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VA - Cadillac Cuties And Hot Rod Heroes [2012] (2 x CD's)



VA - Cadillac Cuties And Hot Rod Heroes [2012] (2 x CD's)

Fantastic Voyage dips into rock n roll s hotwired legacy of automobile anthems and highway love serenades in the latest tarmac-scorching compilation put together with Wild Wax Show DJ Jailhouse John Alexander and Lucky Parker. Since the birth of rock n roll, the car has occupied a special place in teenage rampage and backseat romance, rock n roll music essential as both soundtrack pumping out of the radio or celebration of heaven on wheels. Over two discs, revving up engines and screeching brakes introduce 50 road-worthy classics, including lesser-heard gems rarely encountered on CD (if at all) by names such as the Storey Sisters, Don Pearly, Burt Keyes, Eddie Ringo, Dave Diddle Day, Rocky Davis plus a fleet of over-the-limit roadrunners such as Slick Slavin s Speed Crazy , Chuck Higgins Motor Head Baby and Mike Fern s Brake Jake (not forgetting Johnny Tyler s immortal Devil s Hot Rod ). This tyre-shredding set also shows how automobile association also brought out the beast in well-known protagonists such as Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Carl Perkins, Roy Brown, Eddie Cochran, Howlin Wolf, Merrill Moore, the Del-Vikings, Vince Taylor (in his Brand New Cadillac ), plus a brace of revved-up instrumentals like the Duals Stick Shift . Unexpectedly, this immaculately sprayed collection also boasts Gene Vincent warning about the perils of people driving like crazy on Why Don t People Learn How To Drive , after starting the set in his Pink Thunderbird . Cadillac Cuties And Hot Rod Heroes is that rare kind of compilation whose theme is simple but elevated by being beautifully pulled off: along with exhaustive liner notes, photos and memorabilia, it will motivate rock n roll and R&B fans, while also acting as a perfect cruising soundtrack (or antidote to somnambulant drive-time radio shows). (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps Pink Thunderbird 2:32

02 Aquatones Wanted (A Solid Gold Cadillac) 2:18

03 Delicates Black And White Thunderbird 2:11

04 Chuck Berry You Can't Catch Me 2:43

05 Baker Knight Bring My Cadillac Back 2:24

06 Medallions Buick 59 2:34

07 Del-Vikings Flat Tire 2:24

08 Jimmy Carroll Big Green Car 2:23

09 Eddie Ringo Full Racing Cam 2:35

10 Rocky Davis Hot Rod Baby 2:58

11 Slick Slavin Speed Crazy 1:52

12 Carl Perkins Pop, Let Me Have The Car 2:12

13 Chuck Miller Bright Red Convertible 1:47

14 Roy Brown Cadillac Baby 2:55

15 Billy 'the Kid' Emerson Every Woman I Know (Crazy 'bout Automobiles) 2:43

16 Chuck Higgins Motor Head Baby 2:11

17 Conny & The Bellhops Shot Rod 2:29

18 Dave 'diddle' Day Motorcycle Mike 1:50

19 Charlie Ryan Hot Rod Lincoln 2:30

20 Merrill Moore Hard Top Race 2:06

21 Sammy Masters Pink Cadillac 2:18

22 Bill Parsons Hot Rod Volkswagen 2:28

23 Collegians Let's Go For A Ride 1:49

24 Eddie Cochran Drive In Show 2:03

25 Duals Stick Shift 2:30


01 Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps Why Don't You People Learn How To Drive 1:59

02 Ray Burden Hot-Rodder's Dream 2:39

03 Mike Fern Brake Jake 2:05

04 Jan And Arnie Gas Money 2:22

05 Bob Luman Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache 2:18

06 Leon Smith Little Forty Ford 1:45

07 Bo Diddley Road Runner 2:47

08 Johnny Roane Drag Strip Baby 2:26

09 Pat Davis Spinner Hub Caps 1:56

10 Richie Deran Girl And A Hot Rod 1:51

11 Savoys Slappin' Rods And Leaky Oil 1:59

12 Bill Sherrell Cadillac Baby 1:58

13 Burt Keyes Stop Jivin' Start Drivin' 2:35

14 Jim Flaherty's Caravan This Old Bomb Of Mine 1:58

15 Jerry Woodard Speedway Rock 2:28

16 Howlin' Wolf Mr Highway Man 2:46

17 Willie Brown Cadillac Boogie 2:39

18 Jackie Brenston Rocket '88' 2:47

19 Chuck Berry Jaguar And Thunderbird 1:51

20 Vernon Green And The Medallions 59 Volvo 2:07

21 Storey Sisters Bad Motorcycle 1:54

22 Vince Taylor And His Playboys Brand New Cadillac 2:35

23 Don Pearly Drag Race 2:21

24 'peso' Dollar Sixteen Miles 3:06

25 Johnny Tyler Devil's Hot Rod 2:17