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VA - Kiwi Rock Classics CD1 - CD6 (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)


VA - Kiwi Rock Classics CD1 - CD6 (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)

New Zealand has a rich musical heritage and there are also plenty of excellent artists in New Zealand playing brilliant rock, indie and alternative music. Rock music in New Zealand, also known as Kiwi rock music and New Zealand rock music, began in 1955 with Johnny Cooper's cover version of Bill Haley's hit song "Rock Around the Clock". This was followed by Johnny Devlin, New Zealand's Elvis Presley, and his cover of "Lawdy Miss Clawdy". The 1960s saw Max Merritt and the Meteors and Ray Columbus & the Invaders achieve success. In the 1970s and early 1980's the innovative Split Enz had success internationally as well as nationally, with member Neil Finn later continuing with Crowded House. Other influential bands in the 1970s were Th' Dudes, Dragon and Hello Sailor. The early 1980's saw the development of the indie rock "Dunedin sound", typified by Dunedin bands such as The Clean, Straitjacket Fits and The Chills, recorded by the Flying Nun record label of Christchurch. New Zealand's foremost hard rock band Shihad started their long career in 1988. 

Here are 120 tracks that showcase the diversity and talent of the many great Kiwi artists. As usual an eclectic, spanning decades of quality New Zealand tunes. Enjoy.


Pt.1     Pt.2 


Track lists


01 Split Enz Six Months in a Leaky Boat 4:20

02 Bluestars Please Be a Little Kind 2:50

03 Chills Pink Frost 3:59

04 Mutton Birds Dominion Rd 3:55

05 Max Merritt & the Meteors Slipping Away 5:29

06 Goldenhorse Maybe Tomorrow 2:59

07 Fourmyula Nature 2:58

08 Bike Save My Life 3:24

09 Larry's Rebels Dreamtime 3:23

10 Stellar* For a While 2:57

11 Straitjacket Fits Down in Splendour 3:38

12 Evermore It's Too Late 3:58

13 David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights Left By Soft 3:30

14 Garageland Believe in You 3:31

15 Crowded House Better Be Home Soon 3:13

16 Sneaky Feelings Husband House 4:12

17 Tigers Red Dress 3:10

18 Headband Good Morning Mr. Rock 'n' Roll 2:46

19 La De Das Gonna See My Baby Tonight 3:16

20 Dave Dobbyn Loyal 4:44


21 Moana & the Tribe Tihore Mai 1:32

22 Crowded House Four Seasons in One Day 2:50

23 Robert Scott Harmonic Deluxe 4:55

24 Citizen Band Julia 5:37

25 Human Instinct A Day in My Mind's Mind 2:11

26 Alpaca Brothers Hey Man 3:23

27 Salvation I'd Rather Be Asleep 2:24

28 Mutton Birds A Thing Well Made 4:40

29 Betchadupa Spill the Light 3:34

30 Killip Taken Back to Mother Earth 3:49

31 Crocodiles Tears 3:52

32 Tim Finn Out of This World 3:00

33 Jon Stevens When 4:24

34 Jean Paul Sartre Experience Own Two Feet 3:23

35 Bic Runga Sway 4:23

36 Swingers Counting the Beat 2:58

37 Sharon O'neill Maxine 4:34

38 Mi-Sex Blue Day 4:16

39 Hello Sailor Blue Lady 3:53

40 OMC How Bizarre 3:47


41 Crowded House Private Universe 5:38

42 Bic Runga Drive 2:59

43 Opshop No Ordinary Thing 5:26

44 Orange Seahorse 4:13

45 Dragon Rain 3:28

46 Sneaky Feelings Maybe You Need to Come Back 4:14

47 Kevin Borich Lonely One 4:10

48 Th' Dudes Bliss 4:12

49 Bike My Love My Life 3:42

49 Finn Brothers Where is My Soul 4:11

50 Blam Blam Blam There is No Depression in New Zealand 3:17

51 New Zealand Trading Company Could Be 3:41

52 Front Lawn Andy 4:37

53 Quincy Conserve Ride the Rain 2:50

54 Bressa Creeting Cake Rocky Mountain 3:12

55 Jay Clarkson & Kaye Woodward Crying 3:08

56 Principals Lord Lord 3:23

57 Murray Grindlay Nova's Song 3:11

58 Look Blue Go Purple Year of the Tiger 2:33

60 Ray Columbus & the Invaders She's a Mod 2:08


61 Neil Finn She Will Have Her Way 3:57

62 Alastair Riddell Out on the Street 3:18

63 Larry's Rebels This Empty Place 2:35

64 Feelers Venus 4:49

65 David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights Purple Balloon 4:12

66 Straitjacket Fits She Speeds 4:05

67 Bats For the Ride 3:45

68 Garageland Come Back 3:20

68 Ticket Music Man 3:38

70 Fur Patrol Lydia 4:15

71 Chris Knox Not Given Lightly 5:07

72 Alec Bathgate Your Heavy Dream (Won't Fly) 3:31

73 Clevedonaires He's Ready 2:31

74 Tole Puddle Frodo 2:26

75 Mockers Forever Tuesday Morning 3:41

76 Convairs A Little Ray of Sunshine 2:47

77 Dance Exponents Victoria 3:23

78 Tramline Villard's Song 3:45

79 Rocking Horse Thru the Southern Moonlight 3:25

80 Tiki Taane Always on My Mind 2:56


81 40 Watt Banana Nirvana 2:58

82 Able Tasmans Hold Me 4:32

83 Graham Brazier Billy Bold 3:04

84 Billy Tk and Powerhouse Red Wine 3:03

85 Phoenix Foundation Damn the River 2:07

86 Peking Man Room That Echoes 3:58

87 Swingers One Track Mind 3:44

88 Four Four One Track Mind 2:17

89 Mother Goose Moonshine Lady 4:08

90 Lutha Stop! the Music is Over 2:50

91 Strawpeople Sweet Disorder 3:31

92 Netherworld Dancing Toys For Today 5:14

93 Bailter Space X 4:47

94 Stellar* Violent 3:29

95 Push Push Trippin' 4:00

96 Toy Love Squeeze 3:29

97 Herbs French Letter 4:36

98 Screeming Mee Mees Dancing With Stars in My Eyes 3:31

99 Shona Laing (Glad I'm) Not a Kennedy 3:26

100 Headless Chickens Cruise Control 3:47


101 Kevin Borich Express Celebration 7:12

102 Martin Phillipps Evermore 2:05

103 Larry's Rebels I Feel Good 2:47

104 Doublehappys Needles and Plastic 5:22

105 Bird Nest Roys Jaffa Boy 3:03

106 Gremlins Never You Mind 2:17

107 David Kilgour Chop Me in 1;2 7:24

108 Blerta Dance All Around the World 3:41

109 Pop Art Toasters What Am I Going to Do 2:24

110 Bluestars Social End Product 2:34

111 Darcy Clay Jesus I Was Evil 2:51

112 Bats North By North 4:03

113 Four Four Go Go 2:17

114 Spectres Anything You Like 2:50

115 Dlt Featuring Che Fu Chains 3:39

116 Max Merritt Get a Haircut 2:52

117 Datsuns Fink for the Man 4:33

118 Pixie Williams Blue Smoke 2:59

119 Johnny Cooper Pie Cart Rock N Roll 2:32

120 Johnny Cooper Rock Around the Clock 2:15




  1. Sick compilation!!!
    Only BB can make sick feel so good.
    Today was a great day. A new president, ahh, exhale.
    and BB is back in full form.
    Life is good.

  2. I can NOT tell you how chuffed I am to see you posting again!

    MADE MY DAY!!!

  3. Thanks for all these kiwi tunes!!!
    See you in good shape!

    1. Hi Il Commendatore.
      Some great tracks in the mix. Hope you enjoy them.


  4. I can throw all my other kiwi-comps away now.
    Thank you. Nice job!

    1. Hi Unknown,
      Don't do that. There are some great compilations of NZ music out there. :)
      Hope you will enjoy this set.


  5. Hi BB, Good to see you're posting again!

    Another excellent compilation ... Oh, the Dunedin sound! Here's The Chills with a 2019 version of Pink Frost and an outstanding cover from the same year


    1. Hi Freddie,
      Thank you. Appreciated.
      Thanks for the links to YouTube. I haven't seen The Clicks version previously. Nice voice. I prefer The Chills version though.

      Stay safe and enjoy life.


  6. Great compilation, so suitable to introduce me in the issue! By the away, is good to have you back, Butterboy. I missed your posts.

    1. Thank you Carlos,
      Hope you are well.
      Stay safe and enjoy life.


  7. Great stuff here Butterboy. I am thrilled to see someone elses perspective on our Kiwi scene, and what you have chosen to include. Some of your choices are inspired. Oh to see The Pop Art Toasters, Able Tasmans Blerta and so many more here does my soul good. And somehow you managed to fit Pie Cart rock n Roll in too. Its a hoot to see that plonked there.

    1. Hi Butterflyrobot,
      I try to make the compilation I piece together as interesting as possible. It helps to open the ears of visitors who may have neglected some artists.


  8. Ok, I'm a late bloomer and only just found out about Sharon O'Neill, from down under. What can I say. So I'm looking for a really good Best Of, like this one;
    Thanks if any knows of one.
    - D

  9. Hey Butterboy, this looks like a great collection. Sadly Zippyshare is out of action now. Any chance of putting this selection somewhere else?

    1. Hi ppaulnz,
      New links established, tested and working. Enjoy!