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VA - C90 [2020] (3 x CD's)


VA - C90 [2020] (3 x CD's)

"C90", the latest work of Cherry Red's popular compilation "C" series has finally entered the 90's. The deluxe version of the legendary compilation "C86" supervised by NME magazine was released in 2014, and since then "C87" "C88" "C89" (all posted previously), the iron plate indie compilation that can only be done by Cherry Red! Includes a compilation of British indie scenes that originated in punk, Madchester, which is finally culminating, and songs that make you feel the sprouting of Britpop, which blooms afterwards.

Over a decade now since punk rocked the British musical scene to its foundations and caused an eruption of independently produced records, the scene and a new generation of figurehead artists began to let ambition in and head overground, playing to increasingly large crowds, working with bigger budgets and selling more copies, finding a footing in the UK’s Top Forty, venturing into the USA and, ultimately, creating a mainstream audience now primed for credible, guitar-tinged pop. Meanwhile, an underground revolution in clubland began to push towards the commercial same space, resulting in an inevitable fusion of songcraft and dancefloor aesthetics.

“C90” captures perfectly the moment these tribes began to coalesce. From the opening, club-friendly rendition of The Charlatans’ ‘Polar Bear’ to The La’s knowingly backward looking ‘Timeless Melody’ and all in-between, this is the sound of a scene dropping the raincoats, dropping acid and aiming for domination. 1990 was the start of a new decade when the Indie scene was dominated by Madchester and the arrival of Shoegaze and with nods towards grunge and what would become known as Britpop, plus hints of a proto-laddism peering out from between the cracks in a post-Smiths aesthetic, the sound of 1990, it could be argued, set the tone for the remainder of the decade.

“C90” is a snapshot of a unique moment in time. A piece of history. The sound of a country putting the hard-biting 1980s behind it, embracing the Daisy Age and looking to move forwards. (Amazon)






Track lists


01 Charlatans Polar Bear 4:59

02 Ocean Colour Scene Sway 3:45

03 Paris Angels Perfume 4:14

04 World Of Twist The Storm 3:27

05 Saint Etienne Only Love Can Break Your Heart 4:31

06 Flowered Up It's On 5:10

07 Moonflowers Get Higher 4:30

08 Northside My Rising Star 4:23

09 Thousand Yard Stare Wonderment 6:27

10 Lush Thoughtforms 2:45

11 Spiritualized Anyway That You Want Me 3:49

12 Boo Radleys Swansong 3:14

13 Swervedriver Juggernaut Rides 3:19

14 Slowdive Avalyn I 4:54

15 Pale Saints Half Life, Remembered 4:42

16 Chapterhouse Something More (Ambient Version) 3:10

17 Sundays Can't Be Sure 3:25

18 See See Rider She Sings Alone 4:10

19 Popinjays Please Let Me Go 3:02


01 Manic Street Preachers New Art Riot 3:09

02 Ned's Atomic Dustbin Aim 2:15

03 Th' Faith Healers Pop Song 2:37

04 New Fast Automatic Daffodils Beam Me Up 3:41

05 Telescopes To Kill A Slow Girl Walking 2:27

06 Seers Welcome To Dead Town 4:28

07 Honey Smugglers Listen 5:53

08 Milltown Brothers Seems To Me 3:14

09 Spacemen 3 Big City (Waves Of Joy) (Demo) 3:57

10 Heavenly I Fell In Love Last Night 5:09

11 James Dean Driving Experience Sean Connery 3:06

12 Raintree County Take 3:59

13 Brighter Noah's Ark 5:12

14 Something Pretty Beautiful Amnesia 2:44

15 Sandkings Earthwheel 3:50

16 Sweetest Ache If I Could Shine 4:50

17 Greenhouse Mad As Love 3:53

18 Mousefolk Crazy Mixed Up Kid 4:56

19 Action Painting! These Things Happen 2:50

20 All Over The Place Strange 2:59

21 Bark Psychosis I Know 4:11


01 La's Timeless Melody 3:05

02 Darkside Highrise Love 4:33

03 My Jealous God Everything About You 3:37

04 Eternal Sleep 3:54

05 Penelope's Web Potboiler 4:35

06 Steamkings Dead Like You 2:26

07 Sunflowers Twenty - Fifteen 5:19

08 Kennedy Pill Beside The Sea 4:09

09 Jane From Occupied Europe Little Valley Town 4:04

10 Po! Sunday Never Comes Around 2:11

11 Jane Pow Good Morning 2:29

12 How Many Beans Make Five Learning To Keep My Mouth Shut 3:13

13 Montgomery Clifts Lovesville USA 3:40

14 Ogdens She Made Everything Groovy 3:19

15 Avo-8 Out Of My Mind 2:47

16 Gentle Despite Darkest Blue 4:12

17 Chrysalids My Heart Is Where My Home Is 3:45

18 Little Red Schoolhouse When I Find You 4:02

19 Life With Patrick Nothing In Your Heart 3:21

20 Horse Latitudes What Is More Than Life 3:11

21 Hey Paulette I Really Do Love You Penelope 3:03

22 Ammonites Missing You 2:22

23 Emotionals Cheat On Me 1:49




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