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Gene Clark – The 7 CD Box Set [2001] (7 x CD's)


Gene Clark – The 7 CD Box Set [2001] (7 x CD's)

Here is a hard-to-find gem, a fan compilation box set of the great songwriter and golden-voiced singer-songwriter, Gene Clark. 

A sprawling seven-disc set, this Gene Clark box set, believe it or not, barely scratches the surface of his unreleased material and underlines the fact that he remains one of the most prolific, underrated, and talented singer/songwriters to come out of the 1960's. To this end, several collectors that were active on the Gene Clark website geneclark.com and a related listserv have pooled their resources to collect this set of previously unreleased and rare material. The first two discs contain nearly 30 previously unreleased studio recordings, most of them from the 1980's. Some are solo acoustic versions, but most are collaborations with fellow ex Byrd John York and/or Pat Robinson, who, along with Clark, recorded under the name CRY. Some of the highlights include the fascinating and beautiful "I Am Without You," which was originally written for Clark's unreleased 1967 solo album. Clark had such a huge and impressive catalog of original material to draw on that it's surprising he recorded and performed so many covers, but discs three and four are dedicated to just these songs, and they are particularly enlightening. Several selections predictably draw upon his country roots, like "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" and "Long Black Veil." While these are wonderful, it's the Beatles and Dylan covers that command the most attention. Clark's readings of "I Shall Be Released" and, especially, "Gates of Eden" get to the heart of the matter and are quite possibly the finest versions of these classic songs, next to Dylan's originals. Discs five and six consist of 40 ultrarare and alternate studio and live versions of songs that either were never released or somehow slipped through the cracks. The acoustic demos of "In a Misty Morning" and "Gypsy Rider" will take your breath away with their stark vulnerability. There are several exquisite examples of Clark's collaboration with Carla Olsen, particularly their duet on Phil Ochs' "Changes," from the True Voices album, and "Day for Night," from the Textones' Through the Canyon album. The import only (U.K.) live album Three Byrds in London is well represented by two of Clark's hardest rockers ever, "Denver or Wherever" and "Hula Bula Man," which come across like Johnny Cash fronting the Rolling Stones in the early 70's. The sound quality, frankly, is wildly inconsistent, and ranges from fair to excellent. The songs and performances, however, are the main reason for picking it up. (All Music Guide review by Matthew Greenwald)

This contains loads of great stuff for dedicated fans, including much that you may not have heard before, by this great, underappreciated artist.






Track lists


01 Gene Clark I Don't Want To See You Anymore 5:48

02 Gene Clark Carry On 5:44

03 Gene Clark Shades Of Blue 4:46

04 Gene Clark I Need To Fly 3:38

05 Gene Clark Sleep Will Return 3:29

06 Gene Clark After The Storm 4:56

07 Gene Clark Look Who's Missing Who 3:26

08 Gene Clark Somewhere After Midnight 4:33

09 Gene Clark Life And Times 5:22

10 Gene Clark Straight From The Heart 3:11

11 Gene Clark Crazy Ladies 3:42

12 Gene Clark Lover's Turnaround 3:15

13 Gene Clark My Marie 5:46

14 Gene Clark I Am Without You 4:38

15 Gene Clark On The Run 3:48

16 Gene Clark The Old Mountain God 3:42


01 Gene Clark Last Of The Blue Diamond Miners 6:08

02 Gene Clark Winning Hand 2:38

03 Gene Clark Hard Times 5:08

04 Gene Clark You're Gonna Miss That Somebody 4:01

05 Gene Clark Daylight Time 4:07

06 Gene Clark Ship Of The Lord 2:07

07 Gene Clark Into The Night 3:51

08 Gene Clark You And I 2:23

09 Gene Clark I Had A Dream Come True 4:17

10 Gene Clark What Is Meant Will Be 5:36

11 Gene Clark Mary Ann 3:51

12 Gene Clark Put Your Faith In Me 4:02

13 Gene Clark Wheel Of Time 3:29


01 Gene Clark No Memories Hanging Around 4:11

02 Gene Clark Kaw-Liga 5:14

03 Gene Clark Long Black Veil 4:27

04 Gene Clark Gates Of Eden 4:40

05 Gene Clark Tell It Like It Is 5:27

06 Gene Clark She Loves You 4:00

07 Gene Clark I Shall Be Released 4:23

08 Gene Clark Stand By Me 2:48

09 Gene Clark I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 5:05

10 Gene Clark Kansas City 2:17

11 Gene Clark Knocking On Heaven's Door 5:05

12 Gene Clark I'll Be Back 3:35

13 Gene Clark You Ain't Going Nowhere 3:20

14 Gene Clark Boll Weevil Song 6:48


01 Gene Clark Baby Blue 3:56

02 Gene Clark Love Is Gonna Come At Last 2:59

03 Gene Clark My Back Pages 4:21

04 Gene Clark One Hundred Years From Now 2:54

05 Gene Clark You Really Got A Hold On Me 4:43

06 Gene Clark Living Next Door To Alice 3:49

07 Gene Clark It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 5:41

08 Gene Clark The Closer You Get 4:05

09 Gene Clark Still Feeling Blue 2:20

10 Gene Clark Young Love 3:30

11 Gene Clark So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star 3:08

12 Gene Clark Needles And Pins 2:30

13 Gene Clark Ain't Loving Long Like This 6:44

14 Gene Clark Why You Been Gone So Long 5:07


01 Gene Clark Day For The Night 2:55

02 Gene Clark Denver Or Whenever 4:50

03 Gene Clark Lover's Turnaround 3:28

04 Gene Clark Jokers Are Wild 4:04

05 Gene Clark Release Me Girl 5:34

06 Gene Clark Here Without You 4:00

07 Gene Clark Hula Bula Man 4:08

08 Gene Clark Changes 3:29

09 Gene Clark Outlaw Song 1:09

10 Gene Clark I Remember The Railroad 2:33

11 Gene Clark Why Did You Leave Me Today 4:17

12 Gene Clark Shooting Star 4:39

13 Gene Clark Gypsy Rider 4:03

14 Gene Clark Mary Sue 4:47

15 Gene Clark In A Misty Morning 4:08

16 Gene Clark All I Want 4:23

17 Gene Clark Love Wins Again 2:46

18 Gene Clark She Don't Care About Time 4:17

19 Gene Clark The Virgin 4:19

20 Gene Clark I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better 2:14


01 Gene Clark Kansas City Southern 4:52

02 Gene Clark If You Could Read My Mind 4:37

03 Gene Clark Painted Fire 3:45

04 Gene Clark Won't Let You Down 5:04

05 Gene Clark Something About You Baby 3:48

06 Gene Clark Train Leaves Here This Morning 4:02

07 Gene Clark Hear The Wind 3:10

08 Gene Clark Backstage Pass 4:30

09 Gene Clark The World Turns All Around Her 3:23

10 Gene Clark Release Me Girl 4:22

11 Gene Clark For A Spanish Guitar 6:07

12 Gene Clark Satisfied Mind 4:42

13 Gene Clark Denver Or Whenever 2:52

14 Gene Clark Eight Miles High 3:15

15 Gene Clark Rodeo Rider 2:48

16 Gene Clark Your Fire Burning 2:16

17 Gene Clark She Don't Care About Time 3:40

18 Gene Clark Past Addresses 3:29

19 Gene Clark Little Mama 3:11

20 Gene Clark Bells Of Rhymney 4:37


01 Gene Clark You're Gonna Miss That Somebody 2:39

02 Gene Clark Blue Raven 3:45

03 Gene Clark Here Without You 4:50

04 Gene Clark Feeling Higher 4:01

05 Gene Clark Silver Raven 6:30

06 Gene Clark Fair And Tender Ladies 5:03

07 Gene Clark Gypsy Rider 4:25

08 Gene Clark Life's Greatest Fool 4:10

09 Gene Clark Rain Song 5:56

10 Gene Clark American Dreamer 3:05

11 Gene Clark Hot Burrito #1 6:51

12 Gene Clark Stand By Me 4:48

13 Gene Clark Set You Free This Time 4:41

14 Gene Clark You Showed Me 2:18

15 Gene Clark I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better 3:09

16 Gene Clark Mr Tambourine Man 5:48




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  2. Great to see Gene Clarke box set, great artist indeed. Many thanks Butterboy

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