Friday, August 12, 2022

VA - Great Bonus & Hidden Tracks (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3



VA - Great Bonus & Hidden Tracks (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

Sometimes Hidden tracks and Bonus tracks turn out to be vital fabulous missed moments in an albums history. These songs were not always considered a great fit into the original albums final pressing but nonetheless are at times better songs than many on the album. 

All of these tracks did not appear on the original Vinyl albums. Some were introduced to listeners as CD bonus material  and some where hidden on albums that you only found out by accident. This unique compilation will no doubt have you checking your collections. I hope you will enjoy these tracks a whole set of Bonus music. You listen and make up your own mind. 


Pt.1    Pt.2 


Track lists


01 Ringo Starr It Don't Come Easy 3:03

02 Byrds She Don't Care About Time 2:33

03 Libertines France 2:25

04 Beady Eye Off At The Next Exit 3:37

05 Elvis Costello The Flirting Kind 2:59

06 Pretty Things Summer Time 4:28

07 Leon Russell Wild Horses 3:32

08 Clash Train In Vain 3:10

09 Ian Dury Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick 3:43

10 Suede You Belong To Me 3:26

11 Angus & Julia Stone Do Without 4:15

12 Broken Social Scene Lover's Spit 6:22

13 Smiths How Soon Is Now 6:47

14 Elton John Philadelphia Freedom 5:33

15 Be Bop Deluxe Quest For The Harvest Of The Stars 4:10

16 Cracker Euro-Trash Girl 8:04

17 Paul Mccartney Twice In A Lifetime 3:02

18 Wilco Candy Floss 2:57

19 Jethro Tull Tomorrow Was Today 3:53

20 Brandi Carlile Hiding My Heart 3:23

21 Peter Yorn A Girl Like You 2:15

22 Guster Two At A Time (Hidden Track) 4:57

23 Harry Nilsson Snow 2:29

24 National Santa Clara 4:06

25 Hawkwind Valium 10 7:52


26 Eric Clapton Better Make It Through Today 4:24

27 Deep Purple Son Of Alerik 10:02

28 Mark Knopfler Don't Suck Me In 5:17

29 Bryan Adams Reckless 4:00

30 Robin Trower Let Me Be The One 4:32

31 Who We Close Tonight (Demo) 2:40

32 Joan Jett Scratch My Back 4:12

33 Kings Of Leon Where Nobody Knows 2:26

34 Aerosmith Darkness 3:43

35 Elvis Costello Hoover Factory 1:47

36 John Lodge Street Cafe 3:58

37 Oasis You've Got The Heart Of A Star 5:36

38 R.E.M. All The Right Friends 2:50

39 Jethro Tull Love Story 3:03

40 Alice Cooper No Tricks (With Betty Wright) 4:15

41 So Are You Sure 4:07

42 Sparks You Earned The Right To Be A Dick 3:40

43 Robyn Hitchcock The Black Crow Knows 3:42

44 Black Flag You Let Me Down 3:42

45 Asia Daylight 3:33

46 Police Murder By Numbers 4:33

47 Kiss Right Here Right Now 3:55

48 David Bowie Quicksand 5:05

49 Rolling Stones Mean Disposition 4:07

50 Elvis Costello & The Attractions Tiny Steps 2:43


51 Sundays Wild Horses 4:45

52 Wings Sally G 3:38

53 Byrds Lady Friend 2:33

54 Wings Daytime Nighttime Suffering 3:22

55 Amos Lee Charles St 2:58

54 Talking Heads Sax And Violins 5:18

57 Jesus And Mary Chain Here It Comes Again 2:31

58 Astrid Williamson I Am The Boy For You 3:27

59 Cracker I Ride My Bike 6:34

60 Elvis Costello Impatience 5:03

61 Blur Me, White Noise (Hidden Track) 6:44

62 Big Country The Crossing 7:08

63 U2 Invisible (Soi Version) 4:45

64 Band Maid Love, Passion, Matador 3:16

65 Prince Laydown 3:07

66 Fall Why Are People Grudgeful 4:29

67 Michael Jackson Leave Me Alone 4:39

68 The Jam English Rose 2:52

69 Deep Purple Dancing In My Sleep 3:51

70 Morrissey Tony The Pony 4:13

71 Nirvana Sappy 3:37

72 Loudest Whisper Silent O'moyle 5:54

73 Prince Wasted Kisses 3:03

74 Yes Dear Father 4:12

75 Tori Amos Garland 8:20




  1. So cool! I love this comp. So many different hidden tracks. Sigue Sigue Sputnik had the hidden commercials. Styx had "Don't sit Down On The Plexi-glass Toilet". The Beatles had the hidden end track. Wall Of Voodoo had "Dance You F*ckers"

  2. Thank you, Pol.
    There are many more. More comps for sure.

  3. A New Series!!!

    I like the idea of a "Hidden Track(s) Series".......with details of where the (hidden) track was found!


    1. Hi Stephen,
      Now that would be too easy and no fun.
      I hope will enjoy the choices.

    2. Okay..............a "clue" as to where the track can be found.....A Music "Hide & Seek" (thats the name for it too!)


  4. Hi Butterboy,
    This is a really really interesting comp of your own. Sometimes one can discover good tracks, initially discarted in the original albums and published later as a bonus tracks. So this is an interesting choice!!!
    Hope you are enjoying summer!!!

    1. Thanks Il Commendatore.
      That is so true.
      PS Its winter where Iam, lots of rain and colder than normal. More music listening time.
      Listening to Champion Jack Dupree at the moment.

    2. Oh yes it's true. Here in Catalonia hot hot and hot. And. Unfortunately many forests are burning. I hope this strong heat ends soon. Cheers

  5. I really like a common thread where you obtain eclectic results. Otherwise what chance to have them together? SPOTIFY, for example, will never do such a playlist. Never? Who knows! Great Job, now time to listen

    1. Hi DevantF,
      I ready do hope you enjoy this selection of bonus and hidden tracks. What is Spotify? 😀