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VA - Superbad Funk & Cinematic Soul [2006] (2 x CD's)



VA - Superbad Funk & Cinematic Soul [2006] (2 x CD's)

Funktastic 28 track, 2 x CD collection of Soul and Funk tracks taken from the blaxploitation films of the 70's as well as songs used in TV shows during the same era if watching and reliving scenes in these films while bopping up and down. Hypnotic rhythms from masters from various musical backgrounds.  An enjoyable collection. Among the funk and soul of Isaac Hayes,James Brown Curtis Mayfield and Rose Royce are the themes to the Sweeney, the Prisoner and the Pink Panther.There's a few things on this that have been on other compilations,but there's also some rarer things from Edwin Starr,Mavis Staples,Tom Scott and Charles Earland that make it worth Owning. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Harry South Orchestra The Sweeney (Main Theme) 0:02:43

02 Rose Royce Car Wash 0:05:07

03 Tom Scott Gotcha 0:03:39

04 Marvin Gaye Trouble Man 0:03:52

05 Henry Mancini The Return Of The Pink Panther 0:05:13

06 Isaac Hayes Theme From Shaft 0:03:19

07 Morton Stevens Hawaii 5-0 (Main Theme) 0:01:36

08 J.J. Johnson Willie Chase 0:03:09

09 The Four Tops Are You Man Enough 0:03:26

10 Al Green Lets Stay Together 0:03:18

11 Earth Wind And Fire Sweet Sweetback's Theme 0:07:32

12 Charles Earland The Snake 0:08:40

13 Curtis Mayfield Superfly 0:03:56

14 Ron Grainer & His Orchestra The Prisoner (Main Theme) 0:02:17


01 Johnny Pate You Can't Even Walk In The Par 0:02:33

02 Lalo Schiffrin Enter The Dragon 0:02:25

03 James Brown The Boss 0:03:13

04 Curtis Mayfield Doo Doo Wop Is Strong In Here 0:05:32

05 Bobby Womack Across 110th St 0:03:48

06 Isaac Hayes In Pursuit Of The Pimp Mobile 0:09:08

07 Roy Ayers Coffy Is The Color 0:03:01

08 Bobby Womack Harlem Clavinette 0:02:15

09 Willie Hutch Brothers Gonna Work It Out 0:04:49

10 Mavis Staples Koochie Koochie Koochie 0:02:49

11 Curtis Mayfield Freddie's Dead 0:05:28

12 Edwin Starr Easin' In 0:03:18

13 Blackyrds Wilfords Gone 0:02:23

14 Isaac Hayes Cafe Regio's 0:05:59




  1. Thanks much 70's era soul was my favorite

    1. hi doors97426,
      This set is a great listen.


  2. "Harlem Clavinette" is a JJ Johnson composition, not Bobby Womack's

    1. That it is Doc,
      You are correct.
      The album above suggests it is performed by Bobby Womack.
      Discogs states as follows.


    2. I believe that both Bobby Womack & J.J. Johnson are involved with "Harlem Clavinet".
      Pretty sure it was composed by J.J. Johnson.
      Its from their 1972 "Across 110th Street" LP (Album).

      Stay safe

  3. BTW, take a look into "My Compilations" Vol. 035

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