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Suzi Quatro - The Rock Box 1973 - 1979 (7 x CD's)



Suzi Quatro - The Rock Box 1973 - 1979 (7 x CD's)

Susan Kay Quatro (born June 3, 1950) is an American singer, bass guitarist, songwriter, and actress. In the 1970's, she scored a string of hit singles that found greater success in Europe and Australia than in her homeland, reaching No. 1 in the UK, other European countries and Australia with her singles "Can the Can" (1973) and "Devil Gate Drive" (1974).  Quatro released her self-titled debut album in 1973. Since then, she has released fifteen studio albums, ten compilation albums, and one live album. Her other solo hits include "48 Crash", "Daytona Demon", "The Wild One", and "Your Mama Won't Like Me". Following a recurring role as bass player Leather Tuscadero on the popular American sitcom Happy Days, her duet "Stumblin' In" with Smokie's lead singer Chris Norman reached No. 4 in the US.  Between 1973 and 1980, Quatro was awarded six Bravo Ottos. In 2010, she was voted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends online Hall of Fame. She is reported to have sold over 50 million records worldwide, and continues to perform live. Quatro's most recent studio album, The Devil in Me, was released in 2021 and saw the collaboration of her son Richard Tuckey who had already taken part in No Control in 2019. Quatro also remains active in radio broadcasting. (Wikipedia)

In April Chrysalis Records will issue The Rock Box 1973-1979: The Complete Recordings, a 7CD+DVD collection of Suzi Quatro’s 70's output. Featuring six studio albums, a live album and a DVD with promos and rare footage.

Hailing from Detroit, Suzi Quatro learnt her chops in a series of groups including the Pleasure Seekers, an all-female line-up which also featured two of her sisters. Then in 1971, while in the band Cradle, she was spotted by producer Mickie Most. Impressed by her skills as a bass player and singer and her onstage attitude, Most signed her to his recently launched label, RAK Records.  During this period Quatro had eight top 30 UK hit singles, including two number ones (‘Can The Can’ and ‘Devil Gate Drive’). She also enjoyed some success in America, notably with the If You Knew Suzi album. This was largely down to having a top 10 hit in America, the Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn-penned ‘Stumblin’ In’, which was a duet with Smokie’s Chris Norman. Initially a non-album single it was soon added to later pressings of the 1978 long-player.  Most of the albums in The Rock Box include bonus tracks and a few previously unreleased cuts and this also comes with the 1977 live album Live and Kickin’. Excellent box set with bonus tracks. (DVD not included) (Amazon)


Pt.1     Pt.2     Pt.3   Pt3 is updated to include missing tracks


Track lists


01 Suzi Quatro 48 Crash 3:58

02 Suzi Quatro Glycerine Queen 3:51

03 Suzi Quatro Shine My Machine 3:53

04 Suzi Quatro Official Suburbian Superman 3:09

05 Suzi Quatro I Wanna Be Your Man 3:22

06 Suzi Quatro Primitive Love 4:17

07 Suzi Quatro All Shook Up 3:52

08 Suzi Quatro Sticks And Stones 3:44

09 Suzi Quatro Skin Tight Skin 4:24

10 Suzi Quatro Get Back Mamma 5:58

11 Suzi Quatro Rockin' Moonbeam 2:56

12 Suzi Quatro Shakin' All Over 3:35

13 Suzi Quatro Rolling Stone 2:47

14 Suzi Quatro Brain Confusion 3:12

15 Suzi Quatro Ain't Got No Home 2:19

16 Suzi Quatro Can The Can 3:37

17 Suzi Quatro Ain't Ya Somethin' Honey 4:08

18 Suzi Quatro Little Bitch Blue 3:27

19 Suzi Quatro Daytona Demon 4:02

20 Suzi Quatro Roman Fingers 3:48

21 Suzi Quatro Free Electric Band 3:39


01 Suzi Quatro The Wild One 3:46

02 Suzi Quatro Keep A Knockin' 3:14

03 Suzi Quatro Too Big 3:19

04 Suzi Quatro Klondyke Kate 3:29

05 Suzi Quatro Savage Silk 3:36

06 Suzi Quatro Move It 3:37

07 Suzi Quatro Hit The Road Jack 3:57

08 Suzi Quatro Trouble 3:45

09 Suzi Quatro Cat Size 4:37

10 Suzi Quatro A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues 4:53

11 Suzi Quatro Friday 3:51

12 Suzi Quatro Devil Gate Drive 3:47

13 Suzi Quatro In The Morning 2:37

14 Suzi Quatro I Wanna Be Free 3:11

15 Suzi Quatro The Wild One (Single Version) 2:51

16 Suzi Quatro Shake My Sugar 3:58

17 Suzi Quatro Angel Flight 10:45

18 Suzi Quatro The Wild One (Dry Mix) 4:12


01 Suzi Quatro I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew 3:46

02 Suzi Quatro Strip Me 3:11

03 Suzi Quatro Paralysed 2:45

04 Suzi Quatro Prisoner Of Your Imagination 4:52

05 Suzi Quatro Your Mama Won't Like Me 4:00

06 Suzi Quatro Can't Trust Love 3:42

07 Suzi Quatro New Day Woman 3:33

08 Suzi Quatro Fever 3:41

09 Suzi Quatro You Can Make Me Want You 3:35

10 Suzi Quatro Michael 3:43

11 Suzi Quatro Peter, Peter 2:52

12 Suzi Quatro Red Hot Rosie 3:51

13 Suzi Quatro I May Be Too Young 2:58

14 Suzi Quatro Don't Mess Around 2:21


01 Suzi Quatro Heartbreak Hotel 3:53

02 Suzi Quatro Don't Break My Heart 2:56

03 Suzi Quatro Make Me Smile 3:47

04 Suzi Quatro What's It Like To Be Loved 3:17

05 Suzi Quatro Tear Me Apart 3:01

06 Suzi Quatro The Honky Tonk Downstairs 3:02

07 Suzi Quatro Half As Much As Me 4:16

08 Suzi Quatro Close The Door 3:49

09 Suzi Quatro American Lady 3:43

10 Suzi Quatro Wake Up Little Susie 2:51

11 Suzi Quatro Tear Me Apart (Alt. Single Version) 3:42

12 Suzi Quatro Close Enough To Rock N Roll 3:34

13 Suzi Quatro Same As I Do 2:10

14 Suzi Quatro Roxy Roller 3:05

15 Suzi Quatro I'll Grow On You 3:09

16 Suzi Quatro Kids Of Tragedy 3:28

17 Suzi Quatro Miss America (American Lady) (Montreux Version) 3:51

18 Suzi Quatro Half As Much As Me (Alt. Version) 4:07

19 Suzi Quatro Tear Me Apart (Montreux Version) 3:08


01 Suzi Quatro The Wild One 3:34

02 Suzi Quatro The Honky Tonk Downstairs 4:04

03 Suzi Quatro Heartbreak Hotel 4:19

04 Suzi Quatro Half As Much As Me 5:44

05 Suzi Quatro Cat Size 6:27

06 Suzi Quatro Make Me Smile 4:14

07 Suzi Quatro American Lady 3:56

08 Suzi Quatro Glycerine Queen 4:49

09 Suzi Quatro What's It Like To Be Loved 14:46

10 Suzi Quatro Can The Can 7:32

11 Suzi Quatro Devil Gate Drive 5:53

12 Suzi Quatro Roxy Roller 3:29

13 Suzi Quatro Tear Me Apart 5:06

14 Suzi Quatro Keep A-Knockin' 5:26


01 Suzi Quatro Don't Change My Luck 3:45

02 Suzi Quatro Tired Of Waiting 3:32

03 Suzi Quatro Suicide 4:07

04 Suzi Quatro Evie 4:36

05 Suzi Quatro The Race Is On 4:04

06 Suzi Quatro If You Can't Give Me Love 3:53

07 Suzi Quatro Breakdown 3:26

08 Suzi Quatro Non-Citizen 3:19

09 Suzi Quatro Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo 3:26

10 Suzi Quatro Wiser Than You 3:54

11 Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman Stumblin' In 3:58

12 Suzi Quatro Cream Dream 3:46

13 Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman A Stranger With You  3:51

14 Suzi Quatro Sweet Little Rock And Roller 2:53

15 Suzi Quatro Born To Run 4:01

16 Suzi Quatro Sweet Nothings 2:25


01 Suzi Quatro I've Never Been In Love 3:02

02 Suzi Quatro Mind Demons 2:27

03 Suzi Quatro She's In Love With You 3:33

04 Suzi Quatro Hollywood 3:00

05 Suzi Quatro Four Letter Words 3:30

06 Suzi Quatro Mama's Boy 3:37

07 Suzi Quatro Starlight Lady 3:38

08 Suzi Quatro You Are My Lover 3:15

09 Suzi Quatro Space Cadets 4:21

10 Suzi Quatro Love Hurts 2:48




  1. Did you remove the Chris Norman duets (CD6 - If You Knew Suzi...) ?
    (Im sure my version has them!)


    1. No, Not deliberately, Stephen.
      "Stumblin' in" and "A Stranger With You" should be there.
      I look into it.

    2. Yes...they are the two tracks I believe should be there!


    3. Okay....I have investigated!
      Clearly "someone" has stolen the two Chris Norman duets!!!
      Both "Stumblin' In" and A Stranger With You" are certainly listed everywhere with regard to this release.
      Even on the official Suzi Quatro Web Site & Discogs.
      I have a digital (FLAC) download that suggests these tracks should be included (I assumed they were). They are NOT!
      Either digital files are somehow amiss, some last minute (last second) legal/publishing issue or they are just not present for ...who knows why?

      Not sure if your copy is physical CD Box, if so then it looks as if they are not included in the "complete recordings" set!

      I do have both tracks on the original RAK 7'' UK and "Stumblin' In" is on "Legend - Best Of..." 2017 Remaster CD, which is a Chrysalis Records release, making the puzzle more so!

      Do yo have an answer?


    4. Thanks for that Stephen,
      The post has been updated and includes the two missing tracks.

    5. Brilliant......

      Where from?
      Are these in/on your Box Set?
      As I stated my Digital Version does not have them included!


    6. Hi Stephen.
      I had them in my digital files.

    7. Thanks for posting the "extras"

      My version (digital) that I had still lists them....but they are not there!
      Its still a mystery!!!!


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    Thanks for this great post!!! And for the missing tracks too!

    1. Hi Il Commendatore.
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