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VA - USA Jamaica Roots of Ska 1942-1962 [2014] (3 x CD's)



VA - USA Jamaica Roots of Ska 1942-1962 [2014] (3 x CD's)

As is well documented, Jamaican ska drew heavily on the rhythm and blues of black America, most notably the New Orleans variant (which echoed Caribbean cadences), and the jump blues that formed rock'n'roll's direct precursor. Divided into three CD's respectively subtitled 'USA 1942-1950', 'USA & Jamaica 1950-1962' and 'Jamaica 1956-1962', this set has 69 tracks, all of them with the characteristic shuffle that influenced Jamaican music and fed into ska. 

Many mysteries surround the origins of ska, a famous musical genre born in Kingston in 1962. Bruno Blum puts an end to speculation here. The ska and its peculiar offbeat (which we find later in reggae) are derived from shuffle, an American style of rhythm and blues little known to the general public. Here is a dazzling anthology, from the obscure original version of the famous “My Boy Lollipop” to the classic “Just a Gigolo”. This anthology offers in parallel 27 shuffles recorded in Jamaica just before the creation of the ska among which we have the pleasure to find the beginnings of Bob Marley - the original sound of Jamaican dance hall. (Patrick Fremeaux)


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Track lists


01 Louis Jordan It 's a Low Down Dirty Shame 2:50

02 Louis Jordan Gi Jive 3:02

03 Louis Jordan Choo Choo Ch' Boogie 2:48

04 Louis Jordan Boogie Woogie Blue Plate 2:47

05 Gene Philips Rock Bottom 2:39

06 T-Bone Walker T-Bone Shuffle 2:59

07 Gene Coy Killer Diller 2:53

08 Louis Jordan Reet Petite and Gone 2:44

09 Professor Longhair Willie Mae 2:50

10 Todd Rhodes Page Boy Shuffle 2:40

11 Jimmy Witherspoon Spoon Calls Hootie 2:43

12 Robins If It's So Baby 3:07

13 Floyd Dixon Rockin' At Home 2:52

14 Johnny Otis Show Boogie Guitar 2:36

15 Harold Land San Diego Bounce 2:43

16 Professor Longhair Ben Fooling Around 3:03

17 Archibald Stack a Lee 2:31

18 Willis 'Gator' Jackson Later for the Gator 2:42

19 T-Bone Walker Street Walkin' Woman 3:04

20 Wayne James Tend to Do Business 2:33

21 Roy Brown Train Time Blues 2:50

22 Rosco Gordon No More Doggin' 2:58

23 Dave Bartholomew My Ding a Ling 2:14


01 Little Esther Lovers Lane Boogie 2:32

02 Robins I Found Out My Troubles 2:44

03 Tiny Grimes Rockin' the Blues Away 2:57

04 Jesse Allen Rock This Morning 2:04

05 Bill Brown Chicken Blues 2:50

06 Jimmy Mccrackin Rockin' All Day 2:41

07 Lowell Fulson Guitar Shuffle 2:47

08 Smiley Lewis You're Not the One 2:30

09 Floyd Dixon Hey Bartender 2:49

10 B.B. King You Upset Me Baby 3:03

11 Johnny Watson Hot Little Mama 3:23

12 Johnny Watson Gettin' Drunk 2:43

13 Shirley Gunter and the Queens Oop Shop 2:16

14 Rosco Gordon Hey Hey Girl 2:38

15 Johnny Watson Too Tired 2:44

16 Spencer Bobby My Bop Lollipop 2:24

17 Louis Prima Just a Gigolo / I Aint Nobody 4:44

18 Francis Guzzo Sea Cruise 2:46

19 Ernest Ranglin I Feel Good 2:42

20 Roland Alphonso The Joker 3:09

21 Jackie McLean Greasy 7:25

22 Duke Reid Group Duke's Cookies 2:27

23 Bob Marley Judge Not 2:32


01 Owen Gray Rocking in My Feet 4:14

02 Clue J and His Blues Blasters Silky 2:51

03 Roland Alphonso Yard Broom 3:15

04 Lloyd Clarke Japanese Girl 2:35

05 Don Drummond That Man Is Back 1:56

06 Bob Marley One Cup of Coffee 2:40

07 Owen Gray Midnight Track 2:34

08 Eric Marty Morris Me and My Forty Five 2:53

09 Rico Rodriguez Magic 3:01

10 Chuck & Doddy Cool School 2:53

11 Matador All Stars Bridgeview Shuffle 2:43

12 Theophilus Beckford That's Me 2:46

13 Count Ossie and the Wareikas African Shuffle 2:39

14 Jiving Juniors Over the River 2:06

15 Winston I Love You 2:35

16 Rico Rodriguez Luke Lane Shuffle 2:55

17 Laurel Aitken Bouncing Woman 2:33

18 Audrey Adams Stew Peas and Cornflakes 2:25

19 Cornell Campbell Rosabelle 2:22

20 Chuck & Doddy I Was Wrong 2:12

21 Busty & Cool What a World 2:16

22 Angelic Brothers Ten Virgins 2:30

23 Azie Lawrence Jamaica Blues 2:49




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      VA - USA Jamaica Roots of Ska 1942-1962 [2014] CD1

      VA - USA Jamaica Roots of Ska 1942-1962 [2014] CD2

      VA - USA Jamaica Roots of Ska 1942-1962 [2014] CD3


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