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VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) (22xCD's) PART 11 S CD2 + T + UVWXYZ



VA - The A to Z of Australian Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) (22xCD's)

Most of the tracks chosen for this compilation are related to an artist’s first single. Where possible I have included the first single A or B side. Where these were not available I have included the album track which became a first single or an early single. The mix of tracks is thrilling. You may discover hard to find singles and/or hear a side of a band you may not have heard before. The acts are presented in alphabetic order and by year released.

I will share these in Parts (3 parts per week until completed).  I hope you have fun digging through the 714 track that make up this compilation.

This is the final installment of the A-Z of Australian Rock. I hope you enjoyed picking these up.



S CD2           T               UVWYZ    


Track lists


35 Savanna Silver Band Ruby Running Faker 3:25

36 Swanee Crazy Dreams 3:34

37 Stockley, See, Mason Band Endless Love 3:53

38 Scientists Frantic Romantic 2:46

39 Wendy Stapelton Heart of Stone 4:37

40 Sunnyboys Happy Man 3:01

41 Serious Young Insects Trouble Understanding Words 3:19

42 Spy Vs. Spy Do What You Say 2:38

43 Screaming Tribesmen Igloo 4:00

44 Stems She's a Monster 3:48

45 Someloves It's My Time 3:20

46 Single Gun Theory Exorcise This Wasteland 5:42

47 Screaming Jets C'mon 2:49

48 Seven Stories Sleeping Through Another War 4:02

49 Spiderbait Circle K 2:25

50 Swoop Jelly Funk 4:36

51 Sharp Love Your Head 2:47

52 Screamfeeder Fingers & Toes 4:46

53 Scary Mother Lord of the Flies 3:52

54 Max Sharam Coma 3:45

55 Silverchair Tomorrow 4:26

56 Something for Kate Dean Martin 4:36

57 Savage Garden I Want You 3:52

58 Superjesus Saturation 4:04

59 Sonic Animation Theophilus Thistler 3:54

60 Sleepy Jackson Miniskirt 4:08

61 Starky That's How I'll Know You 3:19

62 Guy Sebastian Angels Brought Me Here 3:59

63 Sand Pebbles Natalie 6:00

64 Silents Nightcrawl 2:50

65 Schvendes Small Mercies, Sweet Graves 4:40

66 Sun Blindness A Crack in the Concrete (For D. Crosby) 3:42

67 Siren Tower Letter From the Edge of the Earth 4:09

68 Shakemaker Searching for Shake 2:27


01 Thunderbirds New Orleans Beat 2:16

02 Twilights I'll Be Where You Are (A-Side) 2:08

03 Town Criers The World Keeps on Turning Round 2:21

04 Throb Fortune Teller 2:24

05 Travis Wellington Hedge Hey Bulldog (A-Side) 2:52

06 Tamam Shud Evolution 2:44

07 Tully Krishna Came (A-Side) 3:37

08 Thump'n Pig and Puff'n Billy Captain Straightman 3:00

09 Taylor, Matt I Remember When I Was Young 3:59

10 Ted Mulry Gang Sunday Evenings 2:00

11 Taste Boys Will Be Boys 3:47

13 Two Man Band Up There Cazaly 2:39

14 Triffids Wide Open Road 4:09

15 Louis Tillett Carousel 4:21

16 Tumbleweed Captain's Log (A-Side) 2:06

17 Tiddas Inside My Kitchen 3:27

18 Things of Stone and Wood Share This Wine 4:06

19 Tex, Don & Charlie Barlow and Chambers 3:37

20 Taxiride Get Set 3:13

21 Tenants You Shit Me to Tears 2:32

22 Temper Trap Sirens 3:36

23 Tame Impala Half Full Glass of Wine 4:24

24 Teskey Brothers Forever You and Me 2:55


01 U-Turn Traffic Lights 2:48

02 Uncanny X-Men How Do You Get Your Kicks 3:33

03 Keith Urban I Never Work on a Sunday 3:44

04 Vibrants Furry Legs 2:11

05 Virgil Brothers Here I Am (A-Side) 2:43

06 Velvet Underground Somebody to Love 3:28

07 Vertical Hold My Imagination 2:57

08 Venetians Sound on Sound 3:28

09 Vines Factory 3:12

10 John Williamson Old Man Emu 2:52

11 Windchase Glad to Be Alive 8:06

12 Ward 13 Robot Wizards 2:28

13 Wendy and the Rocketts Reputation 3:02

14 Warumpi Band Jailangaru Pakarnu 3:17

15 Wet Taxis C'mon 3:01

16 Wa Wa Nee Stimulation 3:55

17 Weddings, Parties, Anything Seargeant Small 3:13

18 Whitlams I Make Hamburgers 3:34

19 Waifs Bridal Train 4:20

20 Wolfmother Mind's Eye 4:54

21 Wild Cherries That's Life 3:20

22 XL Capris My City of Sydney 2:37

23 Yothu Yindi Mainstream 4:03

24 You Am I Adam's Ribs 3:54

25 Zoot You Better Get Going Now 2:03

26 Zorros Too Young (A-Side) 3:23

27 Zimmermen Don't Go To Sydney 3:52




  1. Thanks a lot for this amazing set of compilations. I am really looking forward to learning more about what you guys were producing musically. Much appreciated! Cheers

    1. Thank you hotrodmike,
      I am pleased you find these rewarding.
      It was a laborious task pulling this together and one I enjoyed thoroughly. There are some omissions, I know, as I simply did not have some artist's material in a decent quality. As you know there are many compilation of Australian music out there, but I don't think many concentrate on an artists first singles.

      To receive your comments during the presentation of these set was encouraging and appreciated.

      Stay safe, enjoy the music and enjoy life.


  2. What a fantastic collection! Thanks, Butterboy!

    1. Hi Unknown,
      I truly hope you have been enjoying this set of over 700 songs by Australian artists (even though I made one mistake , earlier).


  3. Hi Butterboy,
    thanks for your fine compilations. But actually I am facing a download problem. Some downloads work and some others don't.
    The A-Z of Australien Rock did only work with part 11. Part 1-10 didn't work at all. It says error appears. The same happend with Rare Black Doo-Wop Sounds. On the other hand Part 1 and 3 downloaded well, but Part 2 did not. Any chance to solve the issue?
    Thank you und regards.

    1. Hi oldie Freak,
      Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with some downloads.
      I have just reviewed the files you mention and all links work fine.
      I do not understand why some work and others do not. I had another visitor recently who suggested the same and the then realised the file had already downloaded for them. Very fast download.
      I cant explain why these are not working for you. I can only say from experience when visitors have such issues it is usually to do with their computer set up. Please try again.
      Further I just notice that the Krankenfiles site has been having some issues - There is a message on their home page.
      Warning. The datacenter, where our website store the files, had a serious accident. Therefore, one of our server "s3" is currently unavailable. We will try to restore all available files as fast as possible. Our other servers work continuously, so you can use our services further.
      We apologize for any inconvenience.
      This server may be effected. I am sure they will sort the issue out sooin, But I also don't feel it is to do with that as I can download the files.


  4. Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. It really seems to be a server issue. I just tried again the affected files and the following statement came up:

    File not available
    The datacenter, where our website store the files, had a serious accident. Therefore, one of our server "s3" is currently unavailable. We will try to restore all available files as fast as possible. Our other servers work continuously, so you can use our services further.
    We apologize for any inconvenience."

    I also just tried your actual upload from as March 12th, the download worked fine. The others, where I had trouble as mentioned first still don't work.
    So I will wait a while and try again in some days. I do not believe to have an issue with my computer set up since all other downloads work fine, except the ones from this s3 server.
    Thanks & Regards

  5. Hello and Sorry, it's me again. The part 1-9 (A-Q) of the "A-Z of Australian Rock" and also part 2 of "Rare Black Doo-wop Sounds" still do not work due to the known server s3 issue. Would there be any chance to reupload those files to another server that is working and available?
    Thank you and best regards.

    1. Hi Oldie Freak,
      What I will do is redo the Australian A-z all in one page . I will also redo the Part of Rare Black Doo Wop.

      Please allow a little time for these to be completed. I will let you know when they are completed in the comment here.


    2. Hi Butterboy,
      that's great. Thank you so much in advance. I will check the comments frequently.
      Best Regards.