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VA - The Brain Box, Cerebral Sounds Of Brain Records (1972-1979) [2017] (8 x CD's)



VA - The Brain Box, Cerebral Sounds Of Brain Records (1972-1979) [2017] (8 x CD's)

Founded after Bruno Wendel and Günter Körber quit as A&R men in 1971 at the equally influential Ohr label, Brain quickly established itself as a clearing house for an impressive cast. Founded in 1972, German label Brain now commands a status and reputation among listeners and collectors all over the world that would have been unimaginable at the time. Today, it is regarded as one of the most important label outlets for German rock music of the 1970s, a genre generally referred to as krautrock, although the term hardly does justice to the range of styles covered by these groups and their records. In any case, it was coined by the English media and only became popular as an afterthought. Brain first used it in May 1974 in an advert in Musikexpress magazine for their "Kraut Rock" compilation. The label licenced international acts and albums right from the start in order to expand its portfolio. Now, for the first time, the story of the label is revisited in depth. The Brain Box, Cerebral Sounds Of Brain Records (1972-1979) contains 8CD's and a total of 83 songs. Limited to 3300 units worldwide.

"As an introduction to the label’s full scope, however, the entire package is next to flawless, and to the German market at which it’s aimed, it’s a remarkable capsule of a remarkable time. Plus it is an impressive looking box, with the CDs slipped into a cardboard folder, a lavishly illustrated hardbound book (just seventy-four pages, but they use them well) and, because what is a box set without a piece of ephemera, your very own Brain records tote bag, perfectly sized to hold a few LPs. And everything’s as green as the original classic label, and if that’s not attention to detail, it’s hard to say what is.

The first five CDs in this set are dedicated to German bands. The sixth CD contains material from international records, including tracks UK,  Dutch, Hungarian and Finish bands. The last 2CD's are from the two "Brain Festival Essen" double albums, which first came out in 1977 and 1978 respectively, and during which the label presented its bands exclusively on a big stage and then on record and include Norwegian jazz rock five-piece Ruphus, which closed the event both times.  (Amazon)

This Brain Records box set collection is outstanding! What an interesting history this label has had from Scorpions early work through electronica like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and every kind of progressive oddity and rare nugget you could think of.


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Track lists


01 Scorpions Leave Me 5:04

02 Gomorrha I Turned to See Whose Voice it Was 7:46

03 Jane Daytime 8:09

04 Wolfgang Dauner Group Kamasutram 3:47

05 Cluster Plas 6:12

06 Guru Guru Oxymoron 10:31

07 Grobschnitt Wonderful Music 3:39

08 Os Mundi A Question of Decision 7:41

09 Creative Rock Natron 6:19

10 Gash A Young Man's Gash Part Ii 4:46

11 Sameti Get Up Don't Sleep So Long 3:30

12 Cornucopia Morning Sun (Version 127) 3:03

13 Emergency I Know What's Wrong 5:42

14 Guru Guru Samantha's Rabbit 2:55


01 Electric Sandwich China 8:09

02 Embryo Radio Marrakesch Orient Express 9:47

03 Lava Tears Are Goin Home 4:23

04 Tangerine Dream Circulation of Events 5:50

05 Thirsty Moon Big City 8:31

06 Guru Guru The Story of Life 12:07

07 Sperrmuell No Freak Out 6:42

08 Novalis Laughing 9:11

09 Curly Curve Shitkicker 4:17

10 Harmonia Watussi 5:58

11 Embryo A Place to Go 4:08


01 Kollektiv Rambo Zambo 11:40

02 Thirsty Moon You'll Never Come Back 12:33

03 Yatha Sidhra A Meditation Mass Part 3 12:01

04 Satin Whale Desert Places 6:59

05 Klaus Schulze Ways of Changes 17:17

06 Release Music Orchestra Slapstick 10:17

07 Jane Waiting for the Sunshine 3:25

08 Novalis Dronsz 4:53


01 Grobschnitt Solar Music Part 1 17:51

02 Cluster Caramba 3:59

03 Klaus Schulze Mindphaser 25:36

04 Eroc Des Zauberers Traum 5:25

05 Harmonia Walky-Talky 10:41

06 Schicke Fuehrs Froehling Explorer 4:53

07 Emergency No Compromise 8:41


01 Jane Windows (Live Hannover, 1976) 19:21

02 Lilienthal Vielharmonie 7:43

03 Gate Frankfurt 7:31

04 Popol Vuh Engel Der Gegenwart 8:19

05 Fuehrs & Froehling Ammerland 3:07

06 Birth Control Titanic (Live Wesel, 1979) 7:58

07 Anyone's Daughter Adonis Part 1 Come Away 7:50

08 Anyone's Daughter Adonis Part 2 the Disguise 3:30

09 Anyone's Daughter Adonis Part 3 Adonis 7:52

10 Anyone's Daughter Adonis Part 4 Epitaph 5:07


01 Steamhammer For Against 10:53

02 Tasavallan Presidentti Lounge 8:28

03 For Against The Water 8:42

04 Alexis Korner & Snape You Got the Power 4:42

05 Atomic Rooster Time Take My Life 6:01

06 Spirogyra Island 3:42

07 Gryphon Second Spasm 8:17

08 Jukka Tolonen Wanderland 5:08

09 Tasavallan Presidentti Milky Way Moses 8:23

10 Locomotiv Gt Intuition 3:52


01 Gate Friedrichstr. 18 7:14

02 Novalis Wer Schmetterlinge Lachen Hort 9:10

03 Release Music Orchestra Rico 6:51

04 Jane Expectations 5:48

05 Jane Out in the Rain 5:56

06 Message River Field 5:46

07 Guru Guru I'm Really Into Rock N Roll, Man 4:53

08 Guru Guru All We Need 5:41

09 Ruphus Second Corner 6:38

10 Ruphus No Deal 7:45

11 Gate Heart 4:28

12 Gate Herrenwies 4:50

13 Fuehrs & Froehling Every Land Tells a Story (Excerpt) 4:00


01 Message World Keeps on Turning 6:58

02 Release Music Orchestra New Day 9:47

03 Novalis Astralis 9:28

04 To Be Drei in Drei 4:15

05 To Be Samba Fur Heino Reher 8:21

06 Schicke Fuhrs Frohling Explorer 10:22

07 Blonker Madchen 4:48

08 Blonker Irgendwie 5:17

09 Ruphus Joy 4:40

10 Ruphus Inner Voice 5:02




  1. Thanks much i already had this but your posts always have such great quality

  2. Very interesting looking set. Thanks.

    1. Hi Cobber67,
      That it is. so many great tracks. I really enjoy the Gomorrha track I Turned to See Whose Voice it Was.


  3. Very cool!
    Brings me back to my youth.
    Thanks a lot for this!
    Greetings from Berlin

    1. Hi Petra,
      For me its it is a set for rediscovering too.
      Hope you enjoy the memories.


  4. Forgot to say, try out CAN!
    Individual members also have solo albums...

    1. Thanks Petra,
      I have a lot of CAN Music.

      I don't know if you picked this compilation up previously. I have albums by every artist in this compilation.


    2. Thank you very much for your efforts, of course I have your compilation, as a German I am a big fan of krautrock, not just all kinds of jazz. ;-)
      Stay save and healthy

  5. BEEINDRUCKEND! tolles Label exzellenter Prog, Electronic, Kraut, Jazz Rock. Danke have a great week

    1. Hi Frazz,
      Yes this is an impressive set.
      I always say - Enjoy the music.


  6. Replies
    1. Hi heartofstone.
      Sit back, relax and get into this wonderful set.


  7. Butter..Thanks for this..I am a big fan of the Brain label..I am glad I bought these on Vinyl during the early days of the label... and now I can enjoy them in the car too...At last Nourishment for this brain in the car. Thanks amigo stay well.

    1. HiProffessor,
      Glad to see you pick this up.
      Such a great sounding box.
      Enjoy them on the road too

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  9. Great stuff, many thanks butterboy!

  10. perfect collection, thank you very much

    1. You're welcome, Kardem.
      It's a great box. Enjoy!

  11. What a collection. The Weekend is done. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Fred Olsen,
      It's a thing of beauty. Enjoy.