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VA - The Krautrock & Progressive Box Set [2016] (6 x CD's)


VA - The Krautrock & Progressive Box Set [2016] (6 x CD's)

The year 1965 suffered an unexpected detour in pop culture: starting the explosion of psychedelia and the influence of Bob Dylan's poetry, rock, as an aesthetic movement, wanted to earn the recognition that genres such as jazz or classical music had. Due to this, many virtuoso performers and complex arrangements and improvisation were incorporated to rock's catalog. That's how psychedelic rock and then progressive rock came to be. Meanwhile in Germany and influenced by both the English rock and by German avant-garde artists such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, a new way of understanding rock music was born, with poetry inspired by outer space and a remarkable use of electronics and experimentation. This musical movement was dubbed by British press as krautrock. The Krautrock and Progressive Rock Box is the definitive album that illustrates both these cultural moments, with a range of artists that never before were compiled together. The Krautrock and Progressive Box is a work of unusual magnitude that will delight not only those experts in the genres, but any fan of rock music.

What you do get from this excellent package is 6 x CD's of English and German Progressive and Psychedelic Music covering a least 3 decades. There's no info about the bands or the songs however, it's an eclectic selection including Hawkwind, Arthur Brown, Gong, Van Der Graaf Generator, Robert Fripp alongside German bands like Birth Control, Walpurgis, Mogul Thrash and many more.  Well-curated music from the late sixties, early seventies. (Amazon)






Track lists


01 Steve Hackett Watcher Of The Skies 8:41

02 Giles Giles And Fripp I Talk To The Wind 3:16

03 Anthony Philips God If I Saw Her Now 4:13

04 Atomic Rooster Friday The 13th 3:30

05 Rick Wakeman The Mission 6:30

06 Gtr The Hunter 5:00

07 Dave Greenslade Pedros Party 2:36

08 Stackridge Teatime 5:50

09 Robert Wyatt Unmasked 3:42

10 Gong Om Riff 7:26


01 Van Der Graaf Generator Lifetime 4:46

02 Fission Trip Santa Maria 8:27

03 Arthur Browns Kingdom Come Gypsy 9:13

04 Audience Heaven Was An Island 4:17

05 David Bedford Great Equatorial (Part Iii) 10:27

06 Third Ear Band Gog And Magog 7:37

07 Mother Gong The Hous Is Not The Same 4:12

08 Ginger Baker Rabbit Run 6:04


01 Cressida To Play Your Little Game 3:20

02 Second Hand Death My Be Your Santa Claus 2:40

03 Warhorse No Chance 6:24

04 Steve Howe Beyond Winter 3:16

05 Audience Poet 3:07

06 Anthony Philips Field Of Eternity 5:16

07 Blonde On Blonde The Rut 5:28

08 Slapp Happy Scarred For Life 3:20

09 Daevid Allen Strocking The Tail Of The Bird 10:01

10 Hawkwind Clouded Vision 3:52

11 Arthur Brown And Vincent Crane No 2:40

12 Dick Heckstall-Smith Where One Is 3:56


01 Walpurgis Hey You Over There 6:54

02 Birth Control Stop Little Lady 7:17

03 Atlantis He's Got A Gun In His Hand 4:13

04 Annexus Quam Troubluhs El E Isch 5:34

05 Broselmaschine Schmetterling 9:32

06 Holderlin Requiem Fur Einen Wicht 6:38

07 Jerry Berkers Ich Klage An 4:23

08 Emtidi Die Reise 10:15

09 Annexus Quam Osmose I 4:13

10 Birth Control The Work Is Done 6:00

11 Atlantis Change My Mind 4:32


01 Embryo Got No Time 1:32

02 Mythos Dedicated To Wernher Von Braun 5:53

03 Sergius Golowin Die Weisse Alm 5:54

04 Walter Wegmller Die Hohepriesterin 4:17

05 Cosmic Jockers Galactic Joke 6:45

06 Anima Meeting In The Studio 20:33

07 Walter Wegmller Die Sterne 6:17

08 Mythos Heros Death 9:41


01 Carmen Stepping Stone 2:54

02 Hawkwind Choose Your Masques 5:33

03 Wallenstein Mother Universe 8:40

04 Mogul Trash Elegy 9:30

05 Arthur Browns Kingdome Come The Hymn 8:42

06 Hugh Hopper And Richard Sinclair Potted History 3:00

07 Chillum Celebration 6:05

08 Blonde On Blonde Sad Song For An Easy Lady 4:15

09 Wallenstein Silver Arms 9:39

10 Guy Evans Feat David Jackson Der Traum Von Julius 4:42




  1. I'm not particularly well-versed in the types of music represented here, but this does seem to be an interesting collection which straddles some rather different traditions and time periods.

    1. Hi Crab Devil.
      Prog Rock has a big linage that covers many sub genres. Hopefully there is something that appeals here.
      There are always surprises.

  2. thank you bb for this wonderful post such great music for all to hear

    1. Hi doors97426.
      You're always welcome. I agree, there is some great music there to be had.

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  6. Thanks a lot for this progressive set!!! and a million thanks for your daily effords!!!

    1. Hi Il Commendatore.
      Thanks you and I appreciate your kind words.

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      New links established, tested and working.