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VA - On the Corner [2008] (2 x CD's)


VA - On the Corner [2008] (2 x CD's)

On the Corner is yet another excellent Blue Note U.K. compilation of absolutely killer cuts from Blue Note's prime jazz-funk years in the wake of the soul-jazz explosion of the 1960's and Miles Davis' electric innovations in the late 60's and 70's. Typical of Blue Note in the period, these tracks all came from albums that were, in one sense, birds of a feather. In other words, whatever was "happening," Blue Note recorded it almost exclusively and forced even established artists to fit into that mold. While there were some mixed results, obviously, there is also a wealth of great material to choose from, as this funk-centric compilation makes very clear. One can already judge where the set is headed when it begins with Gene Harris' truly grooving "Losalamitoslatinlovesong." Harris cut three terrific electric jazz-funk sets for the label in the 1970s, only one of which has ever been available on CD. But other selections -- such as Eddie Henderson's "Kumquat Kid," Ronnie Foster's "Cheshire Cat," Ronnie Laws' "Always There," and Moacir Santos' "Route" - offer funky fusion delights as well. There are 20 tunes on two discs, each of them jam-packed with gems. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 Gene Harris Losalamitoslatinlovesong 3:06

02 Donald Byrd Love So Far Away 5:59

03 Bobby Humphries Fun House 4:42

04 Ronnie Foster Cheshire Cat 8:07

05 Eddie Henderson Kumquat Kid 4:29

06 Gene Harris Koko And Lee Roe 6:00

07 Donald Byrd You And Music 5:19

08 Bobby Hutcherson People Make The Wolrd Go Round 8:41

09 Waters Motherland 5:25

10 Alphonse Mouzon Essence Of Mystery 5:01


01 Eddie Henderson Inside You 4:45

02 Bobby Humphries Chicago Damn 6:30

03 Donald Byrd Stepping Into Tomorrow 5:10

04 Ronnie Laws Always There 4:50

05 Ronnie Foster Fly Away 6:15

06 Carmen Mccrae You're Everything 2:48

07 Horace Silver In Pursuit Of The 27th Man 9:42

08 Lou Donaldson Sassy Soul Strut 4:36

09 Bobby Humphrey The Trip 5:37

10 Moacir Santos Route 3:32




  1. An amazing selection of tunes that points out the fine line between Jazz and Funk/Soul on one side of the spectrum and Jazz and Prog on the other side. It's understandable why this genre is popular in the library music field as it covers a lot of bases.
    Once again thanks for your amazing efforts by bringing us such a great assortment of music.

    1. Thank you, eelcat.
      Variety is the spice of life they say.