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Mark Gillespie - A Box of Gillespe [1980-1992] (5 x CD's)



Mark Gillespie - A Box of Gillespe [1980-1992] (5 x CD's)

Mark Ignatius Gillespie (20 January 1950 – 11 November 2021) was an Australian singer-songwriter and musician. R.I.P.

Gillespie studied architecture at Melbourne University. He first became known as a performer in Melbourne clubs in the mid-1970's. He also wrote poetry and short stories and co-founded Outback Press. His first recordings appeared on a compilation album, Debutantes, prepared by Ross Wilson on Oz Records. His debut album, Only Human, appeared in 1980 on the Wheatley label set up by Glenn Wheatley. Gillespie played guitars, synthesisers, keyboards, piano and mandolin on the album and also used several of the best-known Australian session musicians. It was widely played on FM radio in Australia, reaching number 48 on the national album charts. Reluctant to promote his recordings, Gillespie made his first visit to Bangladesh around this time. He returned to Australia in 1982 to record a follow-up album, Sweet Nothing, which reached number 33. He also toured in the 1980's with such performers as Tom Waits, Maria Muldaur and Rodriguez. His third album, Ring of Truth, was issued by Wheatley in 1983. The label also issued a compilation album of his recordings, Small Mercies, in 1984. His early albums were later reissued on CD with bonus tracks from singles, B-sides and demos.

Disillusioned with the music business, Gillespie returned to Bangladesh as a volunteer worker. In 1992, he briefly returned to Australia to perform again and released his final album, Flame. He gave up the music business thereafter and settled in Bangladesh, at first working in a children's home in Dhaka and then setting up a refuge for vulnerable women and children in Sreepur. He married a local woman named Morium and, according to one former associate, "lived in a typical rural village ... with none of the trappings of western life." After some years of declining health, and a few months after his wife's death, Gillespie died in hospital in Dhaka on 11 November 2021.  (Wikipedia)

Albums Included

Only Human [1980] CD1

Only Human [1980] CD2  The Early Years (1977-79)

Sweet Nothing [1982]

Ring of Truth [1983]

Flame [1992]

Don't miss these albums by a great forgotten artist.


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Track lists

Only Human [1980] CD1

01 Mark Gillespie Only Human 4:38

02 Mark Gillespie Shake It 4:09

03 Mark Gillespie Mercury 3:55

04 Mark Gillespie Small Mercies 3:22

05 Mark Gillespie Long and Strong 3:07

06 Mark Gillespie Suicide Sister 4:32

07 Mark Gillespie Black Angels 4:03

08 Mark Gillespie Bad Scene 4:10

09 Mark Gillespie Mayday in Arcadia 4:04

10 Mark Gillespie Damsel in Distress 6:02

11 Mark Gillespie Deep As You 3:23

12 Mark Gillespie Stronger Together 2:59

13 Mark Gillespie Falling     2:55

Only Human [1980] CD2  The Early Years (1977-79)

01 Mark Gillespie I'm a Kite (Won't You Be My Hurricane)1977 4:59

02 Mark Gillespie The Joke's on You 1977    4:39

03 Mark Gillespie Suicide Sister [The Black Tape, October 1978] 5:15

04 Mark Gillespie Savonarola [The Black Tape, October 1978] 4:35

05 Mark Gillespie Another Ms. Wrong [The Black Tape, October 1978] 5:10

06 Mark Gillespie Talkin' to the Devil [The Black Tape, October 1978] 7:16

07 Mark Gillespie Nothin' Special [The Black Tape, October 1978] 8:12

08 Mark Gillespie Just Wanna Ball [The Black Tape, October 1978] 3:52

09 Mark Gillespie Stormy Bed [The Black Tape, October 1978] 3:50

10 Mark Gillespie Too Far Gone [The Black Tape, October 1978] 6:08

11 Mark Gillespie Black Angels [Previously Unreleased From the Black Tape Sessions] 5:17

12 Mark Gillespie Comin' Back for More [Single (Infinity K7423), April 1979] 2:58

13 Mark Gillespie Alligator Music [Single (Infinity K7423), April 1979] 4:13

Sweet Nothing [1982]

01 Mark Gillespie Nothing Special 4:27

02 Mark Gillespie Traveller in the Night 4:04

03 Mark Gillespie Hand to Hand 4:08

04 Mark Gillespie Swing Tonight 3:12

05 Mark Gillespie Night and Day 4:02

06 Mark Gillespie Pile-up 3:34

07 Mark Gillespie Rivers of Blood 4:45

08 Mark Gillespie Stormy Bed 3:58

09 Mark Gillespie Miss Right 4:14

10 Mark Gillespie The Wake is Over 4:08

11 Mark Gillespie Passing [single b-side] 4:33

12 Mark Gillespie Looking for You [single b-side] 3:42

Ring Of Truth [1983]

01 Mark Gillespie Ring Of Truth 3:51

02 Mark Gillespie Thanks 5:07

03 Mark Gillespie You 3:39

04 Mark Gillespie Letting Go 4:12

05 Mark Gillespie Look What You Got 3:16

06 Mark Gillespie Lost In Wonder 4:22

07 Mark Gillespie Here And Now 3:37

08 Mark Gillespie Not Diamonds 3:54

09 Mark Gillespie Scars 4:50

10 Mark Gillespie Easy (Instrumental) 2:01

11 Mark Gillespie Deep As You 3:29

12 Mark Gillespie Stronger Together 3:03

13 Mark Gillespie Falling (Instrumental) 2:55

14 Mark Gillespie All Your Love 4:47

15 Mark Gillespie Comin' Back For More 2:55

Flame [1992]

01 Mark Gillespie Flame 4:31

02 Mark Gillespie Somebody Dead 6:11

03 Mark Gillespie Beautiful Girl 4:59

04 Mark Gillespie Don't Wait 4:45

05 Mark Gillespie Long Time 4:40

06 Mark Gillespie Love Melts Away 7:12

07 Mark Gillespie Battlestations 4:52

08 Mark Gillespie City of Pain 4:21

09 Mark Gillespie Slwt 5:44

10 Mark Gillespie Without You 4:23

11 Mark Gillespie Reason for Living 4:56

12 Mark Gillespie All Mine 4:25




  1. Many thanks for this share.
    A very underrated artist. Played my Only Human LP til it wore out, the late, great Ross Hannaford on guitar. This album is the ducks nuts :)

    1. Thanks g8rrick,
      I am always letting people know about this talent. Thanks for spreading the word.


  2. I'm not sure if I've ever heard his music. I trust your music taste so I'll check these songs
    Thank you BB.

    1. Hi Manolis,
      I am sure there will be many songs that you will enjoy.