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Connie Smith - Born To Sing [1964-1967] (4 x CD's)


Connie Smith - Born To Sing  [1964-1967] (4 x CD's)

Connie Smith (born Constance June Meador; August 14, 1941) is an American country music singer and songwriter. Her contralto vocals have been described by music writers as significant and influential to the women of country music. A similarity has been noted between her vocal style and the stylings of country vocalist Patsy Cline. Other performers have cited Smith as influence on their own singing styles, which has been reflected in quotes and interviews over the years.

This set is one of the many reasons why Bear Family is the reissue label of many kinds of American roots music, especially country, rockabilly, western swing and bluegrass. Connie Smith, who still records on occasion today, was one of countrypolitan's first country music superstars of her gender after Patsy Cline, whom she was often compared to because she came onto the scene with the number one single "Once a Day" (penned by Bill Anderson who got her a record deal). These four discs document her amazing RCA career in 127 cuts! While it's true that Smith recorded for Columbia and Monument, it was the RCA sides that cemented her reputation as both a performer and as a songwriter. While Smith has less than a handful of her own cuts here, it hardly matters. She worked with the top songwriters in the business at the time, including Anderson who wrote for her until she semi-retired. Others include Dallas Frazier, Bobby Bare, Albert Brumley, Hank Cochran, Arthur Smith, June Carter Cash, and Jimmie Davis. Taken as a whole or in parts, this is stunning and reflects the height of the country music establishment in the 60's and the countrypolitan sound. That said, Smith's voice is what remains center-stage here; her sophisticated emotional delivery, her control and phrasing remain a high-water mark today. (AllMusic Review by Thom Jurek)

This is a long overdue boxed set on the fine work of Connie Smith. It is a complete catalog of her first 3 years with RCA. I believe it contains material that has not been previously released. This is definitely Connie at her finest. The sound is excellent. If you are already singing Connie's praises, you will treasure this goldmine of music. The clarity of Connie's voice, the great songs and music will truly provide lasting enjoyment. If you weren't previously a fan of Connie's, you will be after hearing this set.



Track lists


1 I'm Ashamed Of You 2:46

2 The Threshold 2:24

3 Once A Day 2:22

4 Darling, Are You Ever Coming Home 2:14

5 I Don't Love You Anymore 2:43

6 The Hinges On The Door 2:29

7 Tell Another Lie 2:40

8 Don't Forget (I Still Love You) 2:09

9 Tiny Blue Transistor Radio 2:35

10 The Other Side Of You 2:45

11 Then And Only Then 2:30

12 It's Just My Luck 2:09

13 Senses 2:24

14 I Can't Remember 2:33

15 Will The Real Me Please Stop Crying 2:35

16 Even Tho 2:36

17 Love Is No Excuse 3:02

18 Not Til You Come Back To Me 1:56

19 Two Empty Arms 2:36

20 I Can Stand It (As Long As You Can) 2:09

21 I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me) 2:06

22 I Thought Of You 2:25

23 I Can Turn Your World Around 2:25

24 More To Love Than This 2:30

25 House Divided 2:18

26 Holdin' On 2:42

27 If You Won't Tell 2:43

28 If I Talk To Him 2:29

29 I Don't Have Any Place To Go 2:29

30 Everybody's Gotta Be Somewhere 2:24

31 Same As Mine 2:17

32 Holdin' On 2:13


1 Nobody But A Fool (Would Love You) 2:29

2 I'll Never Get Over Loving You 2:42

3 Go Ahead And Make Me Cry 2:52

4 In My Baby's Arms Again 2:33

5 For Better Or For Worse 2:40

6 Ain't Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves) 1:57

7 Where Could I Go But To The Lord 2:22

8 Farther Along 2:55

9 When God Dips His Love In My Heart 2:28

10 He Set Me Free 2:16

11 Wings Of A Dove 2:00

12 I Saw A Man 2:49

13 Just A Closer Walk With Thee 2:46

14 Po' Folks 2:34

15 Four Walls 3:57

16 Cry, Cry, Cry 2:35

17 In The Garden 2:50

18 The Wayfarin' Pilgrim 3:26

19 Keep On Holding To These Nail Scarred Hands 2:30

20 Satisfied 2:22

21 I Wouldn't Take Nothin' For My Journey 1:57

22 Five Fingers To Spare 2:23

23 Ain't Had No Lovin' 2:21

24 You And Only You 2:28

25 Strange 2:15

26 Go Away Stranger 2:56

27 A Touch Of Yesterday 2:14

28 Born To Sing 2:10

29 Invisible Tears 2:22

30 Paper Roses 2:26

31 I Don't Know Why I Keep Loving You 2:36


1 I Will 2:20

2 Gone 2:12

3 My Little Corner Of The World 2:38

4 Pas Souvent 2:26

5 J'imaginals Autrement L'amour 2:37

6 Le Jour Et La Nuit 2:19

7 L'Amour N'excuse Pas 3:00

8 Love's Gonna Live Here 1:55

9 Foolin' Around 2:17

10 You Ain't Woman Enough 2:24

11 I Overlooked An Orchid 2:48

12 I'm Little But I'm Loud 2:34

13 Y'all Come 2:23

14 A-Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed 2:15

15 Slowly 2:07

16 World Of Forgotten People 2:09

17 The Hurtin's All Over 2:52

18 It'll Be Easy 2:41

19 I'll Come Running 2:08

20 I'll Come Running 2:08

21 Ride, Ride, Ride 1:52

22 My Own Peculiar Way 2:59

23 Walk Out Backwards 2:36

24 Your Mem'ry Comes Along 2:14

25 Downtown 2:53

26 Born A Woman 2:29

27 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes 2:34

28 That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome 2:50

29 It's Gonna Rain Today 2:36

30 It's Now Or Never 3:20

31 My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own 2:36

32 City Lights 2:36


1 On And On And On 2:18

2 Everybody Loves Somebody 3:00

3 That's What Lonesome Is 2:44

4 In Case You Ever Change Your Mind 2:24

5 It Comes And Goes 1:59

6 My Whole World Is Falling Down 2:29

7 It's Not The End Of Everything 2:41

8 Cincinnati, Ohio 2:11

9 I Love You Enough (For Both Of Us) 2:29

10 Only For Me 2:49

11 I'll Come Running 2:07

12 Easy Come - Easy Go 1:57

13 I Love You Drops 2:48

14 Don't Feel Sorry For Me 2:16

15 I'll Love You Enough (For Both Of Us) 2:08

16 Burning Bridges 2:35

17 Don't Keep Me Lonely Too Long 2:34

18 There Goes My Everything 2:59

19 Touch My Heart 2:21

20 Walk Through This World With Me 2:32

21 It's Such A Pretty World Today 2:28

22 If Teardrops Were Silver 2:16

23 It Only Hurts For A Little While 2:13

24 How Much Lonelier Can Lonely Be 2:33

25 I'd Rather Be A Fool 2:19

26 Surely 2:26

27 I'm Your Woman 2:47

28 Burning A Hole In My Mind 2:36

29 Baby's Back Again 2:19

30 Haunted Heart 2:28

31 Burning A Hole In My Mind 2:26

32 The Twelfth Of Never 2:19




  1. Thanks for this set Butterboy. I think Connie Smith is often the forgotten Lady of Country music. See plenty of Dolly, Reba, Patsy and Loretta but not a set of Connie Smith classics. Hearing these old classic country sets brings back good memories of riding in the work truck with my dad decades ago.

    1. Hi Unknown,
      She is here for good reason. Connie Smith has a great voice and is oft overlooked.


  2. thank you butterboy another good one

    1. Hi Aussie,
      I hope you will enjoy the entire set.


  3. Thank for this, can't say I've heard her before, so interested in taking a listen.

    1. Hi Bob Mac,

      Many great tunes on this compilation. Enjoy the new experience.


  4. "There’s really only three real female singers in the world," Dolly Parton once said. "Streisand, Ronstadt and Connie Smith. The rest of us are only pretending."

    Thanks for this fantastic share.

    1. Hi LakerCrazy,
      Thanks for popping in. I hope you will enjoy every moment of this set. You rarely here here name mentioned. She deserves more.