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Bee Gees - Mythology [2010] (4 x CD's)



Bee Gees - Mythology [2010] (4 x CD's)

A 4 x CD set celebrating the legacy of the Gibb Brothers, this outstanding collection features a disc devoted to each brother.The songs were hand-picked by Barry, Robin, Maurice s widow Yvonne and Andy s daughter Peta.

Twenty years ago, the Bee Gees released  Tales From Bros Gibb , comprising all their singles and B-Sides on four discs (up to 1990). Now twenty years on, they focus on the songs they take the most pride in. This time, they include brother Andy Gibb, who was heavily rumored to become the fourth Bee Gee in the late 1980's, before his tragic death. This is a musical collection of the most popular family pop/rock group in history. Each disc is focused on one brother. Barry's disc (like the others) relies strongly on his lead vocals and comprises mostly hits. "Spirits (Having Flown)" begins the set, being one of the arguably best compositions the group has produced and ends with their first notable single, "Spick And Specks" from Australia in 1966. Each song is carefully remastered, a few in mono and the remainder improved in clarity and state of the art stereo. Barry, noted for his strong vocals including falsetto includes a few album cuts and previously unreleased cuts that are a marvel. "Barker Of The UFO" is a bewildering cut, but perhaps reflects the sixties atmosphere of random fun. Mostly, this disc shows Barry`s choices as being some of his finest in composition and production. Robin's disc also carries several hits, but contains some album cuts and B-Sides that could have been singles, or were for other artists. "Love Me" and his solo's "Juliet" and "Saved by The Bell" are historic masterpieces. The exquisite, "The Longest Night", almost a single and one of his most romantic is haunting. Pull in the ethereal, "Rings Around The Moon" and his version of "Islands In The Stream" and you get a clear idea of what Robin's voice can wield. For a true crowd pleaser, Robin includes the anthemic song, "Odessa" from 1969. A song that has received extensive critical acclaim as a masterpiece of songwriting and singing.  Maurice Gibb never had a lead vocal single, as his expertises were in arrangement instrumentals and harmonizing, the latter being the magical glue that held the brothers harmonies together. From the sixties simple, yet satisfying, "Suddenly" to his post-mortem tribute song, "Man In The Middle", Maurice proves his talents. To emphasize his own style and talent, this collection contains two remarkable previously unreleased songs, "Angel Of Mercy" and "The Bridge" with shared vocals with his daughter Samantha of `Samantha Gibb and the Cartels'. Maurice's solo singles, "Railroad' and "Hold Her In Your Hand" are here in digital delight. It s a shame that the B-Side of "Railroad", the song "I've Come Back" is not here. His songs were lovingly chosen by his wife Yvonne and children Samantha and Adam Gibb. Although Andy Gibb unfortunately never became the fourth Bee Gee, his songs were chosen by his daughter Peta, who shows a talent for what her father's best songs truly were. All of Andy's singles are here (other than the notorious novelty song, "All I Have To Do Is Dream" with a C-list actress). But Peta cleverly mostly picks out the songs that Andy wrote himself. Most of his first album cuts are included here, pure in their style and innocence. Olivia Newton-John is included as well (a long time family friend) in a duet along with a heart-breaking unreleased song, "Arrow Through The Heart".

Sure, the stats are there. Barry Gibb has written (16) number one hits. The Bee Gees have the rare claim of occupying the #1 and #2 positions on Billboards Music Charts (behind the Beatles and Elvis Presley). The Bee Gees have had (9) number one hits; six of them in a row (tying with the Beatles and one behind Mariah Carey). And now it's their 50th anniversary. But this box set represents more than just that.   On this box set, it truly is a family affair. There is so much more to this extraordinary box set that begs a look and a listen. Not many artists have achieved so much. Only one family has reached this height. The Bee Gees are forever. (Amazon)


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Track lists


01 Bee Gees Spirits (Having Flown) 5:19

02 Bee Gees You Win Again 4:01

03 Bee Gees Jive Talkin' 3:45

04 Bee Gees To Love Somebody 3:01

05 Bee Gees Tragedy 5:03

06 Bee Gees Too Much Heaven 4:56

07 Bee Gees Firts Of May 2:48

08 Bee Gees More Than A Woman 3:17

09 Bee Gees Love So Right 3:38

10 Bee Gees Night Fever 3:36

11 Bee Gees Words 3:19

12 Bee Gees Don't Forget To Remember 3:31

13 Bee Gees If I Can't Have You 3:25

14 Bee Gees Alone 4:48

15 Bee Gees Heartbreaker 4:23

16 Bee Gees How Deep Is Your Love 4:04

17 Bee Gees Love You Inside Out 4:09

18 Bee Gees Stayin' Alive 4:47

19 Bee Gees Barker Of The UFO 1:53

20 Bee Gees Swan Song 2:58

21 Bee Gees Spicks And Specks 2:52


01 Bee Gees I Am The World 2:32

02 Bee Gees New York Mining Disaster 1941 2:11

03 Bee Gees I Can't See Nobody 3:45

04 Bee Gees Holiday 2:54

05 Bee Gees Massachusetts 2:24

06 Bee Gees Sir Geoffrey Saved The World 2:12

07 Bee Gees And The Sun Will Shine 3:35

08 Bee Gees The Singer Sang His Song 3:08

09 Bee Gees I've Gotta Get A Message To You 3:04

10 Bee Gees I Started A Joke 3:09

11 Bee Gees Odessa 7:32

12 Bee Gees Saved By The Bell 3:07

13 Bee Gees My World 4:21

14 Bee Gees Run To Me 3:11

15 Bee Gees Love Me 4:03

16 Bee Gees Juliet 3:48

17 Bee Gees The Longest Night 5:49

18 Bee Gees Fallen Angel 4:31

19 Bee Gees Rings Around The Moon 4:25

20 Bee Gees Embrace 4:42

21 Bee Gees Islands In The Stream 4:19


01 Bee Gees Man In The Middle 4:21

02 Bee Gees Closer Than Close 4:33

03 Bee Gees Dimensions 5:26

04 Bee Gees House Of Shame 4:53

05 Bee Gees Suddenly 2:30

06 Bee Gees Railroad 3:43

07 Bee Gees Overnight 4:22

08 Bee Gees It's Just The Way 2:34

09 Bee Gees Lay It On Me 2:09

10 Bee Gees Trafalgar 3:56

11 Bee Gees Omega Man 3:57

12 Bee Gees Walking On Air 4:07

13 Bee Gees Country Woman 2:48

14 Bee Gees Angel Of Mercy 4:43

15 Bee Gees Above And Beyond 4:28

16 Bee Gees Hold Her In Your Hand 4:25

17 Bee Gees You Know It's For You 2:57

18 Bee Gees Wildflower 4:24

19 Bee Gees On Time 3:04

20 Bee Gees The Bridge 4:33


01 Bee Gees Shadow Dancing 4:35

02 Bee Gees I Just Want To Be Your Everything 3:48

03 Bee Gees (Love Is) Thicker Than Water 4:18

04 Bee Gees An Everlasting Love 4:09

05 Bee Gees Desire 4:31

06 Bee Gees (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away 4:11

07 Bee Gees Flowing Rivers 3:39

08 Bee Gees Words And Music 4:40

09 Bee Gees I Can't Help It (With Olivia Newton-John) 4:09

10 Bee Gees Time Is Time 4:02

11 Bee Gees Me (Without You) 3:43

12 Bee Gees After Dark 4:23

13 Bee Gees Warm Ride 3:36

14 Bee Gees Too Many Looks In Your Eyes 4:12

15 Bee Gees Man On Fire 5:29

16 Bee Gees Arrow Through The Heart 3:41

17 Bee Gees Starlight 3:35

18 Bee Gees Dance To The Light Of The Morning 3:21

19 Bee Gees In The End 3:19




  1. Hi BB,
    As ever, this is a great share and i thank you for it. Useless to say that the Gibb brothers were a great band.

    1. Hi Serge.
      Their track record is there, they were great song writers. Innovative, experimental, shapeshifters.
      Glad you like this post.


  2. Mythology is a greek word and efharisto [ευχαριστώ] is how we say thank you in my country.
    Great as always BB!!

    1. Thanks Manolis,
      I think The Bee Gees are very deserving of another listen, today and tomorrow.


  3. Hi Butterboy

    Thanks this is a great overview of the Bee Gees and makes interesting listening split across the discs by each member

    Do you have the CD called ‘Assault The Vaults’ on the Spin label which was Australian cover versions of songs written by the Bee Gees most songs that they never released themselves. Would like to hear this if available


    1. Hi Marley
      I have the disc you mention. I send it to you over the next few days. Just contact me at


    2. Hi marley,
      I will post it on the main page today.