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Dizzy Gillespie - Live At Ronnie Scott’s, Vol. 01- 04 [2014] (4 x CD's)



Dizzy Gillespie - Live At Ronnie Scott’s, Vol. 01- 04 [2014] (4 x CD's)

In August 1973, the Dizzy Gillespie Quintet went into Ronnie Scott's jazz club in London for a two-week stay. Gillespie was backed by Al Gafa on guitar, Mike Longo on piano, Earl May on electric bass and Mickey Roker on drums. The gig was recorded by the club, one assumes. The results have been issued on four separate CDs—Dizzy Gillespie Live at Ronnie Scott's Vols. 1-4.    It's easy to forget how pleasant Gillespie's trumpet sounded during this period of his career. There's plenty of fireworks and drama in his horn, but so much of his attack was delightfully laid back—as if he were bowling strikes without ever letting you hear the ball touch the wood.

The best tracks are Brazilian-flavored originals by Longo (above), including his funk-samba Matrix and the  bossa Beyond a Moonbeam. Both feature superb solos by Gafa. Also fabulous is Longo's samba I Told You So and Mike's Samba. Longo knew that Gillespie sounded best during when he was gracefully hitting notes here and there with a Dizzy on the Riviera feel.   Gillespie warhorses are here, too, including Groovin' High, Manteca, A Night in Tunisia, Con Alma and a breakneck Oo Popa Dah. Gillespie sings on several tracks, including Something in Your Smile, the closing song to the movie Doctor Dolittle with an I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face flavoring.  The sound quality of these CD's is largely excellent...  (

Perhaps nothing signifies the age of jazz after the decline of the big bands like the small combo-a quartet, a quintet fronted by a great saxophonist or trumpeter on a cramped stage in a smoke-filled club-tearing up the joint with their creativity in the moment. You didn’t have to be in Manhattan to hear great music. You could walk into a place like Pittsburgh’s legendary Crawford Grill on almost any night and be sure to hear something special.

All 4 volumes of this set represent Dizzy Gillespie at the height of his powers, working with a great band. Very highly recommended.


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Track lists


01 Sunshine 14:33

02 Black Orpheus 5:25

03 Con Alma 11:13

04 The Truth 14:18

05 Timet 19:57


01 A Night In Tunisia 12:04

02 Matrix 10:20

03 Beyond A Moonbeam 13:08

04 Groovin' High 6:32

05 The Blues 9:30

06 Brother K 10:45

07 Manteca 10:28


01 The Crossing 10:18

02 Ole' For The Gypsies 15:44

03 Something In Your Smile 5:36

04 No More Blues 12:30

05 Olinga 18:12

06 Oo Popa Dah 5:21

07 Birks Works 1:13


01 I Told You So 6:14

02 Kush 19:58

03 Summertime 15:33

04 Alligator 13:34

05 Mike's Samba 11:22

06 Bye 1:02




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