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VA - If It Ain't Baroque... Vol. 02 (A Butterboy Compilation) (3 x CD's)



VA - If It Ain't Baroque... Vol. 02 (A Butterboy Compilation) (3 x CD's)

Baroque pop (sometimes called baroque rock) is a fusion genre that combines rock music with particular elements of classical music. It emerged in the mid 1960s as artists pursued a majestic, orchestral sound and is identifiable for its appropriation of Baroque compositional styles (contrapuntal melodies and functional harmony patterns) and dramatic or melancholic gestures. Harpsichords figure prominently, while oboes, French horns, and string quartets are also common.  Although harpsichords had been deployed for a number of pop hits since the 1940's, starting in the 1960's, some record producers increasingly placed the instrument in the foreground of their arrangements.  Inspired partly by the Beatles' song "In My Life" (1965), various groups were incorporating baroque and classical instrumentation by early 1966. The term "baroque rock" was coined in promotional material for the Left Banke, who used harpsichords and violins in their arrangements and whose 1966 song "Walk Away Renée" exemplified the style.  Baroque pop's mainstream popularity faded by the 1970's, partially because punk rock, disco and hard rock took over; nonetheless, music was still produced within the genre's tradition. Philadelphia soul in the 1970's and chamber pop in the 1990's both incorporated the spirit of baroque pop while the latter contested much of the time's low fidelity musical aesthetic.  (Wikipedia)

Baroque pop is to pop music what progressive rock is to rock music. Its more complex forms and song structures involve ambitious movements and varied instrumentation. The term ‘baroque pop’ originated in 1960's music journalism, referring to a trend of using harpsichord in pop songs.



Track lists

Vol.2 CD1

64 Beach Boys God Only Knows 2:46

65 Gerry Marsden Gilbert Green 3:12

66 Ruth Sundays 3:11

67 Curved Air Melinda (More Or Less) 3:28

68 Grass Roots A Melody for You 2:54

69 Sagitarius My World Fell Down 2:53

70 David McWilliams Days of Pearly Spencer 2:31

71 Mojo Men Me About You 2:17

72 Donovan Sunny Goodge Street 2:58

73 Tim Buckley Goodbye and Hello 8:42

74 David Now to You 2:55

75 Association Birthday Morning 2:24

76 Jethro Tull Velvet Green 6:02

77 Rolling Stones Ruby Tuesday 3:15

78 Kinks Tin Soldier Man 2:53

79 Blossom Toes Mister Watchmaker 2:22

80 Clique Superman 2:33

81 David and David In the City 3:16

82 Wil Malone Catherine Wheel 2:11

83 Tim Andrews Tiny Goddess 2:39

84 Linda Ronstadt Different Drum 2:42

Vol.2 CD2

85 Left Banke Pretty Ballerina 2:38

86 Phil Ochs Cross My Heart 3:21

87 Gene Clark Echoes 3:18

88 Kinks Village Green 2:11

89 Toast Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall 3:28

90 Royal Groove 27 Hours in the Day 2:03

91 Raik's Progress Why Did You Rob Us Tank 2:24

92 Love She Comes in Colors 2:45

93 Bee Gees I Can't See Nobody 3:40

94 Monkees I Wanna Be Free 2:26

95 Rolling Stones Play With Fire 2:17

96 Nick Drake River Man 4:19

97 Antony & the Johnsons The Crying Light 3:21

98 Chad & Jeremy The Gentle Cold of Dawn 3:52

99 Open Window The Priests of the Raven of Dawn 6:51

100 Cure A Few Hours After This 2:29

101 Simon & Garfunkel The Dangling Conversation 2:41

102 Orange Bicycle Competition 2:41

103 Beach Boys Time to Get Alone 2:33

104 Charlie Rich A Field of Yellow Daisies 3:07

105 Beatles Flying 2:19

Vol.2 CD3

106 Eric Matthews Soul Nation Select Them 3:22

107 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Country Girl 5:00

108 R.E.M. At My Most Beautiful 3:38

109 Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood Some Velvet Morning 3:40

110 Peter & Gordon Lady Godiva 2:25

111 Neil Young A Man Needs a Maid 4:05

112 Guess Who These Eyes 3:37

113 Doors Love Street 2:53

114 Silverchair Thieving Birds, Pt. 1, Strange Behaviour, Those Thieving Birds, Pt.2 7:26

115 Bjork Venus as a Boy 4:42

116 Genesis Silent Sun 2:13

117 Hamlet She Won't See the Light 2:04

118 Pearlfishers The Umbrellas of Shibuya 4:09

119 Dream Academy Life in a Northern Town 4:17

120 Honeybus (Do I Figure) in Your Life 2:34

121 Blues Magoos Summer is the Man 3:00

122 Cathy Berberian Eleanor Rigby 1 2:25

123 Mike Sheridan Will You Leave Me Behind 2:07

124 Richard Carpenter Flat Baroque 1:51

125 Anne Murray Snowbird 2:10

126 Harry Nilsson She's Leaving Home 3:22




  1. Thank you for this second volume in the baroque pop series, and also for
    the Hubert Sumlin album from the other day.

    1. Hi Crab Devil.
      Hope your enjoying the music.


  2. Thank you for another wonderful delve into the world of baroque pop, looks interesting, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Nimrod,
      There are some great tracks to be had here.


  3. Thanks so much for a second volume in this great series. So many personal faves here and sequenced so well

    1. Thanks Steve,
      Hope you continue to enjoy the series.


  4. Nice mix of known and unknown songs. Really enjoy this type of music. Well done!

    1. Hi ken49,
      Thank you.
      It was a fun project to do and I am glad you are enjoying it.


  5. Great stuff, as usual. If it ain't baroque, don't fix it!

    1. Hi djmcblues2,
      I agree with you.


  6. Excellent collection. Thank you for the opportunity to hear it.

  7. Thanks for the second volume of this wonderful collection!!! Hope you share many more volumes of this baroque serie. ..

    1. Hi Il Commendatore,
      Just these first 6 track lists for now. The artists in each of the compilations should be explored. So much great music to be found.


  8. Thanks BB you must be thinking about music all day long.

    1. Hi lemonflag,
      Live, breath, consume and spit out music.
      I also find time to eat, sleep, play with grandchildren, visit friends, read, Paint art, drink wine, and think about what is going on... or contemplate what is not going on. I also talk with my partner in life. Time is there for us to use, I don't feel i spend more one one thing more than others, however the blog does require some work.

      Stay safe and enjoy life.


    2. BB
      I am very happy for you. May your days be long and your troubles be few.

    3. Hi lemonflag,
      I hope that everyone can enjoy doing what they do.
      Music is the greatest language for communication there is. It breaks all boundaries and enlightens the mind.


  9. Your breadth of musical interests and generosity of spirit blow me away. Many thanks, as always, BB.

    1. Thanks Phillip,
      I guess it shows when you love something.
      Music is important to me and I like others to feel that joy when listening.


  10. I like Baroque Classical, as well as classic Rock/Pop... but shallowly hadn't considered that anyone might have compiled a deep, rich selection of the intriguing overlap. And then along comes Butter... thank you, and cheers!

    1. Hi Aging Child,
      Two volumes in the series of Baroque rock/pop.
      I am sure you will enjoy these sets.