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Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride, The Dunhill ABC Years 1967-1971 [2021] (8 x CD's)



Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride, The Dunhill ABC Years 1967-1971 [2021] (8 x CD's)

Cherry Red Records has gathered the six studio and two live LP’s, supplemented by twenty six single sides, in a new eight disc box set on the label’s Esoteric Recordings imprint.

Steppenwolf was formed in 1967 in LA by John Kay (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Goldy McJohn (organ, piano) and Jerry Edmonton (drums) who were previously members of the Canadian band The Sparrows. They were joined by Michael Monarch (lead guitar) and Rushton Moreve (bass). The band signed to Dunhill/ABC the same year and with producer Gabriel Mekler they recorded their self-titled debut album. The band were propelled to success with their classic single ‘Born To Be Wild’ (a #2 hit in the USA) and became even wider known when the track was featured, along with their version of ‘The Pusher’ in the classic 1969 counterculture film Easy Rider.

‘The Second’ was released in October ‘68 and featured the hit single ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ (another US #2 hit). In March ‘69 ‘At Your Birthday Party’ was released to further success and was their first record to feature Nick St Nicholas on bass and their last to feature Michael Monarch. The July 1969 release ‘Early Steppenwolf’ featured live recordings made at The Matrix in San Francisco in May 1967 and featured a 20-minute version of ‘The Pusher’. The band’s next studio album, ‘Monster’, was issued in November 1969 and dealt with America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. 1970 saw the band release two albums, the double LP ‘Steppenwolf Live’ and ‘Steppenwolf 7’. By the release of the latter the band’s popularity began to wain slightly, although they would retain a large and loyal fan base. Their November 1971 album ‘For Ladies Only’ was their last for Dunhill/ABC and Steppenwolf disbanded in February 1972 only to reform in 1974.

Steppenwolf has long been poorly represented in the digital world, but that has finally been rectified here by Cherry Red Records. The ABC / Dunhill catalog has now been beautifully remastered, and placed within a lovely clamshell box. Each album is contained in a cardboard cover replicating the original album artwork, and all but one of these eight discs include bonus tracks. The sound quality is absolutely spectacular, and if you already own any of the previously released versions on CD, then you’re going to want to upgrade to this set. The difference in quality is staggering. There has been several bands on the ABC / Dunhill label that had their master tapes lost or destroyed over the years, but fortunately Steppenwolf weren’t one of them. So this set was transferred from those master tapes, and the results are truly amazing. If you’re a fan, then I highly recommend grabbing this before it goes out of print for a second time.

Steppenwolf were definitely one of the most important bands from the late sixties and early seventies, and they’ve finally been given the treatment they so obviously deserve. .... from the band that set the standard for hard rock before there was hard rock. (Amazon)


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Track lists


01 Steppenwolf Sookie Sookie 3:17

02 Steppenwolf Everybodys Next One 2:59

03 Steppenwolf Berry Rides Again 2:51

04 Steppenwolf Hootchie Kootchie Man 5:14

05 Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild 3:31

06 Steppenwolf Your Walls Too High 5:46

07 Steppenwolf Desperation 5:46

08 Steppenwolf The Pusher 5:51

09 Steppenwolf A Girl I Knew 2:40

10 Steppenwolf Take What You Need 3:29

11 Steppenwolf The Ostrich 5:47

12 Steppenwolf Sookie Sookie (Mono Single Version) 3:14

13 Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild (Mono Single Version) 3:04

14 Steppenwolf Everybodys Next One (Mono Single Version) 2:53

15 Steppenwolf Take What You Need (Mono Single Version) 3:26

16 Steppenwolf A Girl I Knew (Mono Single Version) 2:33

17 Steppenwolf The Ostrich (Mono Single Version) 3:19

18 Steppenwolf The Pusher (Mono Single Version) 5:53

19 Steppenwolf Berry Rides Again (Mono Single Version) 2:49


01 Steppenwolf Faster Than The Speed Of Life 3:15

02 Steppenwolf Tighten Up Your Wig 3:07

03 Steppenwolf None Of Your Doing 2:52

04 Steppenwolf Spiritual Fantasy 3:41

05 Steppenwolf Dont Step On The Grass Sam 5:41

06 Steppenwolf 28 3:14

07 Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride 4:31

08 Steppenwolf Disappointment Number (Unknown) 4:54

09 Steppenwolf Lost And Found By Trial And Error 2:08

10 Steppenwolf Hodge Podge Strained Through A Leslie 2:50

11 Steppenwolf Resurrection 2:53

12 Steppenwolf Reflections 0:47

13 Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride (Mono Single Version) 2:54

14 Steppenwolf Spiritual Fantasy (Mono Single Version) 3:40


01 Steppenwolf Dont Cry 3:09

02 Steppenwolf Chicken Wolf 2:56

03 Steppenwolf Lovely Meter 3:08

04 Steppenwolf Round And Down 3:16

05 Steppenwolf Its Never Too Late 4:05

06 Steppenwolf Sleeping Dreaming 1:07

07 Steppenwolf Jupiter Child 3:26

08 Steppenwolf She ll Be Better 5:28

09 Steppenwolf Cat Killer 1:35

10 Steppenwolf Rock Me 3:40

11 Steppenwolf God Fearing Man 3:52

12 Steppenwolf Mango Juice 3:01

13 Steppenwolf Happy Birthday 2:20

14 Steppenwolf Rock Me (Mono Single Version) 3:39

15 Steppenwolf Jupiter Child (Mono Single Version) 3:11

16 Steppenwolf Its Never Too Late (Mono Single Version) 3:08

17 Steppenwolf Happy Birthday (Mono Single Version) 2:23


01 Steppenwolf Power Play 2:57

02 Steppenwolf Howlin For My Baby 4:53

03 Steppenwolf Goin Upstairs 7:16

04 Steppenwolf Corina Corina 3:55

05 Steppenwolf Tighten Up Your Wig 3:16

06 Steppenwolf The Pusher 21:25


01 Steppenwolf Monster, Suicide, America 9:16

02 Steppenwolf Draft Resister 3:22

03 Steppenwolf Power Play 5:28

04 Steppenwolf Move Over 2:53

05 Steppenwolf Fag 3:13

06 Steppenwolf What Would You Do (If I Did That To You) 3:21

07 Steppenwolf From Here To There Eventually 5:33

08 Steppenwolf Monster (Single Version) 3:57

09 Steppenwolf Move Over (Mono Single Version) 2:58

10 Steppenwolf Power Play (Mono Single Version) 4:49


01 Steppenwolf Sookie Sookie 3:10

02 Steppenwolf Dont Step On The Grass 6:07

03 Steppenwolf Tighten Up Your Wig 4:14

04 Steppenwolf Monster 9:55

05 Steppenwolf Draft Resister 3:46

06 Steppenwolf Power Play 5:42

07 Steppenwolf Corina Corina 3:48

08 Steppenwolf Twisted 5:02

09 Steppenwolf From Here To There Eventually 6:40

10 Steppenwolf Hey Lawdy Mama 2:58

11 Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride 4:16

12 Steppenwolf The Pusher 5:59

13 Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild 5:46

14 Steppenwolf Hey Lawdy Mama (Mono Single Version) 3:21

15 Steppenwolf Twisted (Mono Single Version) 3:47

16 Steppenwolf Corina Corina (Mono Single Version) 3:49


01 Steppenwolf Ball Crusher 4:52

02 Steppenwolf Forty Days And Forty Nights 3:03

03 Steppenwolf Fat Jack 4:47

04 Steppenwolf Renegade 6:06

05 Steppenwolf Foggy Mental Breakdown 3:53

06 Steppenwolf Snow Blind Friend 3:54

07 Steppenwolf Who Needs Ya 2:59

08 Steppenwolf Earschplittenloudenboomer 5:01

09 Steppenwolf Hippo Stomp 5:46

10 Steppenwolf Screaming Night Hog 3:19

11 Steppenwolf Snowblind Friend (Single Version) 3:18

12 Steppenwolf Hippo Stomp (Single Version) 3:24


01 Steppenwolf For Ladies Only 9:18

02 Steppenwolf Im Asking 4:29

03 Steppenwolf Shackles And Chains 4:59

04 Steppenwolf Tenderness 4:55

05 Steppenwolf The Night Times For You 3:00

06 Steppenwolf Jaded Strumpet 4:45

07 Steppenwolf Sparkle Eyes 4:33

08 Steppenwolf Black Pit 3:51

09 Steppenwolf Ride With Me 3:27

10 Steppenwolf In Hopes Of A Garden 2:14

11 Steppenwolf For Madmen Only 8:46

12 Steppenwolf For Ladies Only (Single Version) 3:30

13 Steppenwolf Ride With Me (Mono Single Version) 3:22




  1. thanks bb nice set of steppenwolf

    1. Thanks Doors97246
      Every one has their favorite Steppenwolf songs / albums. This set makes sure you the one you like.


  2. Thanks BB. The completist in me is... complete

    1. Hi Bud_e_luv_bomb,
      Completely enjoy this set.

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    1. Hi FiveGunsWest
      What a great band this was.

  4. Hello Butterboy, many thanks for this fantastic offer.I like the music of the 60s and hear with joy those compilations from great groups!!Thanks for your side with daily offers.Greetings Thomas

    1. Hi Tom,
      Glad you are enjoying the sites offers.
      Every day something new to consider.

  5. Thanks BB
    Looking forward to hearing the upgrade. Always enjoyed their music.

    1. Hope you do lemonflag.
      After listening to these again recently I found myself really getting into their sound.again. Good band.

  6. Thanks for this amazing set of one of my all time favorite bands. Lots of great lesser known tunes in this set so that makes the set even more interesting. Thanks a lot BB!

    1. You're welcome hotrodmike.
      I really enjoy the 7th album.


  7. Wow! What a great set. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi omac,
      Enjoy the sounds of Steppenwolf and remember when you first heard Magic Carpet Ride.

  8. For me, one of the best american band ever. I have yet all of the original albums but the bonuses of this box are a plus. Many thanks.
    Very difficult to comment with the new acces by Google. I'm using Firefox.

    1. Hi Racati.
      The bonuses are great, aren't they.
      I was also thrown back by the new commenting/reply feature but it OK now.

  9. Single cd or double cd compilations will suffice for most listeners,
    while die-hard fans can fully appreciate the breadth and scope of a band when exposed to the complete works, the whole oeuvre.
    Thank you Butterboy for sharing your musical treasures with us. We are grateful.

    1. Thank you Robert,
      I tend to agree with you although some bands have a great start and then fade away. Not Steppenwolf though.


  10. Thanks Butterboy, this looks grouse