Monday, February 1, 2021

VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) (22xCD's) PART 4 D + E



VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) (22xCD's)

Most of the tracks chosen for this compilation are related to an artist’s first single. Where possible I have included the first single A or B side. Where these were not available I have included the album track which became a first single or an early single. The mix of tracks is thrilling. You may discover hard to find singles and/or hear a side of a band you may not have heard before. The acts are presented in alphabetic order and by year released.

I will share these in Parts (3 parts per week until completed).  I hope you have fun digging through the 714 track that make up this compilation.

PART 4  D + E


 D           E

VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) D    CD1+ CD2

VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) E    CD1


Track lists


00 Slim Dusty A Pub With No Beer 2:15

01 Delltones Gee (A-Side) 1:20

02 Denvermen Outback (A-Side) 2:24

03 Dave Bridge Trio Bondi Stomp 2:21

04 Dave Miller and the Byrds Bright Lights Big City 3:07

05 D-Coys Come Running to Me 2:46

06 Terry Dean It's You 2:13

07 Peter Doyle Speechless (The Pick Up) 2:20

08 Deakins Tonight You're Gonna Fall in Love With Me 2:09

09 Doug Parkinson in Focus Advice 2:25

10 Derek's Accent That is Life Today 2:27

11 Issi Dy Incence 2:24

12 Drummond Daddy Cool 2:34

13 Daddy Cool Eagle Rock 4:10

14 Duck Maybe I'm Amazed 3:28

15 Dingoes Way Out West (A-Side) 2:54

16 Dragon This Time 3:09

17 Delilah My Guy 2:42

18 Dalvanius and the Fascinations Voodoo Lady 3:34

19 Dave & the Derros Nice Legs, Shame About the Face 2:00

20 Doug Parkinson & the Southern Star Band The Hungry Years (A-Side) 3:45

21 Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs Single Suburban Boy 2:43

22 Dugites Hit Single (A-Side) 3:48

23 Divinyls Boys in Town 2:53

24 Del Webb Explosion One Way Love (A-Side) 4:53

25 Dynamic Hepnotics Hepnobeat 3:19

26 Dear Enemy Computer One 4:39

27 Died Pretty Out of the Unknown (A-Side) 4:07


28 Do Re Mi Man Overboard 2:58

29 Dropbears Shall We Go 4:50

30 Dubrovniks Fireball of Love 2:53

31 Dukes of Earlwood Duke of Earl 2:31

32 Degenerates Out of My Head 3:56

33 Dog Trumpet Jean 3:58

34 Diesel Come to Me 4:25

35 Devils in Heaven Say a Prayer (One Departed) 3:40

36 Dukes Gonna Get High 4:20

37 Dead Can Dance The Carnival is Over 5:45

38 Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes I'm Gonna Release Your Soul 3:46

39 Deadstar Going Down 3:54

40 Dirty Three Obvious is Obvious 4:36

41 Dom Mariani Real Friend 2000 3:25

42 Dukes of Windsor The Others 3:28

43 Dave Graney Show Drugs Are Wasted on the Young 3:52

44 Drugs Pop Song 3:16

45 Devilrock Four Livin' This Low 2:47

46 Drawn From Bees Ready to Explode 4:28

47 Dave Miller Set Why Why Why (A-Side) 2:42

48 Dolly Rocker Movement Our Brave New World (A-Side) 2:47

49 Dallas Frasca All My Love 4:04

50 Dma's Delete 4:24

51 Dead Daisies Lock'n'load 4:39


01 Eighteenth Century Quartet I'm Gonna Treat You Good (B-Side) 1:49

02 Easybeats For My Woman (A-Side) 3:07

03 Empty Words I'll Make You Happy 2:49

04 Executives Wander Boy (A-Side) 2:08

05 Jon English Handbags & Gladrags 5:20

06 Elks Party Girl 3:31

07 Eurogliders Without You 4:05

08 Electric Pandas Big Girls 3:10

09 Eastern Dark Julie is a Junkie 2:41

10 Electric Hippies Its Cool 4:45

11 Elm Tree Lonely Nights (B-Side) 3:03

12 Elois By My Side (B-Side) 2:17

13 Eskimo Joe Wake Up 3:30

14 Empire of the Sun Walking on a Dream 3:16




  1. Thank you for this epic share of oz music. Really enjoy your work

    1. Hi g8rrick,
      This was a big by enjoyable project to share. Lots of research and confirmation of tracks used.
      I didn't have all the artists but i feel this offers a good glimpse over the years.
      Enjoy the music.


  2. You are welcome Il Commendatore.


  3. I am enjoying your trawl through the Australian music scene. It certainly took some effort and a huge amount of organization to get it out. There is a lot of territory covered. You included the Dead can dance too- I would just like to comment that I loved Brendan Perrys earlier work especially with Marching Girls which was a bridge between the Scavengers and Dead can Dance. Its worth seeking out in my humble opinion. Oh and my father would have been tickled pink to see " Pub with no beer" here. As he told me it's no joke when you travel the outback and that happens.

    1. Hi Butterflyrobot.
      I had a great time pulling this together. So many songs that were hidden in the back of my mind resurfaced.
      Here is a link to All the Tracks for this Compilation series.

      Also if you are interested is a link to by Dead Can Dance post


      PS Always take your own beer when you travel into the outback just in case...

    2. Hi Butterboy
      Thanks for the links.

      As for the beer - yes you can bring your own but as my dad explains it after a long days work in the hot sun- the beer in the pub is really cold