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VA - It's In My Soul (A Butterboy Compilation), Smooth Soul, Southern Soul, Country Soul and Blue-eyed Soul (12 x CDs) PART 4



VA  - It's In My Soul (A Butterboy Compilation), Smooth Soul, Southern Soul, Country Soul and Blue-eyed Soul (12 x CDs)  PART 4

Soul music (often referred to simply as Soul) is a popular music genre that originated in the African American community throughout the United States in the 1950s and early 1960s. It combines elements of African-American gospel music, rhythm and blues and jazz. Soul music became popular for dancing and listening in the United States, where record labels such as Motown, Atlantic and Stax were influential during the Civil Rights Movement. Soul also became popular around the world, directly influencing rock music and the music of Africa.  According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, soul is "music that arose out of the black experience in America through the transmutation of gospel and rhythm & blues into a form of funky, secular testifying". Catchy rhythms, stressed by hand claps and extemporaneous body moves, are an important feature of soul music. Other characteristics are a call and response between the lead vocalist and the chorus and an especially tense vocal sound. The style also occasionally uses improvisational additions, twirls and auxiliary sounds.  Soul music reflected the African-American identity and it stressed the importance of an African-American culture. The new-found African-American consciousness led to new styles of music, which boasted pride in being black. 

Soul music dominated the U.S. R&B chart in the 1960s, and many recordings crossed over into the pop charts in the U.S., Britain and elsewhere. By 1968, the soul music genre had begun to splinter. Some soul artists developed funk music, while other singers and groups developed slicker, more sophisticated, and in some cases more politically conscious varieties. By the early 1970s, soul music had been influenced by psychedelic rock and other genres, leading to psychedelic soul. The United States saw the development of neo soul around 1994. There are also several other sub-genres and offshoots of soul music.

The key sub-genres of soul include the Motown style, a more pop-friendly and rhythmic style; Southern Soul, characterised by its gritty-yet-fragile vocals, punching horn sections, and tight rhythms.; Memphis soul, a shimmering, sultry style; Smooth soul, characterized by melodic hooks, funk influence and smooth production style.; Country soul has its roots in Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, and Country music, emphasizing the signatures and textures of country music over the grittier and horn-driven sound of Southern Soul. The impact of soul music was manifold; internationally, white and other non-black musicians were influenced by soul music. Several terms were introduced, such as "blue-eyed soul", which is R&B or soul music performed by white artists. The meaning of "blue-eyed soul" has evolved over decades. Originally the term was associated with mid-1960s white artists who performed soul and R&B that was similar to the music released by Motown Records and Stax Records.  (Wikipedia)

Other soul sub-genres which will  be compiled at a later date. Including Chicago soul, New Orleans soul, Psychedelic soul and Philadelphia soul.

Presented here are 12 x CD's of  Soul music, specifically 60 tracks each of  Smooth Soul, Southern Soul, Country Soul and Blue-eyed Soul.  Each sub-genre is 3 x CD's and will be posted each day until each set of CD's is complete. I hope you enjoy the choices. 

PART 4            Blue-eyed Soul




Track lists

Blue-eyed Soul CD1

01 Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' 3:43

02 Bob Kuban and the In-Men The Cheater 2:39

03 Len Barry 1-2-3 2:23

04 Daryl Hall & John Oates She's Gone 5:16

05 Van Morrison Warm Love 3:24

06 Paul Young Everytime You Go Away 4:28

07 Dusty Springfield Son of a Preacher Man 2:26

08 Boz Scaggs Lowdown (Unplugged) 5:36

09 Joss Stone I Don't Want to Be With Nobody But You 5:00

10 Tony Joe White Polk Salad Annie 3:48

11 Grayson Hugh Talk it Over 4:15

12 Bee Gees How Deep is Your Love 4:04

13 Player Baby Come Back 3:38

14 Vic Waters Dreamer 3:43

15 Magnificent Men I'll Always Love You 2:52

16 Tom Jones Spanish Harlem 3:21

17 Delaney & Bonnie We Just Been Feeling Bad 2:31

18 Simply Red Holding Back the Years 4:11

19 Joe Cocker Unchain My Heart 5:07

20 Average White Band Cut the Cake 3:39

Blue-eyed Soul CD2

21 Timi Yuro What's a Matter Baby 2:46

22 Billy Joe Royal I Knew You When 2:34

23 Gary Puckett & the Union Gap Young Girl 3:13

24 Rod Stewart Rainy Night in Georgia 4:10

25 Rare Earth Get Ready 21:34

26 Duffy Breaking My Own Heart 3:58

27 Rascals Come on Up 2:45

28 Box Tops The Letter 1:54

29 Gene Pitney She's a Heartbreaker 3:16

30 Bobby Caldwell What You Won't Do for Love 3:33

31 Alison Moyet Hoodoo 4:43

32 Joe Cocker Don't You Love Me Anymore 5:10

33 Ambrosia How Much I Feel 4:39

34 Commitments Bye Bye Baby 3:29

35 Wayne Cochran Get Ready 2:27

36 Casinos Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye 3:13

37 Lonnie Mack Where There's a Will There's a Way 4:11

38 Ace How Long 3:24

39 Rick Astley Cry for Help 4:51

40 P.J. Proby Niki Hoeky 2:30

Blue-eyed Soul CD3

41 Chris Clark Love's Gone Bad 2:21

42 Dusty Springfield Make it With You 3:11

43 Robert Palmer Sneakin' Sally Thru' the Alley 4:24

44 Bread It Don't Matter to Me 2:49

45 Vic Waters and the Entertainers White, I'm Alright 2:37

46 Amy Winehouse Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 4:22

47 Michael McDonald You Are Everything 2:48

48 Society of Seven Between Hello-Goodbye 3:57

49 Bill Deal & the Rhondels I've Been Hurt 2:04

50 Spencer Davis Group Gimme Some Lovin' 2:55

51 Skyliners I'll Close My Eyes 2:21

52 Laura Nyro Luckie 3:03

53 Walker Brothers The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore 3:11

54 Chris Rea Fool (If You Think It's Over) 3:56

55 Roy Head & the Traits Treat Her Right 2:05

56 Flaming Ember Westbound #9 2:53

57 Frankie Miller I Can't Change It 3:09

58 Simply Red If You Don't Know Me By Now (Harold Melvin & Blue Notes) 3:26

59 Gino Vannelli I Just Wanna Stop 3:37

60 Lisa Stansfield All Around the World 4:21




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  9. Catching up with your outstanding compilations and shares has kept me happily busy for a couple weeks, with discovery after welcome discovery. This evening, I passed along to a friend your full "It's in My Soul" collection on MP3 CDs. He'd cooked me a heaping plate of soul-seafood, and it seemed a great way to thank him (besides the $$ I'd included for him)... thanks entirely to you. Over the next couple weeks, I'll comb through here again for some of your Jazz compilations, since that's particularly piquant to his own palate. Thanks again, Butter - cheers!

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