Tuesday, February 2, 2021

VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) (22xCD's) PART 5 F + G



VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) (22xCD's)

Most of the tracks chosen for this compilation are related to an artist’s first single. Where possible I have included the first single A or B side. Where these were not available I have included the album track which became a first single or an early single. The mix of tracks is thrilling. You may discover hard to find singles and/or hear a side of a band you may not have heard before. The acts are presented in alphabetic order and by year released.

I will share these in Parts (3 parts per week until completed).  I hope you have fun digging through the 714 track that make up this compilation.

PART 5  F + G


 F           G

VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) F    CD1+ CD2

VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) G    CD1


Track lists


01 Fendermen    Shadows Mix (Live at Dorset Gardens 62-65) 3:40

02 The Flies Tell Her That (B-Side) 1:51

03 Four Kinsmen The Sphinx Won't Tell 2:03

04 Five I'll Be There 2:06

05 Mike Furber & the Bowery Boys Just a Poor Boy 2:28

06 Johnny Farnham Sadie the Cleaning Lady 3:16

07 Flying Circus Hayride 2:08

08 Matt Flinders Something is Happening 2:09

09 Frog Hollow Theme From Over, Under, Sideways, Down 3:14

10 Flake This Wheel's on Fire 3:10

11 Fourth House Wild World 3:39

12 Freshwater Satan's Woman 3:04

13 Bon Scott & Fraternity Why Did it Have to Be Me 2:41

14 Fanny Adams Got to Get a Message to You 4:35

15 Frieze Feelings (A-Side) 3:49

16 Friends B.B. Boogie 3:50

17 Fatty Lumpkin Don't Knock My Boogie 3:02

12 Finch And She Sings (B-Side) 3:10

13 Finch Out Ofcontrol 2:13

20 Fox Who Do 3:46


21 Freeway Riding High 3:57

22 Flash and the Pan Hey, St. Peter 4:21

23 Ferrets Robin Hood 3:11

24 Feather Girl Trouble (A-Side) 2:56

25 Flowers Can't Help Myself 3:10

26 Flaming Hands I Belong to Nobody 2:07

27 Fabulaires The Remedy 3:49

28 Billy Field Bad Habits 3:28

29 Frames Never Coming Home (B-Side) 2:37

30 Full Marks Break Down the Walls 3:24

31 Fun Things Lipstick 3:18

32 Falling Joys Burnt So Low 3:21

33 Finger Guns In Love With a Legend 3:44

34 Flying Emus This Town 5:09

35 Faith Heaven 6:02

36 Robert Forster Baby Stones 4:09

37 Freaked Out Flower Children Theme From Freaked Out Flower Children 4:12

38 Frente! Labour of Love 3:01

39 Fragile Ghetto Blaster and Convertible 2:24

40 Far Out Corporation Don't Blame the Beam 3:53

41 Five Sided Circle Five Sided Circle 3:02

42 Faim Saints of the Sinners 3:03


01 Gremlins But She's Gone 2:29

02 Groop Ol Hound Dog (B-Side) 2:34

03 Gemini Butterfly Wings 2:35

04 Grandma's Tonic Hi Hi Hazel 2:39

05 Groove Simon Says 2:35

06 Glen Ingram and the Clan That It's Me 2:50

07 Linda George (Featuring Nova Express) Take Another Little Piece of My Heart 3:56

08 Galadriel Girl of 17 4:43

09 Gerry & the Joy Band Rave On 2:43

10 Linda George Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye) 3:27

11 Renée Geyer Space Captain 4:43

12 Geeza Run'n' Hide 4:06

13 Go-Betweens Lee Remick 2:29

14 Geoff Krozier & the Generator Lapis-Lazuli 6:46

15 Goanna Solid Rock 4:33

16 Globos Tintarella De Luna 2:20

17 Goldrush Keep in Touch 4:03

18 Gondwanaland Danger 3:20

19 Gang Gajang Gimme Some Lovin' 2:47

20 Geisha Rainy Day 3:50

21 Girl Monstar Surfin' on a Wave of Love 2:45

22 Grinspoon Just Ace 1:48

23 Delta Goodrem I Don't Care 3:40

24 George Special Ones 3:48

25 Grand Silent System Champion 3:41

26 Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu Bapa 2:37

27 Goodbyemotel Set it Off 3:45

28 Galvatrons When We Were Kids 3:49




  1. Now I'm really getting behind in my listening but thanks for these additions!

    1. Hi hotrodmike,
      There is still a few more to go... hang in there.


    THE FIRST TRACK IN "F" IS INCORRECT. IT SHOULD NOT BE Mule Skinner Blues. My mistake.
    Picked up the wrong track and didn't check.
    It should be the Australian Group from Melbourne, 1961 by the same name.
    I will fix it soon.


  3. The Fendermen - - Dorset Gardens Presents The Fenderman


    the fendermen A 1 - the impossible dream
    the fendermen A 2 - they call the wind maria
    the fendermen B 1 - hello josephine
    the fendermen B 2 - little deuce coup
    the fendermen B 3 - mexico

    Think it's all they ever records

    1. Hi Dusty,
      You are very kind and I thank you very much for these. When were these recorded?
      Do you know the actual title of this tune?

      Again Thank you.


    2. the tune is a mix of the Shadows(UK) early recordings 'round 62-65
      the youtube rec. is a live rec. maybe from Dordet Garden Night Club Melburn VIC AUS from the 80's They play there as the house band from 1968 up to the 2000's The EP here is there only pro. recording they ever made, it's from 1974

    3. Thanks Dusty.
      Thank you once again.
      How did you get the recordings? The sound is great.

      There were so many great bands in Australia that never recorded and were part of the fabric of Australian music. It was impossible to find some bands that should have been included in the A-Z projects. Whilst there are some well know band/artists in my compilation I have also put many obscure and hard to find first singles in the mix. I hope you are enjoying it.