Saturday, February 6, 2021

VA - Rock Brothers By Name (A Butterboy Compilation) (6 x CD's)



VA - Rock Brothers By Name (A Butterboy Compilation)  (6 x CD's)

Last year I posted "VA - SOUL Brothers By Name (A Butterboy Compilation)".  All those soul bands identified with the Brother title in their names.

This new compilation has been created to showcase ROCK bands that have the word "Brothers" included in their title. The 6th CD in this collection is dedicated to the Rockabilly sound. There are many artist you know and many less known artists covering the periods 50's, 60's,70's,80's, 90's and 2000's. And as previous this is a multi genre compilation.

Here for your listening enjoyment are 130 rock songs over 6 CD's that will make you dance, make you cry and make you think just a little. Enjoy!


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VA - Rock Brothers By Name (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2

VA - Rock Brothers By Name (A Butterboy Compilation) CD3+CD4

VA - Rock Brothers By Name (A Butterboy Compilation) CD5+CD6


Track lists


01 Williams Brothers Love Doesn't Ever Fail Us 3:08

02 Nearly Brothers You Make Me Ache 5:34

03 Doobie Brothers Black Water 4:19

04 Flying Burrito Brothers Christine's Tune 3:02

05 Virgil Brothers Temptation's 'bout to Get Me 2:41

06 Chaparral Brothers Follow Your Drum 2:55

07 Walker Brothers The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore 3:03

08 Neville Brothers Sister Rosa 3:34

09 Sutherland Brothers and Quiver Arms of Mary (Single Version) 2:38

10 Allman Brothers Band Dreams 7:12

11 Bellamy Brothers Let Your Love Flow 3:19

12 Hudson Brothers If You Really Need Me 1:56

13 Pernice Brothers Saddest Quo 3:32

14 Baroque Brothers So Glad Was I 2:09

15 Brothers Rainbow Rider 2:58

16 Brothers With Marj Snyder Born to Die 2:13

17 Ashley Brothers Marcy 2:41

18 Kuhn Brothers &The Mad Rockers Misty Purple 5:19

19 Brothers in Law Tear Apart Leaves, Pt. Ii 4:02

20 Four Brothers Pasi Pano Pane Zviedzo 5:42

21 Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' 3:43


22 Pigram Brothers Eulogy for a Black Man 4:41

23 Avett Brothers Live and Die 4:31

24 Felice Brothers Frankie's Gun! 4:05

25 McCluskey Brothers She Said to the Driver 4:32

26 Estes Brothers Blue Skies 4:07

27 Deadstring Brothers Can’t Make it Through the Night 3:20

28 Rooney Brothers Geordie 2:05

29 Cary Brothers Honestly 4:09

30 Brothers Four Greenfields 3:04

31 Curtis Brothers I've Been Down This Road Before 3:20

32 Paley Brothers Boomerang 3:11

33 Sutherland Brothers I Dont Want to Love You 3:08

34 Everly Brothers Let it Be Me 2:39

35 Mystery Brothers Hard Horse to Ride 3:44

36 Truckee Brothers The Waiting Game 4:14

37 Gosdin Brothers There Must Be Someone (I Can Turn To) 2:41

38 New Tweedy Brothers Time 4:01

39 Buchanan Brothers Medicine Man Part 1 3:16

40 Palace Brothers Cellar Song 3:51

41 Hawking Brothers Catfish John 2:39

42 Osmond Brothers Crazy Horses 2:29


43 Veldman Brothers Cryin' Shame 4:31

44 Depravity Brothers Black Sheep 4:32

45 Toler Brothers Goin Down Slowly 5:18

46 Delgado Brothers If I Dont Get Home 4:34

47 Rowan Brothers The Best You Can 2:52

48 Milltown Brothers Which Way Should I Jump 3:52

49 Lindholm Brothers No Time for Last Goodbyes 3:42

50 Swing Brothers Papa's Boogie 2:43

13 Warner Brothers Lonely I 2:10

52 Cary Brothers Waiting for Your Letter 2:30

53 Marshall Brothers Band Summer Love 5:28

54 Brothers and One Mad Mortician 5:45

55 Elvis Brothers It's So Hard 4:29

56 Goldstar Brothers May Be 2:25

57 Freeman Brothers My Baby 2:33

58 Baker Brothers Sheila 1:46

59 Ovaitt Brothers How Can I 2:42

60 Floro Brothers Tomorrow 2:13

61 Brothers Cain Pupil Alexander 2:11

62 Fighting Brothers McCarthy This Machine Alone 3:40


63 Talbot Brothers Trail of Tears 3:47

64 Carlos Brothers Tonight 2:17

65 Madison Brothers Trusting in You 2:02

66 Alpaca Brothers Hey Man 3:24

67 Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Too Late to Turn Back Now 3:19

68 Faragher Brothers Stay the Night 3:49

69 Vaughan Brothers White Boots 3:48

70 Soledad Brothers Cage That Tiger (Peel Session 2003) 3:23

71 Waco Brothers The Death of Country Music 3:11

72 Slade Brothers Don't You Cry Over Me 2:12

73 Salas Brothers Darling (Please Bring Your Love) 2:19

74 Manin Brothers Hot Rod Susie 2:17

75 Rooney Brothers Just a Friend 2:23

76 Younger Brothers Band Go Away 2:48

77 B.B. Brothers Balla Balla 2:10

78 Bear Brothers Red Shoe Trucken 2:46

79 Stance Brothers Roll Call 3:54

80 Fretless Brothers Footsteps 5:40

81 Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem The Irish Rover 2:33

82 Swindell Brothers Pay Day 2:27

83 Black Brothers Saman Doye 4:05

84 Addrisi Brothers Slow Dancin' Don't Turn Me On 5:31


85 Four Fuller Brothers Bitter Honey 2:13

86 Harmed Brothers Adopt a Highway 3:42

87 Gone Brothers Edisto 2:59

88 Statler Brothers I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 3:13

89 Brothers Cazimero Pua Hone 3:46

90 Alessi Brothers Oh, Lori 3:21

91 Finn Brothers Won't Give In 4:17

92 Fuller Brothers Moaning, Groaning & Crying 2:08

93 Anderson Brothers I Can See Him Loving You 2:43

94 Isley Brothers Fire and Rain 5:29

95 Ghetto Brothers Girl From the Mountain 4:28

96 Hammond Brothers Green Light 2:31

97 Gisha Brothers Bacardi 2:10

98 Pazant Brothers Skunk Juice 2:11

99 Wood Brothers Come and Get It 3:25

100 Soul Brothers Lover Man 2:42

101 Wallace Brothers I Need Someone 2:29

102 Partland Brothers Soul City 3:52

103 Brothers Grimm A Man Needs Love 2:59

104 Starr Brothers Beautiful Woman 2:28

105 Phantom Brothers Shoot Your Shut 2:56

CD6 Rockabilly Brothers

106 Delmore Brothers Hillbilly Boogie 2:46

107 Maddox Brothers and Rose Dig a Hole 2:22

108 Everly Brothers Bye Bye Love 2:20

109 Gisha Brothers Crazy New Beat (New Beat) 2:20

110 York Brothers Everybody's Tryin' to Be My Baby 1:55

111 Bogard Brothers Flying Rock 1:59

112 Blankenship Brothers Hard Up Blues 2:37

113 Day Brothers A Thousand Miles Away 2:03

114 Berry Brothers Hot Rod 2:19

115 Tielman Brothers Java Guitars 2:29

116 Lane Brothers Little Brother 2:09

117 Chavis Brothers Love Me Baby 2:27

118 Jordan Brothers Never, Never 2:06

119 Louvin Brothers Red Hen Hop 2:40

120 Dwain Bell and the Turner Brot Rock and Roll on a Saturday Night 1:55

121 Johnston Brothers Shhboom 2:16

122 Richard Brothers Slow Down 2:58

123 Franklin Brothers So Real 2:03

124 Tielman Brothers Swing it Up 1:58

125 Skee Brothers That's All She Wrote 2:11

126 Paris Brothers This is It 1:57

127 Burnette Brothers Warm Love 1:57

128 Brook Brothers - Warpaint 1:59

129 Skee Brothers While I'm Away 2:26

130 Most Brothers Whole Lotta Woman 2:31




  1. I think you're doin' the time warp again BB.. or I've lost a year.
    That Soul Brothers post was a wee bit more than several weeks ago!
    Now if ya had said.. exactly 50 weeks ago, that would be right on.
    Anyway, you had me checking to be sure I had that (I did) and the
    links are still active for any looking for your Soul Brothers set.
    Thanks for this addition. Sure is a lotta Brothers to learn about!

    1. Hi MrRadio,
      They say Time flies when you're having fun... I didn't realise it was so long ago.
      I've update the language and inserted a link for those who are interested.
      Probably room for sisters at some stage maybe in two week or 50 weeks not sure yet. :)


  2. Hi!

    Didn't know there were so many "Brothers" groups. Well here's another one - The Volk Brothers! Including Phil Volk who went on to play base with Paul Revere & Raiders. Their Discogs page with YT tracks even "Ducks Flying Backwards" here:

    Ciao! For now.

    1. Hi rntcj,
      You are correct, No idea how I missed them (and a few others). I have The Volk brother are in my collection so should have snuck them in.
      Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Awesome concept and execution. Thanks so much.

  4. As always fantastic comps, the breadth of music you have opened my mind to is invaluable

    1. Thanks Mark i,
      I try to create comps that introduce the listener to new sounds.
      Glad you enjoy them Also finding new music is always a rewarding experience.


  5. Replies
    1. Hi Aussie,
      You have been busy picking up my compilations.
      I wont respond to every page, but know I appreciate the thanks.


  6. Thank you for indulging in more sibling revelry - and inviting us to join you. I agree with RNTCJ - I didn't know Rock had so many Brothers brothers, either. So I appreciate the opportunity to get to know them, too. Cheers, Butter!

    1. Hi Aging Child,
      This set was fun to put together as the brothers named are easy to list in my database, The trick was to choose a representative song that hasn't appeared on my previous compilations.