Sunday, November 28, 2021

VA - Don't Call Us Immigrants [2000]


VA - Don't Call Us Immigrants [2000]

A Superb compilation from Pressure. They continue to be one of the two or three best reggae labels in the biz, along with Wackies. A compilation of British Roots Reggae from the late 70's and early 80's.

A great compilation to learn about the history of immigrant Jamaicans who flowed to England and started playing their hometown music with their own hands. Reggae is a reggae, but the influence from soul, funk and rock is extra, and the atmosphere of Britain covers the whole, but it is a valuable and important narcissus board that you can experience it. At it's best British Roots Reggae has a distinct, slightly more spacey sound than it's Jamaican counterpart and I've known some of the more, shall we say 'choosy' reggaeheads baulk at the 'inauthentic' sound. Whatever.... they're missing out on some fine tunes and heavy heavy discipline. All of the usual Brit Reggae suspects are present and correct with some of their finest songs: Misty, Aswad, Black Slate, Steel Pulse and there are a clutch of top ranking selections from slightly more obscure artists to complete a fine collection. (Amazon)



Track lists

01 Misty Six One Penny 3:34

02 Lion Youth Rat A Cut Bottle 3:45

03 Black Slate Sticksman 3:44

04 Tabby Cat Kelly Don't Call Us Immigrants 4:01

05 Reggae Regular Where Is Jah? 5:31

06 Trevor Hartley Skip Away 2:43

07 African Brothers Gimme African Love 4:42

08 Matumbi The Man In Me 3:42

09 Pablo Gad Hard Times 4:46

10 Steel Pulse Nyah Love 3:17

11 Aswad It's Not Our Wish 4:03

12 African Stone Run Rasta Run 2:54




  1. I guess I am not "choosy" since I like the bulk of British reggae

    1. Hi Pol.
      This is a really short track list but it is so enjoyable.


  2. A short comp but it's a really great listen, at least it seems!!!