Friday, February 26, 2021

VA - You Made Me Cry, Sad Soul Songs (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+C2+CD3


VA - You Made Me Cry, Sad Soul Songs (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+C2+CD3

What do you listen to when you're feeling down, disappointed, lonely, suffering, grief ridden or other sad emotions. Whether its a relationship bust up, lost love, sadness of a death of a friend, being lost or simply reminiscing you need to connect with someone who sympathises and really understands. some people will say it will be alright, but it won't always. I bet at times you will need to listen to sad soul music to help you realise you are not alone. 

If you feel like you need to just sit in your room and cry, go right ahead, it's for your own good. Its a proven fact that crying along to sad songs is guaranteed to make you feel better, so put on your favorite music and sob.  your favorite sad music may be different to mine but I assure you Soul music by its nature can not only move you it can help you through your pain. That feeling that the African American voice can convey in a sad song is often heartbreaking and reflective of a specific moment of sadness or pain in your heart. 

I have presented sad song compilations previously but not one dedicated to black American soul artists. Here are 75 tracks of emotionally draining heartfelt tearjerkers, so unwind and feel better faster. The music contains only great singing by artists that have felt your pain. Enjoy!






Track lists


01 Ann Peebles Trouble, Heartaches and Sadness 2:38

02 Charles Bradley Changes 5:46

03 Marvin Gaye Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) 5:26

04 Bill Withers In My Heart 4:20

05 Otis Redding Just One More Day 2:59

06 Sam Cooke A Change is Gonna Come 3:13

07 Aretha Franklin My Song 3:31

08 Lee Fields & the Expressions Wish You Were Here 4:11

06 The Commodores Still 5:51

10 Roberta Flack Killing Me Softly With His Song 4:47

11 George Jackson & Dan Greer I Can See Sadness Ahead for Me 3:50

12 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings These Tears (No Longer for You) 3:35

13 Tony Owens The Letter That Broke My Heart 4:11

14 Lattimore Brown It's Such a Sad, Sad World 2:25

15 Stevie Wonder They Won't Go When I Go 5:59

16 Bobby Womack If You Think Your Lonely Now 5:28

17 Jimmy Ruffin What Becomes of the Broken Hearted 2:52

18 Ray Charles Georgia on My Mind 3:40

19 Al Green How Can You Mend a Broken Heart 6:21

20 Manhattans Kiss and Say Goodbye 3:32

21 Dorothy Moore Misty Blue 3:34

22 Ural Thomas & the Pain Smoldering Fire 3:41

23 Mable John You Made a Fool Out of Me 2:23

24 Dicky Williams In the Same Motel 4:02

25 Syl Johnson It Ain't Easy 5:06


26 Betty Harris What a Sad Feeling 2:24

27 Sade King of Sorrow 4:53

28 Donny Hathaway Someday We'll All Be Free 4:10

29 Toni Braxton Un-Break My Heart 4:32

30 Brenda and the Tabulations Who's Lovin' You 3:13

31 John Williams & the Tick Tocks Blues, Tears and Sorrows 3:05

32 Bettye Lavette Let Me Down Easy 2:50

33 Nolan Porter If I Could Only Be Sure 3:21

34 George Perkins & the Silver St Crying in the Streets 3:23

35 O.V. Wright Everybody Knows (The River Song) 3:03

36 Black Velvet Is it Me You Really Love 3:23

37 Beryl Marsden; Lynn Jackson Sad Songs 3:19

38 Luther Vandross A House Is Not a Home 7:08

39 Billy Preston Sad Sad Song 2:30

40 Prince Sometimes it Snows in April 6:49

41 Jeb Stuart A Whole Lot of Tears 2:41

42 Jimmy Tate Please Come Back 2:34

43 Supreme Jubilees It’ll All Be Over 3:04

44 Ted Ford I Can't Give You Up 3:33

45 Bobby "Blue" Bland Sad Feeling 3:09

46 Tommy Hunt Parade of Broken Hearts 2:10

47 Nelson Sanders I'm Lonely 2:48

48 Geater Davis Why Does it Hurt So Bad 2:31

49 Otis Clay Children Gone Astray 5:15

50 Bill Withers Ain't No Sunshine 2:05


51 Etta James I'd Rather Go Blind 2:34

52 Carl Hall You Don't Know Nothing About Love 4:02

53 Four Tops Darling, I Hum Our Song 2:43

54 Aaliyah The One I Gave My Heart To 4:32

55 Carol Anderson Sad Girl 3:48

56 Eddie Lang The Sad One 2:46

57 Robbin Ray (Sad Feeling) It's a Lonesome Old World 2:29

58 Gas Head Why Do You Treat Me Like a Tramp 2:54

59 Larry Coney More Time (To Explain) 3:16

60 Nina Simone Wild is the Wind 7:00

61 Little Richard I Don't Know What You've Got But It's Got Me Parts 1 & 2 4:08

62 James Brown Try Me 2:30

63 Isaac Hayes By the Time I Get to Phoenix (Single Edit) 6:46

64 Irma Thomas Anyone Who Knows What Love is (Will Understand) 2:56

65 Lenny Williams Cause I Love You 7:07

66 Doris Duke I Don't Care Anymore 3:12

67 Teddy Pendergrass Love Tko 4:59

68 Lavinia Lewis So Many Times 2:23

69 Dee Dee Warwick Down So Low 4:30

70 Lorraine Ellison No Relief 3:11

71 Percy Sledge When a Man Loves a Woman 2:56

72 Barbara & the Browns Pity a Fool 2:51

73 Little Willie John You Hurt Me 3:00

74 Diamond Joe Moanin' and Screamin', Parts 1 & 2 6:22

75 Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World 3:36




  1. Soul and crying goes together Butterboy, many thanks for making these comps.

    1. You are welcome, Little Bill.
      Make sure you have a box of tissues handy.


  2. Great idea, Butter. Plenty of rare ones here. Jimi Hendrix is the guitarist on the Little Richard song. I'll listen to this when I end it all!

    1. Hi BillyMac,
      Thanks for that. Lots of favorites here (for me).
      Enjoy the music, always. Sometimes it makes us look at things differently. And puts a smile on your face.
      Have a great weekend.


    1. Hi SUNSTORM,
      Missed you message previously. Sorry about that.
      Here is some John Prine for you.
      John Prine - Great Days The John Prine Anthology [1993]


  4. Links are broken. I need a good cry. Can you repost? Handkerchief is ready.

    1. Hi Epictetus,
      New links established, tested and working.


    2. Tears are flowing.
      Many thanks.

    3. Keep the tissues handy...


  5. First off great to see you back as I just found out you were. SO WELCOME!!!
    I know it is hard to pick them all but David Ruffin's A Rainy Night in Georgia should be on
    this comp. His scream sends shivers down ones spine and tears rolling down the cheeks.

    1. Hi govango,
      Welcome back to you too. I did sent emails out to the past visitors to advise the return of the blog.
      Anyway your here now. Thanks for that suggestion. Maybe in the next batch of compilations.

      Stay safe and enjoy life.


  6. Oh, Butter - just the cover graphics nearly bring me to tears! There can be a profound beauty in truly deep sorrow... thank you for finding it, and collecting it for all of us with music in our sometimes-broken hearts, and a box of tissues by our elbows.

    1. Hi Aging Child.
      This is one of my favourites. Each track has something to make you think about. We are not alone.


  7. BB, hello. I've been going back through your site. I was happily listening along to the first "CD" when I realised 2 & 3 are no longer available. I did a quick search on "sad songs" just in case they had been re-uped recently but no. And I found the country sad songs comps but they are no longer available either. I'm so sad. Can you make an old man happy by re-upping them please. Thanks

    1. Hi JohnF.
      New links established, tested and working.