in Rock Vol. 04 (A Butterboy Compilation) Even More Again CD3


Track lists


01 Devlins Almost Made You Smile 4:58

02 Boots Another Tear Falls 2:51

03 Hollies Another Night 3:46

04 May Blitz High Beech 4:54

05 Robin Trower About to Begin 3:46

06 Bad Company Early in the Morning 5:45

07 Orange Wedge Death Comes Slowly 11:15

08 Pink Floyd Free Four 4:13

09 Crowded House Not the Girl You Think You Are 4:10

10 Pugh's Place Drive My Car 7:01

11 Savoy Brown Troubled By These Days and Times (1972) 5:46

13 Francis Dunnery Staring at the Whitewash 10:29

13 Doors Wild Child 2:40

14 Thunderclap Newman Open the Door, Homer 3:02

15 Association P. F. Sloan (Single Version) 3:39

16 Phycheground Traffic 6:04

17 John Cale Fear is a Man's Best Friend 3:53

18 Joe Cocker Darling Be Home Soon 4:42

19 George Harrison Cloud 9 3:16

20 Blackfoot Sue Summer 3:12


21 Universe Spanish Feeling 10:38

22 Glass Harp Look in the Sky 8:06

23 Greatest Show on Earth Love Magnet 9:23

24 Heart Love Alive 4:24

25 Humble Pie Strange Day 6:36

26 Alvin Lee Band No More Lonely Nights 4:29

27 Spooky Tooth Things Change 4:19

28 Kim Fowley Dangerous Visions 5:43

29 Frumpy Singing Songs 7:03

30 Shocking Blue So Far From Home 2:09

31 Headstone Circus I'm Goin' Down 4:35

32 Cyrkle Reading Her Paper 3:06

33 Status Quo Unspoken Words 5:05

34 Gravy Train Staircase to the Day 7:33

35 Randy Meisner Gotta Get Away 4:03

36 Hawkwind We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago 4:48

37 Velvet Fogg Once Among the Trees 5:38

38 Manfred Mann's Earth Band Visionary Mountains 5:42

39 Harry Nilsson I'll Never Leave You 4:16

40 Marc Bolan & T. Rex Yesterday (Everyday) 1:56


41 Free Be My Friend 5:38

42 Lou Reed The Kids 7:51

43 Frijid Pink Lazy Day 4:31

44 Rolling Stones Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) 4:36

45 Cheap Trick Downed 4:11

46 Joe Chemay Band Proud 3:50

47 Golden Earring She Flies on Strange Wings 7:22

48 Strawberry Path I Gotta See My Gypsy Woman 4:55

49 Van Der Graaf Generator Afterwards 4:55

50 Chicken Shack Daughter of the Hillside 3:50

51 Gregg Allman Can't Keep Runnin' 4:04

52 Bluetones The Watchman 2:54

53 Kinks Rosie Won't You Please Come Home 2:36

54 Frankie Miller Shakey Ground 3:42

55 Eddie Money You've Really Got a Hold on Me 3:49

56 Guess Who The Watcher 3:08

57 Sam Apple Pie Old Tom 4:05

58 Eric Burdon & the Animals That Ain't Where It's At 3:00

59 Hoyt Axton The Pusher 3:13

60 Chuck Berry My Tambourine 2:18




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    1. Thanks heartofstone.
      Enjoy the music.
      The music paring are very different on these comps.


  2. Hi Butter:
    As you already know, Zippyshare is blocked in many countries. I usually use a browser with VPN, but sometimes I have problems. In TwilightZone they are using "KrakenFiles"
    It seems better than Zippyshare, it does not delete files and it has no storage limit and it is free.
    Can you study this possibility?

    1. Hi jose,
      I'll be mixing up the file share providers, I will use Krakenfiles, Imagentz, Mega, Mediafire etc as they continue to work for me. But at the moment I have a lot of files still to share in Zippy.
      I thanks you for letting me know about other file sharing sites.

  3. A lot of great music in these series! Thanks a lot.

    1. Thanks Racati.
      There are more to come in the future.


  4. To say "great selections" isn't enough. The pacing, the flow, is magnificent! Some of the juxtapositions are genius. I salute you Sir.

    1. Hi Deadmandeadman.
      Truly appreciated. I spend a lot of time choosing the track lists to these comps, so its rewarding to hear you say those kind words.


  5. Thanks for this series.

    btw. on part 2 and 3 i get strange directory names - fixed it for myself but you might want to look at this.

    1. Hi Hermann,
      I just checked to links and they are working for me. No errors noted.
      Did you experience the problem after downloading or with the zippy link?


    2. ... was at DEEP CUTS Volume 2 and 3 - all 6 folders
      Unzipped with 7zip