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Lou Reed - NYC Man, The Ultimate Lou Reed Collection CD1+CD2 [2003]


Lou Reed - NYC Man, The Ultimate Lou Reed Collection CD1+CD2 [2003]

Considering how far across the spectrum Lou has gone over a 40-year period, the songs manage to interweave nicely, and is not a conventional "greatest hit" by any stretch to be called "Ultimate" or "Essential". But it's typical of Reed to confuse, confound, frustrate, and upset critics and fans... He wrote these songs and sequenced them in order to a way that he was satisfied with listening to as an album in its own right versus a chronological "hits" package, pulled the master's and gave a short commentary of each song in the booklet (including revealing that the epic "Street Hassle" cut features an uncredited Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith on part of the song).  He chose to go with the edited "Sweet Jane" versus the found extended version or the 70s radio classic from "Rock and Roll Animal". The VU songs at times go with the original recordings, and others (I'll Be Your Mirror, White Light White Heat and Heroin) go with his solo versions in concert.  In the notes he felt a lot of the songs took years to catch on, and gave "Perfect Day" as an example, even though he prefers "Hangin' Around" as a favorite. He includes cuts from "Live in Italy" and "Take No Prisoners", although leaves hits like "I Love You Suzanne" off.

For an intro it's essential. (Amazon)






Track lists

CD 1

01 Lou Reed - Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song) [#] 5:33
02 Lou Reed - Sweet Jane 3:01
03 Lou Reed - Rock & Roll 4:40
04 Lou Reed - I'm Waiting for the Man 4:36
05 Lou Reed - White Light/White Heat 5:00
06 Lou Reed - Street Hassle 11:00
07 Lou Reed - Berlin 3:23
08 Lou Reed - Caroline Says II 4:12
09 Lou Reed - The Kids 7:49
10 Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side 4:11
11 Lou Reed - Kill Your Sons [Live] 4:08
12 Lou Reed - Vicious 2:57
13 Lou Reed - The Blue Mask 5:02
14 Lou Reed - I'll Be Your Mirror [Live] 2:46
15 Lou Reed - Magic and Loss - The Summation 6:35
16 Lou Reed - Ecstacy 4:27

01 Lou Reed - I Wanna Be Black 6:29
02 Lou Reed - Temporary Thing 5:14
03 Lou Reed - Shooting Star 3:12
04 Lou Reed - Legendary Hearts 3:05
05 Lou Reed - Heroin [Live] 8:22
06 Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby 6:36
07 Lou Reed - The Last Shot 3:20
08 Lou Reed - The Bells 9:20
09 Lou Reed - Perfect Day 3:43
10 Lou Reed - Sally Can't Dance 2:55
11 Lou Reed - Satellite of Love 3:37
12 Lou Reed - NYC Man 4:55
13 Lou Reed - Dirty Blvd. 3:30
14 Lou Reed - Rock Minuet 6:56
15 Lou Reed; Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes 5:38



  1. A compact, and very valuable compilation! Excellent introduction concentrating mostlty on the (IMHO) pivotal years of Lou Reed. Thank you, BB & Best: TC

    1. Yes, TC.
      An enjoyable listening experience.
      I like this set a lot.