Friday, February 19, 2021

VA - Siblings Band Together (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)


VA - Siblings Band Together (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)

A sibling is identified as each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common.  Siblings or full siblings (sisters or brothers) share the same biological parents. Full siblings are also the most common type of siblings. Twins/Triplets are siblings that are born at the same time. Often, twins/Triplets with a close relationship will develop a  language from infant-hood, a language only shared and understood between them. Studies suggest that identical siblings appear to display more talk than fraternal twins. The word sibling was reintroduced in 1903 in an article in Biometrika, as a translation for the German Geschwister, having not been used since 1425. 

Brothers and sisters often have complicated love/hate relationships, and adding music and fame to the situation only makes things more intense. But the results can also be wonderful because there talent runs in the family. From the matching harmonies to collaborating creatively with the alignment of heart, siblings bands have provide us with some of the great rock experiences in music.  Their brotherly or sisterly bonds have helped to create some of our favorite music even if there are plenty of battle scars along the way. 

With this compilation I tried to not include bands with the words brother or sisters in their band name however 3 bands did make the cut. How could you not include The Everly Brothers in a sibling compilation. All in all there are 120 different tracks from 120 different sibling bands.

Here are some of the most notable sibling rock bands mixed with some who you may not realize were siblings.  Enjoy!


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Track lists


01 Shack Comedy 5:27

02 Jellyfish The Man I Used to Be 4:33

03 Crowded House Weather With You 3:44

04 Jesus and Mary Chain Almost Gold 3:20

05 Angus & Julia Stone A Heartbreak 4:16

06 Rubens Never Ever 3:15

07 Blue Aeroplanes World View Blue 3:21

08 Blue Sad Sunday 5:01

09 Kinks Waterloo Sunset 3:18

10 Bee Gees (The Lights Went Out In) Massachusetts 2:22

11 Carpenters Superstar 3:46

12 Duane & Greg Allman Morning Dew 3:48

13 Supergrass Late in the Day 4:47

14 Grapefruit Them for Twiggy (Single Version a Side) 3:20

15 Gerry and the Pacemakers Ferry Cross the Mersey 2:22

16 Creedence Clearwater Revival Long as I Can See the Light 3:33

17 Cowsills The Rain the Park & Other Things 3:00

18 Evan and Jaron Crazy for This Girl 3:19

19 Heart Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) 3:13

20 Art Objects Showing Off to Impress the Girls 2:44


21 Blackfoot Sue Summer 3:12

22 Arbors A Symphony for Susan 2:37

23 McCoys Hang on Sloopy 3:53

24 Beach Boys The Warmth of the Sun 2:50

25 Stooges 1969 4:07

26 Clean Anything Could Happen 2:37

27 Everly Brothers All I Have to Do is Dream 2:21

28 Every Mother's Son Come on Down to My Boat 2:34

29 Redbone Come and Get Your Love 4:56

30 Free Movement I've Found Someone of My Own 3:42

31 Radiohead Creep 3:55

32 Sly & the Family Stone Everyday People (Mono Single Master) 2:21

33 Delfonics Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) 3:22

34 Felice Brothers Bird on Broken Wing 5:14

35 Mandrill Central Park 4:06

36 Ub40 Here I Am (Come and Take Me) 4:02

37 Bangles Manic Monday 3:04

38 Spencer Davis Group On the Green Light 3:09

39 Warumpi Band Blackfella, Whitefella 3:27

40 Blue Oyster Cult (Don't Fear) the Reaper 5:02


41 Ac/Dc Hells Bells 5:14

42 Inxs Beautiful Girl 3:11

43 Sunnyboys Happy Man 3:00

44 Happy Mondays Kinky Afro 3:59

45 Duran Duran Ordinary World (Acoustic) 5:10

46 Bachman Turner Overdrive Not Fragile 4:03

47 Crash Test Dummies Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm 3:54

48 Replacements Unsatisfied 4:01

49 Split Enz Six Months in a Leaky Boat 4:20

50 Sparks This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us 3:03

51 Darkness I Believe in a Thing Called Love 3:37

52 Magic Numbers Forever Lost (Radio Edit) 4:03

53 Spandau Ballet True 5:38

54 Devo Whip It 2:39

55 Killing Heidi Weir 4:04

56 Mars Volta With Twilight as My Guide 7:52

57 Van Halen Women in Love... 4:09

58 Level 42 (Flying on The) Wings of Love 3:48

59 Psychedelic Furs Love My Way 3:29

60 Pale Fountains Jean's not happening 4:08


61 Dire Straits Private Investigations 5:59

62 First Aid Kit Rebel Heart 5:23

63 Unthanks Last 7:09

64 Cowboy Junkies Sweet Jane 3:35

65 A Flock of Seagulls I Ran (So Far Away) 5:07

66 Promises Baby It's You 3:43

67 Hives Hate to Say I Told You So 3:22

68 Stone Temple Pilots Plush 5:13

69 Oasis Live Forever 4:36

70 Toto Africa 4:18

71 Family Rain I'm a Genius 2:12

72 Wet Willie Keep on Smilin 3:23

73 Black Crowes My Morning Song 6:15

74 Greta Van Fleet Safari Song 3:54

75 Jo Jo Gunne Run Run Run 2:35

76 Kings of Leon Sex on Fire 3:23

77 Dear Hunter She's Always Singing 2:40

78 Hanson Travelling Like a Gypsy 6:11

79 Arcade Fire Wake Up 5:35

80 Undertones Teenage Kicks 2:26


81 Screaming Trees Barriers 2:53

82 Cranberries Dreams 4:33

83 Verve Pipe The Freshmen 4:29

84 Wilson Phillips Hold On 3:40

85 Flame See the Light 3:05

86 Jet Look What You've Done 3:50

87 National Think You Can Wait 4:33

88 Shoes Tomorow Night 3:05

89 Cribs Men's Needs 3:16

90 Biffy Clyro Glitter and Trauma 4:07

91 Mason Proffit Two Hangmen 5:01

92 Underground Sunshine Don't Shut Me Out 2:45

93 Smoke Ring No Not Much 3:13

94 Bay City Rollers Saturday Night 2:54

95 Osmonds One Bad Apple 2:43

96 Jackson 5 One More Chance 3:01

97 Haim Forever 4:05

98 P.M. Dawn Set Adrift on Memory Bliss 4:00

99 Doves Pounding 3:59

100 Eruption I Can't Stand the Rain 3:10


101 Knickerbockers Lies 2:44

102 Sounds of Sunshine Linda the Untouchable 2:46

103 Love Generation Let the Good Times In 2:16

104 Five Star Rain Or Shine 3:58

105 Shangri-Las Remember (Walkin' in the Sand) 2:15

106 Gary & the Hornets There's a Kind of Hush 2:38

107 Smokey Robinson & the Miracles The Tears of a Clown 3:01

108 Five Keys Out of Sight, Out of Mind 2:18

109 Four Coins Shangri-La 2:51

110 Lost Generation The Sly, Slick, and the Wicked 3:09

111 Corrs Only When I Sleep 3:51

112 Tegan and Sara Dancing in the Dark 2:56

113 Faragher Brothers Stay the Night 3:49

114 Sheppard Something's Missing 2:52

115 Young Marble Giants Final Day 1:43

116 Proclaimers I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) 3:37

117 Cornershop Brimful of Asha 5:16

118 Kongos Come With Me Now 3:32

119 Rainy Daze That Acapulco Gold 2:27

120 B-52s Love Shack 5:20




  1. great compilations as usual BB..but for info the Allman brothers on cd 1..the song is Morning Dew, not Due...and I had to change the Osmonds one on CD 5 for Crazy's the only one of theirs I like!!, Jay

    1. Hi Jay,
      Thanks for the typo/bad spelling pick up. I also prefer Crazy Horses...


  2. Great compilation.
    If you think about part 4:
    Dutch bands Earth and Fire, My Baby, Barrelhouse
    Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention (Gardner bros end Fowler bros)
    Cavalera Conspiracy + Sepultura



  3. Replies
    1. Hi pauzze,
      There could be more siblings in rock music, so another volume could be on the cards. Make your list of another 20 and drop it in the comments. That would be great.


  4. Hi Butterboy

    Here is my list....

    From Holland:

    (ZZ en) De Maskers
    Hearts of Soul
    The Shavers
    My Baby (The Souldiers)
    The Blue Diamonds
    Barrelhouse (Oscar Benton Blues Band)
    Rob de Nijs en de Lords
    Star Sisters
    Lois Lane
    Total Touch
    Bolland en Bolland
    Go Back To The Zoo
    Earth and Fire
    Sail / Joia

    Outside Holland

    The Radios
    Sepultura / Cavalera Conspiracy
    The Newbeats
    The Honeycombs
    The Equals
    No Doubt (till 1994)
    The Breeders
    Frank Zappa and the Mothers (Fowler, about 1973/1974) Roxy and Elsewhere, Apostrophe, Overnoght Sensation)

    1. Thanks pauzze

      That's a nice List. Lets see what happens. Certainly some new names for me.


  5. Dear BB, what a nice surprise to encounter again here, it happened yesterday when i decided to just have a try at your spot here... Hooked again of course, after just a day. Much appreciated. Could you please check the 3 links of this post, i get the message on all 3 as follows: 'Oops! Why you’re here? We are very sorry for inconvenience. It looks like you’re try to access a page that either has been deleted or never existed.' Tks in advance, as always ! Ron

  6. Hi Ron,
    Glad to back.
    Links now reestablished, tested and working.



    1. Confirmed working perfect, thanks a million!

  7. Thank you for this big bunch, Butter, and keeping it all the family... and especially for the deeper, less-common cuts. And Hanson? alongside the Allman Brothers? This is broad, rich, and bold! Cheers!

    1. Hi Aging Child,
      Thanks. This set highlight some known siblings with others that are not commonly regarded as siblings.
      Keeping it in the family has its benefits.